Chapter 22 "Ah~" What a bad~ person!_1

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After dinner, Ye Fan started to wash the dishes.

Anyway, he didn't have much to do.

But that remark from his mother still made him laugh now.

Mother misses Dad!

O(∩_∩)O haha~

Would Mother hit him if she knew he laughed at her like this?

In the evening, Bai Susu wanted to take a shower because she felt too smelly.

She had to bathe; it was unbearable.

"I think I'll just wipe myself down with a towel, Ye Fan," Bai Susu said, looking at him.

She hadn't taken a shower for several days.

"Silly girl, you have to endure it, you can't bathe now, you've only been a few days postpartum, this could lead to illness," Mother Ye said with a furrowed brow.

It's only the fourth day; how could she take a bath?


"Yes, Susu, you can't take a bath now, you have to wait until after the confinement period is over before you can bathe," Aunt Mei immediately advised.

Even though the weather had cooled down entering autumn, it was still a bit hot, but that didn't mean she could bathe.

The thought alone was agonizing.

What if something bad happened!

"But I feel so smelly and sticky, it's really uncomfortable," Bai Susu said with an aggrieved tone.

She was disgusted with herself.

What to do?

If she didn't bathe, she probably wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

When she was in the hospital, she was already disgusted with herself; she wanted to bathe then, but it wasn't convenient in the hospital.

Now that she was home, of course, she wanted to take a bath as soon as possible.

"What should we do?" Mother Ye asked, looking at Ye Fan.

She was worried about what might happen if proper care wasn't taken.

Traditionally, one can't bathe or wash their hair during confinement, nor can they be exposed to drafts—many taboos, all for the sake of health.

"Aunt Ye, Aunt Mei, and Ye Fan, please let me bathe. I'll just wipe down with a towel, I really can't stand it anymore, I wanted to bathe at the hospital but it was inconvenient, and now that I'm finally home, I just can't take it, I'll just wipe myself down with a towel," Bai Susu pleaded with the three of them.

It was too unbearable!

"Well, okay, but remember you can't wash your hair, just wipe down your body, and call me if you need anything, I'll be right outside the bathroom door," Ye Fan sighed helplessly, his eyes filled with worry.

He was worried too.

But seeing Bai Susu looking so pitiful, he really couldn't bring himself to refuse.

What could he do?

He had no choice but to agree.

"Ah, well, Susu, remember only to use warm water to wipe down, and absolutely don't wash your hair, or you might suffer headaches later on in life," Mother Ye instructed.

"Yes, Susu, you must remember," Mei Auntie added.

"Don't worry, I won't wash my hair, just wipe down my body," Bai Susu said happily.

"Okay then, I'll find you something to change into. Your pajamas should be dry by now; the sun was quite strong this afternoon," Mother Ye said as she went to gather the laundry.

Those pajamas were quite pretty, and she could tell Bai Susu liked them too.

"Mmm, thank you, Aunt Ye," Bai Susu said with a smile.

Seeing Bai Susu smile, Ye Fan felt a little better deep inside.

But he was really worried.

Logically, a woman in confinement shouldn't be doing these things, but the weather indeed was a little hot now, and sweating was inevitable, not to mention, Susu must have sweated a lot giving birth, and the sweat sticking to her body must be uncomfortable.

He just had to be extra careful.

He really wanted to wipe her down himself, but that girl surely wouldn't allow it!

So, he could only let her do it herself while he stood guard outside the bathroom door, which felt a bit safer.

Otherwise, he really wouldn't be at ease!

Truly a girl who never lets one rest easy.

"All right, I've brought your pajamas and a new towel, go ahead, just be careful!" Mother Ye said with concern.

She was still very worried.

"Then I'm off," Bai Susu said happily and walked towards the bathroom.

Ye Fan followed behind her.

"Actually, you don't need to stand at the door; I'll just wipe myself down quickly," Bai Susu said with a blush.

"Actually, I'd prefer to wipe you down myself, I'm worried about you," Ye Fan looked at Bai Susu, his handsome face filled with concern, his brows knitted so tightly as if they could squash a mosquito.

"You, stinky~hoodlum!" Bai Susu's face flushed red, her long lashes trembling, and her eyes filled with panic.

She hadn't expected Ye Fan to say such a thing.

What a big~pervert!


"I'm serious, don't misunderstand. I'm just worried about you; you're a bit inconvenienced," Ye Fan said while also glancing down~~below~~.

"You... Ye Fan... shameless!" Bai Susu said, clutching her clothes as she entered the bathroom, leaning against the door. Her heart was 'thump thumping' non-stop, as if it might leap out the next second!

Hmph, it's all Ye Fan's fault!

Otherwise, I wouldn't be like this.

So embarrassing!

She felt her cheeks getting hot, they must be bright red!

This guy is really too hateful!

Although something had happened between them once, it was an accident, and it was under the influence of alcohol, and she didn't remember a thing, alright.

So, that really didn't count...

Besides, Ye Fan was the first one to touch~her.

"Wiping your body, use slightly hot water. Don't wash your hair, and don't lock the door. I'll be waiting outside the bathroom. If you need anything just call me and I'll rush over immediately, be careful!" Ye Fan said with a smile, speaking to the bathroom door.

He believed the girl could hear him.

But, with the girl being so shy, what to do in the future?

What a headache!

Besides, I have been very proper, just concerned about her, how could she think of me like that.

I, Ye Fan, am a true gentleman!

Never, ever, doing anything bad.

Ah, this girl's misunderstanding of me is deep; it seems I'll have to find a way to explain myself properly in the future.

My reputation is at stake.

It can't just be destroyed like that.

However, her embarrassed look just now was really cute!

Ye Fan recalled it and his heart started racing uncontrollably.

Hmm, this is my future wife!

Although, I haven't married her yet, I'm working hard at it!

Sooner or later, I'll marry Bai Susu.

Thinking this, Ye Fan couldn't help but smile.


Inside the bathroom, hearing Ye Fan's words at the door, Bai Susu bit her lip in irritation.

Hmph, what kind of talk is that, saying to call him at the slightest thing and he'd be there immediately, and also not to lock the door? What is this, blatantly being a hooligan!

Such a bad~person!

But, for some reason, Susu still didn't lock the door.

Soon, the sound of water running could be heard...

Bai Susu wiped her body, humming an unknown tune

Ye Fan, listening at the door, was quite enchanted and couldn't help humming along.


Suddenly, a high-pitched scream rang out...

[Hehe (*^▽^*) What do you think happened... Come on, guess with me, /naughty smile/]