Chapter 25 They All Want to Speak Out Loud_1

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Bai Susu's hair quality was very good.

It felt very soft, carried a hint of fragrance, and was also very black. Ye Fan's handsome face softened further, and his hands did not cease, as he braided Bai Susu's hair.

Soon, he finished braiding two plaits, one on each side, hanging just a little over the waist.

The braids could be styled to the back or hung near the ears, which actually looked quite nice.

For a first attempt, Ye Fan was already very satisfied.

This was, after all, his first time braiding a girl's hair.

He felt quite pleased inside.

"Done, although it's my first time, it's not too bad," Ye Fan said with a smile.

"Let me have a look." Bai Susu heard Ye Fan say it was his first time and immediately became interested, walking over to the mirror to see.

Indeed, it looked very nice.

Bai Susu even turned around in a circle, truly, it was very nice.

She hadn't expected that Ye Fan possessed this skill.