Red Blossom System (BL)

Completed. “Flowers grow back, even after they are stepped on, and so will I.”  For over a millennium, Cillian had shouldered the role of a guardian, or as he would jest, a glorified gardener. In his recollection, he'd emerged in an endless expanse known as Blossom Central, his memory a mere fragment with only his name. He was bound to the Red Blossom system Bloom, where an annoying flying entity named Bliss, the personification of Bloom, materialized as his assistant. Cillian's duty centered on nurturing the Red Blossom trees and safeguarding the cherries from falling. Each Red Blossom tree represented a distinct world, relying on his care to prosper. One day, Bliss mustered the courage to disrupt Cillian's nap despite knowing it could be risky. But he had a compelling reason – numerous Red Blossom trees had lost their cherries, a situation that had never occurred before. The fallen cherries meant that the worlds connected to those trees were in danger of collapsing. It was all because a mortal's destiny had been altered. To prevent the impending calamity, they needed to restore that mortal's fate to its rightful course. --------------------------- Cillian, desperation etched across his face, pushed the man atop him, pleading, "Please, enough, I can't take it anymore." The man swiftly reclaimed his position, his lips trailing along Cillian's Adam's apple. He whispered sensually, "We're just getting started; I'm not finished playing with you." Internally, Cillian urgently reached out to Bliss: *Bliss, get your ass over here!* *Yes, Master?* *Who the hell is this man, and why does he persistently follow me from world to world?* Bliss responded with feigned innocence, *I truly have no idea, Master.* Cillian issued a dire threat, *Tell me what you're keeping from me.* Before Bliss could utter a word, the man's lips descended upon his own with a hunger. Their tongues intertwined, and he emphasized dominantly, "I've told you, darling, don't address me as anything other than Gege." Cillian was on the verge of tears. Stuck in Blossom Central, he'd always harbored disdain for his circumstances, but now he was relentlessly pursued by this shameless, tofu-eating stranger who insisted on being called Gege. Like a fool, he thought he would get to play with Alterers, but he's the one getting played with over and over again... Arc 01: Abo (17 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Vampire (20 Chapters)✔ Arc 03: Celebrity (17 Chapters)✔ Arc 04: Mafia (21 Chapters)✔ Arc 05: Piano Virtuoso (18 Chapters)✔ Arc 06: Ancient Era (17 Chapters)✔ Arc 07: Future Era, Final Arc (39 Chapters)✔

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1.14 Ma vie

King looked out at the hotel with dark eyes. Not only did Cillian leave but he lied to him about going home. He got out of the car and entered the elevator. His hands were tightened into fists and the guards following him felt scared.

When he reached the door he opened it with the copy of the key he got, the guards were about to follow him in but when he looked at them they stopped in place. King closed the door behind him and looked around the suite. He looked at the clothes on the floor and became angrier than he's ever been.

Cillian wouldn't invite Xiang Kai to a hotel, right? He wouldn't do that to him when he just told him he loves him. He looked at the bathroom door and kicked it open. Cillian turned around startled and looked toward the door.

King felt like cursing when he saw that the wall of the shower was covered and he couldn't see them clearly. He walked to the door furiously and met Cillian's eyes who were wide open. He entered the shower uncaring of his clothes and pushed Cillian against the wall.

He asked coldly:

"Where is he?"

Cillian was so stunned that nothing came out. King asked impatiently:

"Where is Xiang Kai?

Cillian blinked and answered:

"H-he isn't here."

"How long before he gets here so I can kill him?"

Cillian felt a burst of happiness.

He knows it's childish but he can't help but feel happy to see him be jealous. King's history angers him to no end so he should feel the same. Unfortunately, he has no history so he couldn't give him a taste of his own medicine.

His soulmate is jealous. Thinking that his eyes sparkled. Even if it will take a while for him to swallow the truth he can't pretend that he doesn't have feelings for King. When he left he felt heartbroken.

Cillian freed his hands and after wrapping his arms around his neck he kissed him. King was slightly stunned and after struggling for a few seconds he gave up and held onto his waist.

Cillian held onto him tighter deepening the kiss, he rubbed against him and King felt like he was trying to kill him. Cillian's hand traveled in his pants and he pulled out his hard cock.

He stroked it never breaking the kiss. King lifted him and he wrapped his legs around his waist. When Cillian's back was firmly stuck against the wall he entered him. Cillian moaned in pleasure and he tightened his hold when King trusted deep inside of him. Cillian buried his head in his neck.

He pulled back meeting his eyes when King said:

"I'll never let you be with someone who isn't me."

Between moans Cillian said:

"Didn't you say you would give me space?"

"Not enough for someone else."

King trusted fiercer and said domineeringly:

"You're mine."

"I am?"

"You are."

Cillian swallowed and kissed him. The kiss was so tender and sweet that King unconsciously slowed down. Cillian broke the kiss and met his eyes when they both cummed. They stayed in place panting and looking into each other's eyes. Cillian's eyes moistened and King put him down. King caressed his cheek his grey eyes on him. Cillian looked back, that man is his soulmate he should just get on board.

He's worried that he might be part of the Celestial's plan. He knows that they have something planned for him and he doesn't want to get hurt by putting his heart on the line. He did want to experience what it's like to be mortal and this is part of it. He can't just pick and choose the part he prefers. He'll enjoy this life with him and stop worrying until he has to.

But first, he needs to teach him a lesson. That devil barged into his hotel room and shower. Although if he truly wanted to make him pay he probably shouldn't have had sex with him. He couldn't help it he looked so sexy with his damp shirt sticking to his abs and his intense grey eyes.

He'll just make him see what it's like to see and not be able to touch for a little while. Then he'll tell him that he is all his. Cillian undressed him and after tossing his soaked clothes away he went back to showering as if nothing had happened.

King felt stunned, how is he supposed to act? They just had sex and no conversation. Should he leave give and him space now that he knows Xiang Kai won't come or should he stay? 

He froze when he felt Cillian rubbing his body. What drove him to madness is how thorough he was. Every part of his body was given special attention and by the end of it, he felt dirtier and his cock was standing proudly. He looked at Cillian leave the shower wanting to cry. How can he not see that he is torturing him? 

Cillian made a phone call and had a pajama ordered then went to get dressed with a smile. He checked Bloom and saw that King was jerking off.

He immediately went to the bathroom and said:

"Your pajama is here."

"I'll be right there."

King felt grateful he wasn't caught and walked out of the shower. The problem now is that he didn't get a release.

He put on the pajama and got into bed. He's grateful Cillian hasn't thrown him out but this is hell. Cillian couldn't stop himself from chuckling silently when he felt King tossing and turning.

He moved closer to him and put his hand around his waist. King held onto him despite the terrible situation he was in. Every once and a while it would get worst since Cillian's ass would accidentally rub against his hard cock.

Cillian could hear him breathing loudly and decided to stop torturing him until tomorrow. He fell asleep with a smile on his face while King could barely sleep with Cillian's warm body pressed against him.

Cillian woke up and looked at King. He was asleep which didn't surprise him since he fell asleep late. Torturing his soulmate is way more fun than he thought. He reached out caressing his eyes. As fun as it is he loves it more when his grey eyes sparkle in happiness.

He checked Bloom and before him, it never happened. He stopped feeling any type of joy since his parents passed. Well, he won't leave him ever again. They're soulmates so they have to spend their life together.

King opened his eyes and looked at Cillian. He looked down as guilt passed through his eyes. He knows he shouldn't have acted the way he did yesterday but he couldn't help it.  Cillian's eyes softened, he stood up and after calling for breakfast he pulled him to the shower. They quickly showered and after dressing they sat at the table eating breakfast.

Cillian could tell that King was trying to make himself as small as possible. He stood up and after sitting on his lap he fed him. His eyes immediately lit up and Cillian couldn't stop himself from smiling. Why is that man so sweet and cute? When they finished eating breakfast they left the hotel.

Cillian was looking out the car window while King looked at his jade-like profile. He doesn't know where he and Cillian stand and it's hard. No matter what he won't give up on him but just the thought of him with someone else drives him insane. Case in point yesterday.

When they reached Li Media Cillian was about to open the door when he stopped. He looked at King and asked:

"Can I spend the day with you at work?"

King immediately nodded.

Cillian smiled and sat back. He doesn't want to spend the day at work and by tomorrow he'll be done with everyone so he might as well do as he wants. And what he wants is to be close to King. He straddled him and wrapped his arms around his neck.

King held onto his waist.

"You don't mind?"

He doesn't want to be a bother either.

"I don't. I always want to be around you."

Cillian smiled. His cheeks flushed scantily as he said:

"I do too."

King smiled brightly and his grey eyes sparkled. Cillian felt confused when he looked down sad.

He lifted his head and asked:

"What's wrong?"

"I don't want you to go to that birthday party with Xiang Kai."

Cillian smiled gently and said:

"Then I won't go."

King was slightly stunned by this reversal. He feels like Cillian has changed his mind but he doesn't want to get his hopes up.


"Because I would rather go with you."

King asked again:


Cillian looked away uncomfortable. What does he want him to say? I was a fool and I want to be with you for eternity? He won't do that, no way in hell.

King turned his head and raised an eyebrow. Cillian said annoyed after crossing his arms:

"Fine if you don't want us to go together I'll get someone else."

King's eyes flashed in amusement, Cillian's face was flushed and he could tell he felt shyer than he ever had.

He's never met someone as adorable as him. He kissed him tenderly and felt him kiss him back. He pulled back and said:

"I want us to go together, I want us to do everything together."

Cillian felt his heartbeat quicken and he nodded then looked away. King felt happier than ever. Is this Cillian's way of saying he'll stay with him forever?

He asked to be sure:

"Together forever?"

Still looking away Cillian nodded, his entire face was red. King kissed him desperately, Cillian could feel all those emotions he had been trying to keep under control. He knows that King's been patient with him and he appreciates it.

He kissed him back just as excitedly. When he broke the kiss they looked at each other panting. Cillian caressed his cheek and murmured:

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

Cillian looked down sad.

"Yesterday. I wanted to stop you but..."

Cillian feels guilty about yesterday and he can still picture his crushed face. King lifted his head, he felt heartbroken when he saw how upset Cillian was.

"I told you I'll wait as long as I have to. I just want you to choose me in the end. Even if you don't feel the same I'll do everything to make you love me."

Before he could think Cillian said:

"You don't have to I already do."

When he realized what he said he blinked in shock. Godamn Bliss was right he's way too impulsive. King was stunned, he could tell since he met Cillian that he had a hard time sharing his feelings so he didn't think he would and on an impulse. It just made him more sure that he does love him.

He asked emotionally:

"You love me?"

Cillian's eyes moistened and he bit his lip.


He should just tell him, especially after what happened yesterday. He swallowed and after closing his eyes he said:

"I love you."

"Look at me."

Cillian kept his eyes closed like he was somehow scared.

"Ma vie look at me."

Hearing that Cillian opened his eyes. He asked:

"Ma vie?"

King said:

"My mother was half french. He would always call my father that and when I asked one day he said that it means my life and that the day I meet the person I wouldn't be able to live without I would understand. Because it would mean that their life and your life would be the same."

Cillian bit his lip and after struggling for a few seconds he said looking into his eyes:

"I love you and I can't live without you either."

Cillian was stunned when a tear fell on King's face. He wiped it and said:

"I love you so much Gege."

King kissed him tenderly and said:

"I love you more baby."

Cillian hugged him tightly like he was scared he might escape. That's because he is. He's scared someone might take him away from him. No matter what the Celestial plan on doing with him he won't let them take the one he loves.