Red is Violet Book

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Red is Violet


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“How can one love if the other forgets? She is my promise-Love overcomes all, even time’s eternal erosive grip is vain to stop it.” Akage Akazawa is the next heiress of Japan's last powerful and wealthy aristocratic family 'The Akazawa clan'. Mysterious, aloof, feared and admired, Akage struggles with a deep denial of her existence with unresolved trauma from her childhood but maintains her sense of obligation. Things take an interesting twist when Akage encounters a homeless half-Japanese boy who has no memories or attachment to anything but a necklace and a promise. She names him Shiro. However, Shiro's mysterious reappearance summon dangerous unknown enemies. The only way to defeat an unknown enemy is to make them known but it comes at a great cost - Shiro must recover his memories and Akage must accept herself. Connect with me on Social Instagram:Poison.beri Twitter: Poison_beri koji.to/ViolaGrey