Redemption's Trial

The proverb which says, "a word is enough for the wise.” is never a lie, I had so many opportunities, but I misuse them. What a world I am, a world that I use my hands to destroy, I never thought I will regret it. Who will think because of my attitude my parents abandoned me and never look back for me even for once. I never thought desperation could be a disaster, not until when I began to see the other same of the mirror. The world is a small place that is everything is vanity upon vanity, what you never thought to hurting is more hurtful than anything you could imagine, just like what goes around will surely come around someday sometimes. Every one thinks I speak in parables, please come allow me to share you the story of my life or will I say my experience that I will never allow an enemy to encounter in life?

AbdulfatahFatima · Teen
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18 Chs

The Past

Upon returning to her residence, Mrs. Leila, fatigued from a taxing day, inspected the provisions prepared by the nanny in anticipation of her arrival.

As Mrs. Leila ascended the stairs, she recollected that today marked a full year since she had last laid eyes on her son, Sudais, an occurrence that transpired immediately after his 4th birthday.

Sudais had been taken away from her by Mr. Adeel, who insisted he should reside with his mother, Mrs. Hikmah, and even went so far as to threaten divorce.

In order to salvage her marriage, Mrs. Leila reluctantly complied with Mr. Adeel's demands. On Sudais' 4th birthday, everyone was in attendance apart from Mrs. Leila, who had become entangled with unsavory acquaintances and was consequently abducted on her way back from the market, where she had purchased numerous gifts.

Despite her pleas, she was unable to locate her cherished son. Mrs. Hikmah was stunned by the protracted absence of Mrs. Leila.

Mr. Adeel received information regarding his wife's disappearance, a matter that did not instill worry in him. Nonetheless, he proceeded with the birthday celebration.

Towards the conclusion of the party, he requested Mrs. Hikmah to accompany Sudais, however, her refusal compelled her to reluctantly take him along, causing sympathy for Mrs. Leila.

After three days, Mrs. Leila was released at her doorstep, exhibiting signs of weakness due to incessant crying and pleading. She was even compelled to press a button as an indication that someone was waiting outside.

She patiently awaited assistance, yet unfortunately, no one emerged throughout the entire day. It was only when a passerby noticed her lifeless form on the floor and promptly pressed the button before departing that help was finally summoned.

The nanny emerged to investigate the situation, only to discover her missing employer lying unconscious on the floor. She immediately called out for Mr. Adeel, but received no response, prompting her to contact the ambulance.

Subsequently, the ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospita And other relatives who were informed hurriedly made their way to the hospital, including Mrs. Hikmah and her cherished son. Mrs. Leila received medical attention at the emergency room while her family and friends patiently awaited the doctors' update before entering.

Upon learning that his mother was the one hospitalized, Sudais immediately burst into tears. Despite Mrs. Hikmah's best efforts, he could not control his emotions and his crying only intensified.

After a few hours, the doctors permitted them to enter. The first thing Mrs. Hikmah asked was, 'Where is my husband?' Ms. Anat replied, 'He has not arrived yet.' Sudais embraced his mother and said, 'I missed you, Mom.' She replied, 'I missed you too.'

Everyone present was curious about what had transpired over the past three days and what had occurred. However, no one dared to ask due to the unpredictable nature of Mrs. Hikmah, her mother-in-law, who could erupt at any given moment.

After a few minutes of silence, Mrs. Hikmah decided to ask what happened to her. She was about to reply when Mr Adeel said: "She's just pretending to be with her lover. So how could she come to the party of her son?'

Everyone marveled at their word, how could he say they were muttering to themselves in front of everyone? "How could you say such a word to your wife?" said Mrs. Hikmah.

"I remember clearly that we went together, but I had to leave her when an emergency call came. How is that possible?" said Ms. Anat. "Anyone can say whatever they want, but this woman here is cheating and pretending to be innocent," said Mr. Said Adeel.

"My dear husband, I know you must be angry that I wasn't there, but the truth is that I was kidnapped on my way home by some strangers and I begged them, but they refused to let me until today they release me in the evening," Mrs Leila explained.

"Can you hear her? Instead of investigating the matter, you are here accusing her of cheating," Ms Hikma said.

"I don't know when you start behaving like an uneducated man, thank God nothing happened to her," said Ms. Anat.

"She tells you stories of bullfights and nonsense here and you foolishly believe her what for." what a world!' I know what I'm saying, mum,' said Mr Adeel.

Mr. Ahmad silently remembers - not because they couldn't fight for his sister, but to keep the peace - that there were such problems and they got involved and it became something else. They trust their daughter so much that she couldn't do something like that in her life.

"Enough of everything, at least we're here thanks to our friend, sister and mother, so leave those talks to another day," Mr Abbas said.

"I, Mr. Adeel, the first son of Mr. Muhiz, declare that Sudais my son will stay with my mother and she has no right to visit her unless they come to visit her", he said. "What do you mean by that?" Mrs. Leila struggles to get out of bed.

"What is the matter with Mr. Adeel?" said Mrs. Anat.

"Yes, I want to protect my son from this woman's neglect," Mr. Adeel said without any remorse.

"Did you realize that you are causing her more pains you this man,"Mrs. Hikmah said.

As these memories flow back to Mrs. Leila on the stairs she just broke down a loud cry, she couldn't believe that she has not set her eyes on her son Sudais for a whole one year.

The Nanny rushed to her, "Ma what is the problem," She asked.

"Do you know where my son,I need to see him," Mrs. Leila replied.

"Ma I know where he is," She said.

"Can you please take me there," Mrs. Leila asked.

"Ma you know your husband," She replied with fear.

"My husband took away my son from me and today is his birthday,"Mrs. Leila said.

"I have an idea," she said.

"What Idea do you," Mr. Adeel said as he walked.

"Sir, Madam slip from the stairs, and hit her legs," She replied.

"So what Idea do you have now," He asked.

"Sir The idea is that I will use rub to stretch her legs," She said shrievely.