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Nathan Algren is a military officer deployed to Iraq for a search and rescue mission. Disgraced in the operation, he gets reincarnated as the overpowered Ragnar Sigvald, son of a mighty warrior family set in Alt History Early-Medieval Europe. Filled with betrayal and deceit, William the Conqueror's reign is not as secure as it once was. Will Ragnar Sigvald, son of a Marshal, be able to turn the historical situation around? Or will he die a cruel death, under the crush of medieval era warfare? ------------------------------------------- Tags: Transmigration, Male MC, Alt History Schedule: 7 chapters/week (unless I'm ill or stuff happens) Chapter Length: 1200 - 1400 words Warning: If you are easily offended, this book may not be for you. It is an early medieval era book that follows the journey of an overpowered MC through the brutalities of war and pillaging. ------------------------------------------- Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/Ironm https://www.patreon.com/IronM ------------------------------------------- Discord channel: https://discord.gg/tUq6etBmQx ------------------------------------------- I don't own the cover, if the artist wishes for me to take it down, all they have to do is ask.

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Pending Execution

Eve cleared her throat, slowly raising her nakedness from under the covers before unashamedly gazing into Ragnar's eyes, "I had been trained to create a network of spies for my father over the last couple of years. It's not the most extensive system, as operatives were hard to recruit and educate. But, we have over 30 agents working across the entirety of the Duchy. The Church sped up this process, but my father insisted that we retain full control over the agents."

"One of these agents slipped into the Viking camp during your distraction and reported on the incidents that occurred. The stories that I heard led me to question the man's sanity, and as such, I must say that I'm impressed, Ragnar." Eve smirked as she seductively looked on at the dominant man before her.

Eve's mother, Giselda, laid still on the floor where Ragnar had last struck her with a downcast expression on her visage, "Despicable, I can't believe that the Baron would go to the Church for help." She spat, expressing disdain for her lover.

Ragnar nodded in thought. An extensive spy network would be crucial if his family came to power in the Barony. If he could get Eve by his side, then the control of these spies would give him a leg up over his brother Thorkell.

He smiled outwardly before patting Eve on the head, "Good, this is what the Sigvald family requires, Eve. Now the only question is if you'll be willing to switch loyalties and serve me as your liege."

Eve blushed under the attention before getting inches away from the heat of Ragnar, tracing the mail armor as she replied, "What happens if I wish to serve your father?" She looked up into those shrewd and thoughtful eyes with a mocking grin.

Ragnar's brawny visage turned ferocious as he grabbed Eve by the throat, hoisting her up in the air for a split second before slowly letting her back on her feet. "Then it will be a meteoric rise to glory and a slow subsequent fall from grace."

Eve gasped for air, struggling to breathe as Ragnar continued, "The previous question was to ask where you stand, not as a question for who you will choose but if you will choose correctly. I do not need to qualify myself to you, but if you do not understand the benefits to joining the son of an aging lord, then I have no use of a fool in my retinue."

Eve taunted once more as she danced dangerously close to the fire, "What of Thorkell? He's your older brother, is he not?"

In a flash, Ragnar's axe was mere inches away from her neck as a low growl erupted from his lips.

"Choose here and now. If you believe him to be the better warrior, then side with him, and I will end your misery."

Eve's eyes were wide in shock, as she hadn't noticed Ragnar draw his axe.

Her eyes glazed over in lust, "My apologies Daddy, I seem to have angered you," as she knelt on one knee to swear allegiance.

Ragnar scoffed at Eve. She would be the bane of his life if he had to keep putting her in her place. As such, he glared at Giselda for being such a pitiful example of a lady.

"Let us head back out to camp. I'm sure father will want the two of you to see the execution of the Baron as he decides your fate."


They passed through the great hall, still littered with dead men and hungover soldiers just waking up from last night's shenanigans. A few of them, realizing that someone was taking the Baron's mistress and daughter, stood up to resist.

"Halt!" One of the soldiers staggered to his feet, still bleary-eyed and delirious, doing his utmost to draw his sword on the intruder.

Ragnar gazed disdainfully upon the man before leaping into a capoeira style sidekick that knocked the man square in his chest, sending him sailing into the wooden tables and chairs.

The loud racket woke up the rest of the men before a voice boomed across the entire great hall, "Stand down, men! I have orders from Marshal Harald. The Baron has defected to Christianity and is currently held on the grounds of betrayal pending execution. We are to assist Lady Eve and mistress Giselda back to the main camp."

A few of the veteran guardsmen recognized the voice of Ragnar and bent the knee in submission.

"Yes, milord, we shall grab the carriages immediately!" One of the senior men spoke out before several rushed to prepare provisions.


The carriages finally stopped before the quiet camp, as Ragnar hopped down and turned to help Eve and the mistress from their carriage.

"Where is everyone," Eve looked around in question to the empty camp.

Ragnar thought for a second before nodding, "Father must be doing his morning speech to rally the men to his side. It is important if he wishes to rule and secure the allegiance of his men. There can't be any doubt about who is in control of the Barony in the near future. And a lord who hasn't been deligated as Baron by the Duke must have the backing of his men for support.

They quickly crested the hill to see a large gathering of over 2000 men all on the beach, with three exquisitely dressed at the head of the army on a raised platform.

Ragnar could still hear his father bellow out to the crowd before him from this distance. "....and this bastard of a Baron betrayed your Marshal and his entire family, all so that he could strengthen the control he had on his men! You! The people of your Barony, he put us all at stake by betraying us to the Christians! Look at this cross he has hidden beneath his tunic."

His father proceeded to rip out a small jewel-studded cross from beneath the leather tunic of the Baron and proferred it out for the entire crowd to see.

Gasps of disbelief broke out across the army, furious that someone would defect to Christianity.

"So, I say we teach this bastard of a Baron a lesson and tie him to horseback while dragging him through the Barony until he dies!" His father vehemently threw the cross on the ground before stamping on it to the roar of 2000 men.


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