Chapter 2 How Did I Become a Father_1

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Upon arriving at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, he went straight to the maternity ward door, and there he saw the school belle Bai Susu's pale face, which tugged at Ye Fan's heartstrings.

In the past, whenever he saw her, she was always so cold and untouchable like an ice queen, but now she seemed as fragile as a white flower fluttering in the wind, on the brink of collapse...

"Ye Fan, sign the papers first, we can talk about everything else later," said Bai Susu, her beautiful face covered in sweat, speaking weakly as if gasping for breath.

Seeing Bai Susu's condition, and considering the urgency of the situation, he didn't think twice, quickly taking the pen from the nurse and signing his name in a few swift strokes.

He then saw Bai Susu being wheeled into the delivery room.

'Ding dong, congratulations Host, you have activated the Super Dad System, 100% bloodline verification, rewarding four million yuan, transferred directly to your bank card.'

At that moment, a voice resonated in Ye Fan's mind, and he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He took it out and was shocked by what he saw.

'[Postal Savings Bank] Dear customer, your bank account ending in xxxx has received a transfer of RMB 4,000,000, bringing your total balance to RMB 4,002,250.'

He actually had four million yuan.

Ye Fan thought he was hallucinating, reached out to rub his eyes, and looked again—the text message was real.

Oh my god, it really was four million!

Some people never see that much money in their entire lives, and here he was, in possession of it!

Wait, that voice in his mind just now, the Super Dad System!

This was just like the golden finger that protagonists in novels have!

He too had a golden finger now, and with it, his future was nothing but a skyrocketing journey!

Deep down, Ye Fan was truly too excited to be any more excited.

He was already the school's most handsome guy and a top student. But that's the reality of society; people look at your family background, they don't care how you look or what talent you have, strength makes the boss.

That's why he was dumped by the gold-digger Xia Lili.

And then, there's that '100% bloodline verification'—that means the child is his, right?


So it turned out, the child Bai Susu was having was indeed his.

He wasn't just some stand-in; that was such a relief!

After getting dumped, who would have thought the school belle would bear him a child, and on top of that, he had activated the Super Dad System—it was just too awesome!

"Are you the family member who just went into the delivery room? Please come to process the hospital admission," a nurse came over and said to Ye Fan at that moment.

This young man is quite strange.

He didn't come when they called earlier, and now that he's here, he's just standing around with a silly grin on his face.

"Okay, I'm on it." They say good news boosts your spirits, and that's exactly how Ye Fan felt right now, with all his previous bad moods vanishing without a trace.

After following the nurse to complete the hospital admission procedures and paying the fee, Ye Fan finally sat down in the chair outside the delivery room, thinking about everything that had happened today—it all felt like a dream.

All the excitement of the past twenty-something years had unfolded today.

The System's timing was truly impeccable. If it weren't for the System's arrival, he'd have feared not being able to afford all these hospital expenses.

Ye Fan tried hard to recall what happened ten months ago, he didn't remember that day, but he vaguely remembered encountering the school belle Bai Susu; he had been drunk and it seemed like a couple of thugs were trying to bully her. He stepped in to help, but he couldn't remember what happened next. He woke up in a hotel room.

As for the rest, he truly didn't remember.

Could it be that it was that night...

Thinking this, he lifted his head to look at the delivery room door. He couldn't understand how he, who actually had no real feelings for the aloof school belle could—if it was just that one time—have been an accident.

Moreover, both of them were still studying, and now a child was born.

In these ten months, she hadn't told him about this. No wonder he had previously heard Bai Susu had taken a leave from school due to illness; it turns out this was the reason, and back then, he had felt quite sorry about it.

After all, Bai Susu was a goddess to the guys at school; which guy didn't like her and wish to steal a few glances?

Now, she was the mother of his child—life was truly full of mysteries!

Those guys, if they knew, would surely look for a way to take him out.

Just thinking about it was exhilarating!

The aloof school belle had been unexpectedly won over by him, not only that, but they now had a child—this was a big deal!

From now on, two people who never would have crossed paths are going to be tied together.

Anyway, thinking about all this is pointless.

He really does like children, after all.

To think that he was going to be a father—it was beyond his wildest dreams.

With that thought, Ye Fan immediately called his mother, asking her to come to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

After all, things like giving birth and taking care of a baby — I don't have a clue about any of it.

Looking at Bai Susu's situation, I definitely can't let my family know about this, otherwise, she wouldn't have called me.

Hours passed...

'Wah wah wah wah wah'

Soon, cries of babies could be heard coming from the delivery room.

Upon hearing this, Ye Fan knew his children had been born.

He excitedly stood up, an exuberant expression spreading across his handsome face, his eyes betraying uncontrollable joy.

The feeling of becoming a father for the first time was really marvelous!

A mix of excitement, anticipation, surprise, and utter cluelessness.

The doors to the delivery room opened, and Bai Susu was wheeled out, surrounded by four tiny infants. The four little ones, a bit wrinkly, melted the hearts of all who saw them.

"This..." Ye Fan was somewhat flabbergasted looking at the four little ones.

"Congratulations, it's quadruplets, all girls, and they are all very healthy," said the delivering doctor, smiling broadly with excitement in their eyes.

This was a first for the hospital, to have quadruplets, and all little princesses at that.

For the hospital, this was an incredibly joyous occasion.

Looking at the young couple, they were truly a sight for sore eyes — the man handsome and the woman stunningly beautiful.

Especially the woman, she was truly exceptionally gorgeous.

However, they both seemed to still be in school.

Having quadruplets was rather impressive.

Truly enviable.

"Thank you, doctor," Ye Fan regained his composure and immediately began to express his gratitude to the doctor.

Wow, just like that, four kids.

And they're quadruplets, no less! Mom and Dad would be ecstatic to know!

Bai Susu, the aloof goddess, was truly remarkable.

Looking at Bai Susu's pale, composed face, Ye Fan felt a surge of heartache.

They say giving birth is like walking through the gates of hell, it's so risky, and the pain is akin to having eight ribs break simultaneously.

"How do you feel, is there any discomfort? If there's anything you want to eat, tell me, I'll go buy it," Ye Fan looked at Bai Susu with tender concern.

No matter what, Bai Susu had given birth to his child, and he ought to take responsibility.

"It's nothing, just a bit tired and weak," Bai Susu's voice was cold, with a hint of frailty.

Feeling Ye Fan's concerned gaze sparked a different feeling inside her.

A trace of warmth began to spread in Bai Susu's heart.

"That's good," Ye Fan let out a sigh of relief and didn't mind Bai Susu's cold manner. After all, she was a high society goddess, with a top-notch background. It was natural for her to look down on someone like him.

If it weren't for the birth of the child requiring his signature, their paths might never have crossed in this lifetime.

"All right, you two should head to the ward and talk there," the nurse said with a smile, pushing Bai Susu toward the ward.

Ye Fan immediately followed, looking at the closed eyes of the infant, his eyes softening with tenderness.

These were his children, and the feeling of becoming a father was truly wonderful.

Upon arriving at the ward and getting settled, the nurse left.

There was another woman in the ward who had also given birth, with her husband by her side.

Seeing Ye Fan and his companion, a flash of admiration passed through their eyes, followed by a friendly smile.

Bai Susu looked at the four infants in her arms, her eyes filled with tenderness.

"Thank you, Ye Fan. These children were born to me, so I won't force you to take responsibility," Bai Susu slowly said to Ye Fan.

Yes, it was her choice to have them; she wouldn't coerce Ye Fan.

Moreover, with her own capabilities, raising these four children wouldn't be a problem.

She never thought of making Ye Fan take responsibility.

"What are you talking about? I am the father of these children; I must take responsibility. Besides, for such a big matter, why didn't you tell me? You dealing with this all alone, it really breaks my heart," Ye Fan sat beside Bai Susu, a look of distress in his eyes.