Irara, the number 1 hitman who is cruel and cold-blooded and unforgiving. She was killed in her mission because of her carelessness. Su Lin Lin, daughter of General Su and Liu Mei. A figure who is known as a weak, shy, and crybaby trash. She died because her body was weak due to falling into the pool due to her carelessness. Who would have thought that Irara, a talented girl with unrivaled abilities, would actually transmigrate into the body of a weak girl?

BabyF_05062016 · Fantasy
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369 Chs


The sound of footsteps chasing each other and a young man fell because his leg was shot.

"Hah, hah give up and tell me who's your boss,"

A woman heard a facial line that seemed cute and beautiful, but her facial expression was very cold, and her gaze was flat while pointing a gun at the young man.

"Heh, Irara, do you think I will betray my boss who saved my life,"

The youth was called Fang Xing. A young man managed to win the heart of a female assassin agent who is very cold and cruel while carrying out missions. When Irara had completely fallen in love with Fang Xing, the young man betrayed her and said unreasonable things. The feeling of being betrayed caused a deep trauma for Irara herself.

"I'll give you one more chance, just give up and tell me who's your boss and I'll immediately send you out of this world," said Irara coldly.

"You are indeed the number 1 assassination agent who is known to be cold and ruthless, Irara. But too bad, I will never betray the boss."

"Fang Xing!! What did that person do to make you willing to sacrifice your life and choose to betray your own lover huh?!!"

Irara's eyes were sharp and piercing as if releasing a laser that could kill anyone who looked at her.

"Hahahaha sorry Irara, then goodbye,"

Irara was now sneering at Fang Xing. Irara was steadying and reassuring while thinking that this was what she had to get.


"cough… cough… Irara, why do you think the boss sent me here? cough… even if I have to die, we cough… cough… we'd better die together… cough…."

Fang Xing took the grenade in his pocket and blew himself up with his girlfriend, Irara.

'Damn it, Fang Xing, and he blew himself up to kill me. Moreover, he's doing this for his boss. Who exactly is the boss? Wait, I'm already about to die, what's the point of thinking about that? Oops, my crazy soul wakes up. Is this the end for me? Has my job as the coldest and cruelest assassin agent over yet? What would other people say if they found out that Irara died from an explosion caused by my own carelessness? Hah even though I haven't had the chance to say goodbye to my sister yet. Brother, forgive your unfilial brother. If there was a second life I definitely wouldn't fall into the same trap as this,' I thought.

Irara herself did not know that the apology that came out of Fang Xing's mouth was the most sincere words she had ever spoken in her entire life. Deep down in his heart, Fang Xing didn't want to hurt Irara's feelings and betrayed him instead. The reason was that he had no other choice. Apart from his 'boss' who saved his life, his family threatened him that he would be killed—the most difficult choice in his life.

'Irara hopefully in the next life we ​​will meet again as lovers, right? Not as lovers but as a couple who complete each other until the end of life. I really sincerely apologize to you Irara' thought Fang Xing.

"**Hahahaha, Fang Xing, come after me hahaha you are slow."

"Ira, wait"

"Irara, let's watch this."

"Fang Xing, this is sweet."


"Fang Xing"

"Irara, I love you."


"I love you, Ira."

"What? What are you saying?"


The black circles that appeared as if they had a magnetic attraction pulled my body inward.