Chapter 23: Snatched Away in One 'Wrap'!_1

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Ye Fan's first reaction was to rush in.

His slender hand twisted the door lock directly, and the next second he was about to push the door open.

"Don't come in!" Bai Susu shouted in a panic.

Oh my God, if he were to come in, wouldn't that mean being...

No way!

In desperation, Bai Susu could only yell out loud.

"Okay, okay, I won't come in. I'll just reach in and turn off the light first!" Ye Fan said as he opened the door a small crack, letting his hand stretch inside and find the switch for the bathroom light, immediately turning it off.

He also knew what Bai Susu was worried about.

Luckily, he stopped himself in time!

With the light turned off, he couldn't see anything, so the girl probably wouldn't be afraid anymore.

"Wait for me a second, don't move around, alright? Be careful not to fall again," Ye Fan said, his handsome face filled with urgency.

Suddenly, as if realizing something, he went to his own bedroom and came out with a blanket in his arms.