Redemption's Trial

The proverb which says, "a word is enough for the wise.” is never a lie, I had so many opportunities, but I misuse them. What a world I am, a world that I use my hands to destroy, I never thought I will regret it. Who will think because of my attitude my parents abandoned me and never look back for me even for once. I never thought desperation could be a disaster, not until when I began to see the other same of the mirror. The world is a small place that is everything is vanity upon vanity, what you never thought to hurting is more hurtful than anything you could imagine, just like what goes around will surely come around someday sometimes. Every one thinks I speak in parables, please come allow me to share you the story of my life or will I say my experience that I will never allow an enemy to encounter in life?

AbdulfatahFatima · Teen
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18 Chs

The Present

Mrs. Leila's heart pounded when she heard someone's footsteps coming down the stairs.

His presence filled an awkward moment, and when he came down, not even the wind blew.

Mrs. Leila's and Mr. Adeel's eyes met, and a burning sensation ensued as they both looked at each other with regret. "Are you ready for a test-free breakfast?" he asked with a strange laugh.

The atmosphere was heated, as if an angel were mixing cold and hot water to warm the climate. He approached her: "Is silence the best answer?" She forced a smile. "Yes, I did."

He went to the dining table, pulled out a chair and sat there. "Why can't you be a woman for once? Must you tell me?" he said angrily. "I don't understand your lack of manners," said Mrs. Leila as frowned at him and answered.

He rises from his chair in awe and points his finger at her, "Be firm before you cut." "Would you like to eat breakfast quietly?" said Mrs. Leila.

He had no choice but to eat quietly and in rapid motion, without any forward words.

The air was as cold as it had been before, and I could hear the sounds of animals and what the day was like from afar.

"How could I marry such a proud, arrogant, and above all abusive male goat?" A tap on the shoulder brought her back to reality. I was. "Are you going to poison my food again?" said Mr. Adeel Ristor.

"No, I never poisoned your food," Mrs. Leila replied. He took the bag and put it over her shoulder. "I don't have time for crap," he said, slamming the door. She was speechless for several minutes.

She was a little relieved when she saw the car drive away. Layla packed all the dishes in the kitchen and took them out as well. There was only a nanny in the house, so it was quiet.

Mrs. Leila couldn't understand what was really going on in her marriage. The man she loves treats me like nothing. She stopped by the office where she works as her HOD in the technical department. Layla was one of the best engineers in the company. All the other employees came to her asking for ideas on how to manage their work. On her way to work, when she saw Mr. Adeel approaching her office, various thoughts crossed her mind, but on the way, one of his brothers, stopped him Mr. Abbas.

She admires his grooming, his cute smile that grabs the attention of any woman, his voice that sounds like an echo, and how he looks cuter than anything in the world when he screams.

"Stop smiling and attend to me," said Mr Adeel. She looked surprised and said, "How can I help you?" Lacking and acting like an uneducated human out of the bush fetched.

He left her office and went to another to check on the ongoing activities before returning to her office.

Mrs. Leila found these words so hurtful and astonishing when she went from her abusive husband to a loving husband whose pride was too high.

Mr. Adeel walked into the office smiling like a child being fed her breast milk after shedding a few tears.

"As long as you are under my roof, as my wife, I will never get tire of correcting you who is too boring for my taste," he said to himself.

A few hours later, an emergency meeting was called by the board of directors. All of them entered the hall and sat down. This is the largest room in Marubu Industries. Used when convening a board meeting. This means everyone else will be present as there are other meetings held by department.

While everyone was patiently awaiting their arrival, they took the opportunity to exchange greetings and discuss other matters, but Mrs. Layla never dared to do so. After a while, the board of directors arrived and everyone stood up and quiet return to his or her sit .

"I greet everyone here in the spirit of team work," said a board member. Everyone chorus in unison, "Thank you."

The meeting began, with the Board presenting problems and possible solutions, and asking for forward-looking suggestions for further action.

Each division began to propose their own ideas and describe how they achieved their goal of industry penetration. No one wants to make concessions for others. Everyone believes the industry cannot progress without them.

Mr. Adeel has received accolades for the way he treats his company, employees and others. But after the meeting, he asked everyone to praise Mrs. Leila for her great ideas, community spirit, and progress within the company.

According to the Board, she was the most brave, intelligent, dedicated and hardworking person in the field. The way she manages and controls things has never been done before. Board of Management Decides to Raise Salary Base on their efforts.

Everyone is happy, grateful and congratulated for her work so far. The meeting went off without a hitch and everyone returned to the office satisfied.

Mrs. Leila was overwhelmed by her new salary increase. When she saw Mr. Adeel walking towards her office, she called her parents to tell them the good news. To avoid insulting her, she ended the conversation as quickly as possible, which made her look suspicious. But to her disappointment, Mr. Adeel walked into her nearest office, not hers, which eased her tension.

When Mr. Adeel came into the office, she was beginning her work on her desk. "I don't know what you think of yourself," he asked angrily.

"What is the problem again,"Mrs. Leila asked.

"What work are doing in this industry that they have to increase your salary,"Mr. Adeel said.

"Why can't you for once appreciate my efforts,am your wife for goodness sake,"Mrs. Leila said.

He walked up to her, came very close, "you don't have what it takes to be a wife."

Those words went down like a cold chill water poured on the body. She couldn't comprehend what has just said.