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Red Dust


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'Let me to see you, to embrace you. Do you know ? You are my oasis and happiness in my short life. I don't care even if I am trapped in my own mirage forever.' Bai He Lian Bai He Lian just wants a peaceful life but the fact is, her boyfriend cheated and left her a lot of debts then the gang of mafia kidnapped and auctioned her at black market to pay the debts. When a mysterious white hair man won the auction, She made a promise to him to let her go that night but Bai He Lian never knew if her promise would lead to her fate changing forever. *** "What do you want from me?" "Your heart." "What?" I know this is must not just as simple 'heart'. He is a demon. What can I expect from him? Even he has love. It's not for me or anyone else. "Don't be kidding." "No. I am so serious. I want your heart." He stares at me like he wants to eat me at the same time. I am still scared but I can do nothing. *This story and plot is my original work Dreamians 2018-2019 rewriting again 2020


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