First attempt at game anchoring

Of course, these routes to popularity were only Chu's own conception, in reality, if one wanted to truly become popular, it was far more complicated than these three routes.

Chu a deep thought about the anchor route he should take.

First of all, the first type, rely on the face to eat type.Chu Yi knew deep down that he did not possess such capital.After many years of being a single mother, if he had a slightly handsome look, I'm afraid that he would have already gotten off the hook.Therefore, rely on the face to eat this road, obviously does not work.

Next is the route of humor and flirtation.This road is also by no means easy.Chu Yi understands that humor is not purely based on cleverness, but more of an innate temperament.Forcing humor would only lead to embarrassment and becoming the king of cold jokes.

Therefore, the only way left was to be a technical anchor.

With his superior skills, Chu Yi defeated his opponents time and time again, enjoying the thrill of victory.His long gaming experience made him an expert in the Jedi Survival game.Moreover, the surge in IQ also meant that his reaction speed and strategic sense would be taken to the next level, and perhaps even his gaming skills would skyrocket as a result.

His heart was moved as much as he acted, Chu Yi immediately decided to open the broadcast and give it a try.

He searched, and found that the current hottest, the largest flow of live platform is "bucket panda live", which gathered many big god-level anchor.So, he followed the guidelines of the website, registered a new anchor account.

For the user name, Chu Yi did not bother too much.He thinks that a man is not changing his name, those fancy, pompous and demonic name is meaningless, not as good as directly using the real name.

Anchor "Chu Yi" formally online!

After half a day of research, Chu Yi mastered the operation of the live broadcast.Because the computer is not equipped with a camera, he can not show his face live, only through the headset to communicate with the audience.However, he does not show his face live may add a sense of mystery, maybe there will be female fans think his voice and Peng Yuyan as charming?

With everything ready, Chu Yi opened the live broadcast and cut into the game interface.He chose a handful of the simplest single player island mode and started matching.

Subsequently, Chu Yi stepped into the birth island, and a brilliant game broadcast was about to take place...

The headphones were filled with all sorts of noisy voices:

"Sell hang up sell hang up!Perspective, wall penetration, self-aiming, blood lock hang, everything!Add money and you'll also get an explosive airplane!"A tender child's voice hawking.

"Hey, you this kid is not looking for a fight!Sell hanging give me death!"An angry big brother growled.

"Have a set of hang packages, landing 99 kills is not a dream!"The kid continued to yell recklessly.

"Aiya, are plug-ins so arrogant in this world now?There are still exploding airplanes and landing 99 kills?"A youth exclaimed.

Soon, a large group of people surrounded the kid, and for a while, fists and feet were exchanged.

Chu Yi helplessly shook his head, Birth Island was always like this, mixed with fish and dragons, there were all kinds of people.Some selling hangs were sincere, some were purely fooling around, attempting to make other players know what to do.At the same time, Dou Panda live platform with 10 million fans of a well-known anchor "King brother" is on the air.

"Nowadays, plug-ins are becoming more and more common!King's emotion, "but don't panic, as long as it's not a blood lock hang, I'm King's brother will perform a scene of exorcism for you to see!If I come across a blood lock hanging, I'll just report it directly and go off the air without mercy!"

Chu had never thought that he would be in the same game as "Brother King", the first brother of Dou Panda's live broadcast platform!

The countdown ended.

All the players boarded a pitch-black airplane and flew towards the island map.Chu Yi first swept a glance at the status of the live broadcast room, only to find... not a single viewer.He sighed lightly, it was true that it was inevitable that the popularity of a newly promoted anchor would be low.Tonight, he mainly wanted to experience the feeling of the game after the IQ boost, so it didn't really matter if there were any viewers or not.

He cut back to the game interface, opened the mini-map, and scrutinized the route.The route in this area was quite remote, flying straight from Port P to Port N, crossing over the military base.Chu Yi's brows furrowed slightly, this route was precisely what he was most unwilling to see.This was because he usually liked to develop obscenely in the wild housing areas, and the small housing areas covered by this route were simply too few.

After a moment of slight contemplation, Chu Yi decided to stop obsessing over the small housing areas and fly directly to the military base to see if he could have a showdown there!He stared at the game interface on the screen with full concentration, and the distance of the markers kept shrinking: 1600, 1500, 1400...jump!Chuyi was absorbed in the game without any distractions, completely unaware of the three viewers that were pouring into the live broadcast room one after another.

As soon as these three viewers entered the live broadcast room, they realized that Chu Yi was flying towards the direction of the military base, and had typed comments:

"Military base?Is this going to be a head-on gunfight?"

"This anchor's level is so low, newbie anchor?Are all the new anchors so headstrong?"

"Oh huh, live landing into a box scheduled!"

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yi had steadily landed on the roof of the C building in the center of the military base.But at this moment, he was flustered, because with him landing on the roof of the building, there were two other people!They were based on the tops of the two buildings next to each other, almost close by!

Chu Yi quickly scanned his surroundings, but realized that there was only one weapon available at hand - the black M24 single-shot sniper rifle.He had a distaste for this gun, because in the early days of Jedi Survival, it was so powerful that a single shot to the body would often bring down a man.But after several data nerfs, its power has been greatly reduced.Today, it doesn't do as much damage to the body as it used to, and it takes at least two shots, preferably headshots, to ensure defeat of an opponent.

Now with the enemy just a dozen meters away, the single-shot sniper rifle seems so impotent.The opponent was armed with a submachine gun or assault rifle, and only needed a single shot to put him to death.However, Chu Yi had no choice but to pick up the M24, and to make matters worse, the gun did not have a magnifying glass and only had a machine sight.

He turned his head to look at the roof of the building next to him, where there were two enemies.What shocked him was that one of them had already put on a precious advanced helmet and was holding a UMP9 submachine gun;the other was equipped with a SCAR assault rifle and had added a triple lens!Chu Yi's heart was in despair, "Why are they so well-equipped?"

Just in the moment he lost his concentration, the two enemies aimed their guns at him almost simultaneously!In the next second, bullets came like a rainstorm.Chu Yi was instantly frightened and jumped off the roof of the building, hoping to escape the dense rain of bullets in this way.In the instant he jumped down, he reflexively fired a shot at the third level-headed enemy.

The shot was a purely instinctive reaction; he didn't even have time to aim.However, as he was about to hit the ground, a shocking message popped up, "You killed player Fuck your family using M24!"

Chu Yi landed and rolled around, quickly entering the building.He found ten bandages and hid in a corner to frantically regain blood.While stopping the bleeding, he felt a bit bewildered.Did he really kill a level 3 head enemy with that shot?If it had hit his body, the opponent might indeed have been killed in one hit if he didn't have a bulletproof vest.But he had only fired a shot randomly!

After thinking for a moment, Chu Yi still felt that it should be luck.Although he had practiced instantaneous sniping, he had not been able to master it.This time, it might have been a blind cat that stumbled upon a dead rat.

The viewers in the live broadcast room also expressed their surprise at this:

"Taking out one with a single shot?""Shot while jumping down in the air?So strong?!""Is it because of luck or do you really know how to instantly snipe?Well ------- look at it again, it's kind of interesting."

After bandaging up, Chu Yi got up and started searching in the nearby rooms.This C building was quite rich in resources, otherwise there wouldn't be so many people who chose to jump and land here.

During the search on the first floor, Chu Yi had quite a complete set of equipment on him, with a level 2 head and level 2 armor, as well as a fully loaded level 3 bag.It was just that he hadn't been able to find a new firearm yet.

Continuing up the stairs, he began to search the second level.Meanwhile, in the direction of N Harbor.

"Brother King" managed to land and quickly picked up an M416 rifle."Haha!What a great hand, now we'll start 'Slaughtering the Harbor'!"Brother King laughed easily in the live broadcast.By this time, there were already a few players around who had just landed on the ground, and without hesitation, Brother King raised his gun and fired!

"You have used M416 to kill player Ghost!" "You have used M416 to kill player Patrick!"

With his clip empty, Brother King quickly dodged behind the container to replace it with a new one and poked his head out to shoot again.Two enemies were shooting at each other with their sprays on the grass in the distance, and Brother King managed to eliminate them with a few steady point-blank shots.

The N Harbor area instantly became empty!All the approaching enemies were eliminated by King's accurate shooting!

In Brother King's live broadcast room, viewers furiously swiped 666, as they praised this top-skilled gaming anchor on the Douyu platform.From landing four kills to flattening N Harbor, King never let everyone down.

After simply scavenging a few boxes, King hid in a container to take a break and thanked his bosses for their gifts in the live broadcast room.

This is King's usual style, every time he finishes a great set, he will find a safe place to rest and thank the viewers who have rewarded him with large sums of money.Only after that would he continue his journey.

After completing his search of N-Port, which coincided with the change of the safe zone, Brother King observed the mini-map and decided to head to the Institute for an ambush.He said to the audience, "Alright, let's go to the Institute and wait for our prey."

At the same time, inside the military base.

Chu Yi crouched in the corner of the top floor room, holding a s1897 shotgun in his hand, his heart filled with fear.The mini-map showed orange-red footstep trails, that enemy was approaching.The headset was filled with disorganized footsteps, and it was impossible to determine the enemy's specific location.

Chu Yi felt very evil, the whole building's supplies he had carefully searched, found 5 bottles of drinks and 5 bottles of painkillers, but did not find a sub-machine gun or assault rifle, just found a shotgun, or the worst s1897 in the game.Now that the enemy has been approaching, escaping is impossible, he can only pray that he will not be found.

Looking at the s1897 shotgun in his hand, Chu Yi felt a burst of despair.How to use this rotten gun?Is he destined to become a "courier"?Suddenly, the sound of footsteps became unusually clear, followed by a figure rushed into the room, holding a very high damage M762 rifle!

Chu Yi was shocked and subconsciously fired a shot at the enemy!"Boom!"

"You have killed player Kitten using s1897 headshot."A string of kill prompts appeared on the screen.Chu Yi looked at the box on the ground and the green smoke from the corpse, and his entire body froze.Was this a second kill?One didn't aim at all!Just subconsciously fired a shot, how did he get a headshot?Could it be because the performance of the game after one's IQ had increased was that one didn't need to deliberately aim, one shot killed in seconds?