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I read 33 chapters so far, and I like how the story is developing. There are many interesting characters, with different personalities that make the world feel real. There is plenty of mystery here, every chapter giving the reader more information about the world where it all takes place. With every chapter I read I had more questions than answers, so I'll be looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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Hi Guys ☺️ First of all, thank you so much for checking this out. i really appreciate it. So if you are wondering what is this novel about. then read the points, i have given down below in the reply sections.


So sorry for barging into the review section. but i would like to tell something to my new readers. The start of the story might be slow paced for some of you but later it got improved. I know there are many grammatical mistakes in the first chapters that's why edited it many times. but people were still finding it flawed in review section. (because i think most people didn't read the novel but still, they are copy pasting others review on their own) And I have not shown any character design in this novel. (so you can imagine any person you want.) but if you are still having problems in reading then in future chapters i have given their character discription. World backgrounds will slowly open as the story progresses. (so it could make readers stick to read more because of the mystery.) The character design/ the personalities of my characters will also open in the upcoming chapters. Like in the start, Anastasia is shown as someone logical and caring. but is she really like that? If you want to know then keep reading. Btw don't find logic in this book. because it is fictional for a reason. And in horror mystery, logic doesn't apply, only magic does. That's why keep reading.


It's an amazing novel with good writing skills & also very nice character & world-building skills. It's amazing & For those who want to read magic novels, I would recommend them this one. I would like to say to the author best of luck !!!


I definitely got interested, and the type of book (at the beginning at least) is something I don't read at all but that didn't stop me from liking it. Unfortunately, it only updates on Sundays and Saturdays but the good thing is that it constantly updates on those two days (it seems). The characters are likable and unique, the beginning reminded me of some horror movie the way they met a weird man and went through a forest to find their grandma lol. The writing quality is good, I didn't notice any grammatical injuries or such. Definitely something I would read after I read my current novel ^_^


Great work! it has an interesting story. POV : I am into romance novels Recommended to fantasy lovers. Compels me to rack my brain into determining about what will happen next. Very well written. Mysteries just add up to the spice!!!!


I love the plot and storyline, i love the characters emily, the novel is so full of life..well done author[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


This MC Is very unique. she is not a typical Mary sue character like other fantasy novels. i loved the dynamic between her and her sister. but I am looking forward for the ML, I am very curious to know more about his part of story.


This is my first time writing the review. I absolutely loved the novel. At the start the story is little slowed paced but loved the current plot. so please update regularly 🙏☺️❤️❤️❤️


This is one of the best works I've read. The story is developing at a faster pace. I really like the background and setup of characters. This book is worth considering. The chapters are simple and easy to understand. Overall it's an amazing work gleaned by the author.


I read the story and it's safe to say this is not your mary sue kind of novel or cringe kind of novel. Even though I am not in romance genre, I absolutely loved this novel and I want to see more. This story feels like it was written to be realistic and at the same fantasy a perfect combination. Please Continue author


Occasional grammar errors but nothing horrible! The plot is interesting and the dialogue feels real in that it’s very accurate to what a young person would say, not like an old person trying to write teen dialogue. There’s a lot of characters to keep track of but that means you will surely find a favorite character!


Mysteries, mysteries everywhere. This is an intriguing story, told by Anastasia in a first-person POV. The story development was interesting and spooky. The character design is well done, though I would like it more if there were more descriptions, as I feel it is a little fast-paced... Or it was just me reading faster to know what was going to happen next? Well, if that was the intention, well done, author! Keep going! [img=recommend]


I'm not really a fan of first person styled novels, but there is something about yours that keeps me entertained. The story is great with a lot of chapters. I understand its popularity. Keep it up.


I like the everything! The plot the characters, specially your readers ^^ I'm amused that they interacting to your story by commenting and that's awesome :O


wow, like seriously this is amazing, I'm loving the twist and turn of events, I wasn't expecting it, it completely blew my mind away like nothing I have ever read.


As what I commented in the chapter comment section, this book is indeed one of the work that has a beautifully written plot with non-grammar mistakes. The way I read it smoothly with ease, enough to tell that this book has a great potential. Keep up the nice work author✨


Alright! Time for a review! The writing in this story is great! It's quite refreshing as it's not too detailed yet still being able to help you picture the scene vividly in your mind I love it! And bcuz of that, the pace of the story is also not too slow nor too fast It's just right for readers to feel indulged in the story The girls are super cute too! I like them! Keep up the good work, author! 🥺👍💖


The book to me is interesting, I'm just starting but I like the story as far as I've read. All I want to say is thumbs up to the author and I will continue to read. When I have a power stone I will vote. Thank you.


Love the mysterious start! It has excellent potential. While reading I noticed that there are grammatical errors a LOT. I recommend using Grammarly, it helps me avoid the silly mistakes I make while writing. Overall great job! :)