Chapter 8 Selfless Love of Parents_1

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Mother Ye looked at the child, her face brimming with smiles.

She had never expected that her son would truly make something of himself.

In an instant, he had both a wife and children, and not just any children, but four precious daughters in one birth. If Father Ye knew about this, he would certainly be even happier.

She really wanted to tell Father Ye right now.

But in the end, Mother Ye still held back.

After all, that guy always scowled at his son whenever he saw him, so she decided not to tell him just yet.

Anyway, she was here to help take care of things, so why go back to the countryside?

Looking after the old man wasn't as good as caring for her dear daughter-in-law and her precious granddaughters.

She hadn't expected her future daughter-in-law to be so capable, giving birth to four at once. Now, she wondered if the village women would still dare to laugh at her.

Ye Fan saw his mother so happy and he also breathed a sigh of relief.

Of course, Bai Susu, seeing Mother Ye's love for the children, also felt a bit more relaxed.

Historically, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship has always been sensitive.

But the feeling Mother Ye gave her was still very good.

In the end, Ye Fan found a nurse and moved into a private hospital room.

After all, his family was rather large. It was inconvenient to share a room with others and might disturb them, so having a private room was better.

Of course, with no outsiders around, they could speak without such restraint.

"Child, if my Ye Fan isn't good to you, tell me. I'll straighten him out and make sure he behaves," Mother Ye said joyfully, holding Bai Susu's small hand, and of course, she didn't forget to glare at Ye Fan by her side.

If that boy dared to bully her daughter-in-law, of course, she wouldn't let it go.

"In our family, it's the women who take charge. From now on, what you say goes. Also, if there's anything you're not satisfied with, feel free to speak up. You really have suffered, child!" Mother Ye became teary-eyed as she spoke.

She had just learned all about the affair.

She hadn't expected the child to be so strong.

Such a good child!

To think she had made it step by step to this point all by herself. If it hadn't been for the birth requiring a signature, she might have missed all these events.

Thinking of this, Mother Ye glanced again at the four little ones, then at Bai Susu, her eyes filled with compassion.

This child really had suffered!

"Auntie, it's really okay," Bai Susu said with a smile, glancing at Ye Fan.

Mother Ye's words, she hadn't really taken to heart. After all, she knew that she and Ye Fan were impossible.

No one in her family would agree, and of course, she hadn't acknowledged Ye Fan yet either.

He was a good person, but as the other half of her life...

Of course, Ye Fan understood Bai Susu's meaning too.

"Mom, stop it. Come here for a second, there's something I need to tell you." Ye Fan pulled his mother and headed outside.

"You child, what can't you say in here?" Mother Ye shook her head helplessly.

This child, he had been spoiled by her.

"Mom, actually, I've already told you about Bai Susu and me, so I will try my best to be worthy of her. You don't need to meddle."

"Tomorrow I'll go to the rented house, and probably in a couple of days, we can be discharged. Then I'll trouble you to take care of things. We'll also hire a Confinement Nanny, and I need to make a trip to the school tomorrow."

Ye Fan spoke, for he had many things to deal with at the moment.

The coming days would be busy.

"Son, I can see that Susu is a good girl. My future daughter-in-law is her, no one else meets my approval. You must be diligent to make Bai Susu willing to be with you. Although our family isn't wealthy, you are the best in my heart!"

"Also, what do you plan to do about school?" Mother Ye asked again, frowning.

After all, now that his son had a child and a daughter-in-law, should he continue with his studies or take a break to care for them and return to school when the child was older?

No matter what her son decided, she would support him.

"I'm going to take a leave of absence from school tomorrow. I need to take care of Bai Susu and my child. After all, I have to take responsibility. Susu has already worked very hard; I should consider her as much as possible," Ye Fan said.

He was very worried that his mother would be unwilling to hear him say this.

After all, it hadn't been easy for him to get into this university either; his parents had worried themselves sick.

"Okay, Mom supports you. As for your dad, I'll keep all of this from him for now and see how long we can keep it a secret." Mother Ye sighed. The old man at home had a somewhat stubborn character. If he knew, he would probably start an argument again.

Originally, the relationship between father and son was not that great.

Both of them had a stubborn temperament like bulls!

"Thanks, Mom," said Ye Fan.

He hadn't expected such profound understanding from his mother, and it relieved him.

As for his father, he could only keep it a secret for now.

Eventually, he would explain it slowly.

"You're my child; what's there to thank me for? Here, I have a card with four or five hundred thousand in it; take it and use it. After all, you're not alone now, you're someone with a family," Mother Ye took a bank card out of her purse and handed it to Ye Fan.

Looking at the card, Ye Fan's eyes instantly became a little blurred.

This represented his mother's lifetime of hard-earned savings.

He couldn't accept it.

Besides, he had the System, and there was still over four million in the bank account; that should be enough.

"Mom, I have money. I previously invested in a small business with someone, and now it's making money. Keep this for yourself; just hold onto it for the future," Ye Fan pushed the card back.

Since going to college, he had rarely asked for money from home; after all, he was an adult now and needed to be independent.

Usually, he earned some money by doing part-time or temporary jobs; he even paid his tuition by himself.

Mainly, his mother had toiled her whole life and it was just too hard on her.

"Alright then, I'll keep it saved for you. Let me know if you need money," Mother Ye nodded and carefully put the card away.

Her son had grown up and often made his own decisions now.

Of course, this was a good thing.

Mother Ye felt very relieved looking at her son in this way.

"Alright, Mom, I'll trouble you with these things for the next few days. Let's keep it all from Dad for now," Ye Fan said again.

He was truly afraid that if his father found out, he might end up getting a beating.

Moreover, he had always regarded Father Ye with awe.

He remembered that as a child, he once played by the river until after dark before going home.

Back then, there were always reports of children and livestock disappearing in the village, sparking rumors of kidnappers. Adults didn't let their children play far from home, and that time, his parents thought he had been taken by kidnappers or had an accident. The village loudspeaker called for him continuously for three hours.

After he got back home, his father whipped him with a belt for an hour until his backside was bruised!

That punishment was truly severe!

Of course, he knew that his father must have been extremely scared at the time. Later, because his backside hurt so much,

he had to stand up during school for three days before he dared to sit.

That event spread like wildfire in his primary school, and he became quite famous; all the teachers and students talked about him during and after meals.

[The incident described here actually happened to Bai Cai. I was really young back then, and just liked playing by the river. I remember being hit hard by my dad and had to stand up in class for three days, indeed becoming a hot topic among the teachers and students. Well, I got famous for it, and it's true that raising children is not easy for parents.]

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