Chapter 7 Son, Don't Lie to Mom_1

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Mother Ye pushed open the door of the hospital room and saw a stunning young lady sitting against the hospital bed, and next to her, there were four little ones in a baby crib.

She froze for two seconds, then saw another scene, a middle-aged woman holding a baby and feeding it on the bed.



"Sorry, wrong room," Mother Ye said with an embarrassed smile and backed out.

Ye Fan had just realized what happened when he saw his mom come back out.

Why did she come back out?

"Son, we went into the wrong room!" Mother Ye looked at her son, quite helpless.

Her own son, couldn't even handle such a small matter properly.

Mistaking the room, such an incident actually happened.

Sooner or later, it will be the death of her.

Inside were two mothers, especially that beautiful girl, who had actually given birth to quadruplets, truly amazing!

So envious!

Then looking at her own son, really disappointing!

Good for nothing at all, except never leaving leftovers when eating!

After all, a woman who has given birth needs to rest well, shouldn't be disturbed. Moreover, startling the children and making them cry would be very troublesome.

She knew how difficult it was for a new mom to soothe a child to sleep.

Mother Ye had deep experience in this regard.

"Really? I don't think so," Ye Fan still looked bewildered and glanced at the room number.

Huh, it's correct!

"Mom, it's not wrong, we didn't go into the wrong room, let's go," Ye Fan said, pulling Mother Ye towards the room in front of them.

"We went into the wrong room, there are two mothers inside, why won't you believe it," Mother Ye struggled, only to discover for the first time how strong her son was.

Goodness, she actually couldn't outmuscle her son.

"Susu, I'm back, this is my mother," Ye Fan said as he let go of his mom's hand, walked over to the bedside, speaking gently, and also glanced at the little ones.

They are sleeping so sweetly!

"Son, can you tell your mom what exactly is going on here?" Mother Ye's face was a picture of confusion.

What exactly is the situation?

Could someone explain it to her?

She was even starting to have wild thoughts, wasn't she?

How awful!

Look at how happy those two are, no matter how she sees it, she feels scared.

"Auntie, hello, my name is Bai Susu." Bai Susu's face showed a bit of awkwardness in front of Mother Ye, who was in her forties.

Mother Ye maintained herself quite well and looked young for her age.

This was Ye Fan's mother; she seemed quite approachable.

"Um, hello, I'm Ye Fan's mother," Mother Ye nodded her head and moved closer to the bed, but she didn't dare to think or say anything rash.

At that moment, she was more nervous than on her wedding night.

"Um, Auntie, Ye Fan mentioned you before," Bai Susu nodded and spoke very demurely.

"This brat, what has he said about me? Who knows, he might have been badmouthing me," Mother Ye glared at her son with disdain.

She knew her son's character too well.

"Mom," Ye Fan called out helplessly. Couldn't his mother give him some face?

Why be like this?

"Alright, Susu, where is the father of the children? Giving birth to four babies is very tiring to look after by yourself. Of course, it's a great blessing," Mother Ye said, then looked at the little baby, her eyes filled with affection.

Ah, who knows when she would be able to hold her own grandchildren.

This problematic son Ye Fan wasn't striving enough, nor had he mentioned having a girlfriend, let alone the prospect of grandsons or granddaughters. Maybe she would have to wait until she could hardly walk before she would see them.

Mother Ye instinctively thought that this girl must be Ye Fan's friend, his classmate, perhaps.

She came here simply to show concern, to greet someone, and didn't think much deeper about it.

"Quadruplets, all girls," Ye Fan said with a smile, his eyes brimming with joy.

Just now, he had clearly seen the fondness in his own mother's eyes.

"That's truly a blessing," Mother Ye said enviously.

To have a daughter, how blissful that is.

A daughter is like a little padded jacket for her mother.

No, he had to encourage his own son to try harder.

Sooner rather than later, to let herself and his father hold granddaughters and grandsons.

"Of course, we all have our blessings," Ye Fan said with a smile.

He was fortunate, and so was his mother.

Mother Ye, a bit confused by these words but not asking, just listened.

Huh, where had the child's father gone to, why hadn't she seen him?

"Where has the child's father gone, why hasn't he come back yet?" Mother Ye asked without thinking much, just looking at the two of them.

As a result, as soon as she asked this question, Ye Fan and Bai Susu looked at each other, both seeing embarrassment in the other's eyes.

A strange atmosphere began to spread around them.

At this time, watching the two of them looking embarrassed, Mother Ye couldn't help but let her mind run wild.

She hadn't even met the elders of both sides, could it be that this girl was someone to be pitied?

Thinking of this, Mother Ye's heart went out to this beautiful girl even more.

She had heard many tales of such things, like college girls being abandoned, giving birth in hospitals, or the men running away...

"Mom, actually, this child is your granddaughter, Bai Susu is my girlfriend, and I'm the father of the child," Ye Fan said, glancing at Bai Susu, taking her hand, and speaking to his mother.

No matter what, the child was born, and it was impossible for her not to be his girlfriend, not just a girlfriend, but in the future, a wife as well.



Mother Ye felt like she must have heard wrong?

"What did you say, this is your child, you're a father now!" Mother Ye asked, shocked, grasping her son's collar.

Was she experiencing auditory hallucinations?

Could it be true?

At this moment, Mother Ye was beyond shocked!

"Mom, it's true. The children Bai Susu gave birth to are mine. They were born today. I called you here to help out for a few days until the confinement nanny arrives," Ye Fan explained to his mother.

His collar was somewhat uncomfortable being gripped by his mother but, oh well, no problem.

He understood his mother's shock and disbelief, after all, he had reacted the same when it first happened.

"Son, you're not lying to me, right? Is this really true?" Mother Ye still found it hard to believe.

How had her son become a parent all of a sudden?

Before, her son hadn't even had a girlfriend, and now he was the father of four children.

"I'm not lying to you, it's true, if you don't believe it, ask Susu," Ye Fan said, turning his head to look at Bai Susu.

He knew it would be like this.

"Auntie, what Ye Fan said is true. It's a complicated story, but I am absolutely certain that the child is his," Bai Susu said firmly to Mother Ye.

That gaze made Mother Ye feel a pang of heartache.

Oh, what a fine girl.

And to think, she was really taken by her own son.

"Child, auntie believes you, I do. I never expected to have granddaughters, how wonderful," Mother Ye immediately smiled.

Once she confirmed it, she was ecstatic.

So it turns out, her son had called her to the hospital to see the babies, to be a grandmother!