Chapter 18 He said; Susu, in this life, I will marry no one but you [Please give a five-star rating as much as possible, thank you!]_1

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If we take out a loan...

It's like a bottomless pit.

The interest is outrageously high. If it were from a bank, it would still be legit, but if it's from some other places... it would be the end.

Thinking of this, Bai Susu became even more worried.

If it weren't for the loan, she truly couldn't think of any other way to come up with so much money all at once.

For the sake of the children and herself, Ye Fan actually considered taking a loan — she really didn't know what to say about that.

No, she must clarify this.

It's still early now; if she could pay it back in time, there wouldn't be an issue.

The problem wasn't too big; it could be solved.

In her bank card, she still had over a million left; that should be enough to pay it back, right?

Thinking of this, Bai Susu took her bank card out of her purse again. She had given this card to Ye Fan once before at the hospital, but that time, he hadn't taken it.

"Ye Fan," Bai Susu called out to Ye Fan in the bedroom.

She felt that she couldn't let Auntie Ye know about such matters; otherwise, Auntie Ye would definitely worry herself sick.

This matter should be kept between her and Ye Fan alone.

Presumably, Ye Fan was also afraid of his family worrying.

Ye Fan, who was in the living room, heard Bai Susu calling him and immediately came in.

Could it be that she felt unwell, or was there something else?

"Susu, what's wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Why do you look so pale?" Ye Fan asked, looking at Bai Susu with concern.

What happened to this girl?

Seeing Bai Susu's complexion, Ye Fan felt his heart tighten.

"I don't feel unwell. Close the door, I have something to discuss with you," Bai Susu said to Ye Fan, sounding heavily burdened.

"Alright," Ye Fan closed the room door.

A flicker of unease rose in his heart.

Bai Susu was always so prudent in her actions.

Today, she called him in and even asked him to close the door, insisting on talking to him alone, so there must have been something serious.

Could it be about her family's situation?

Thinking of this, Ye Fan grew anxious; his heart seemed to be clenched tightly at this moment.

Ye Fan also looked at Bai Susu nervously, his eyes carrying a hint of worry.

"Tell me, what exactly happened?" Ye Fan asked Bai Susu with a hint of urgency in his voice.

Bai Susu was taken aback but quickly regained her composure.

Presumably, Ye Fan still didn't know that she had figured it out.

But that's okay; they could face the hardship together.

"Ye Fan, in fact, I know everything. Don't hide it from me. For buying these things, did you take out loans? There's over a million in this card, take it and pay off the debt," Bai Susu said, thrusting the bank card into Ye Fan's hand.

Although this was the money she had been saving, when faced with such a situation, she wouldn't think too much; it was better to resolve the issue first.

Money is external after all. If it's gone, she could always find a way to make more later.

She understood Ye Fan's love for the children and she had seen it in his eyes.

She didn't even know if the money would be enough.

"Ye Fan, if it's not enough, I will think of other ways. We will definitely get through this," Bai Susu said, her eyes filled with determination as she looked at Ye Fan.

Yes, she could ask her parents or her grandfather for some, as long as she found a reasonable excuse.

Ye Fan looked at the girl before him, utterly stunned.

This girl was always worrying about him.

She even gave all of her last million to herself, allowing her to pay off the loan, and still worried it wasn't enough, she helped herself think of ways!

What a good girl she is, really, what virtue and capabilities do I have!

Heaven has truly been kind to me.

In this lifetime, he had set his heart on Bai Susu.

As long as it was her alone, he would never let her down, never let her be hurt.

This is his girl, a kind-hearted girl, he felt so fortunate to have met her.

Indeed, as his mother had predicted, encountering such a good girl was truly the fortune of his entire eight lifetimes.

In the beginning, Ye Fan acted out of his sense of responsibility towards the child, of course, and also some guilt, after all, it was because of him that this beautiful and talented girl had ended up in such a state. So he wanted to make it up to her, he wanted to treat her well, he wanted to atone, and wanted to give the child a happy home. That's why he had set his heart on Bai Susu, of course, there were some feelings involved too.

But now, at this moment, he suddenly understood.

It was at this moment that he truly fell in love with this kind-hearted girl.

"Susu, in this life I will marry none but you, don't even think about getting rid of me in this lifetime, I want to be entwined with you forever!"

"I only want you alone!"

"Even though, no matter what reasons you have now for not accepting me, for not agreeing to me, I will try hard, I will keep trying until you accept me, until you agree to marry me!"

"I want to give you a grand wedding, a ten-mile bridal procession for you alone!"

"Of course, you may not believe me now, words alone are not proof, I understand, I will prove it to you, please wait for me!"

Ye Fan spoke as if taking an oath, word by word, his handsome face utterly serious, and his eyes shining with an unignorable light.

At this moment, Bai Susu felt her entire body growing rigid, and her little face was full of shock as she stared intently at Ye Fan, this dazzling young man.

The things he said exploded in her mind like fireworks.

How many people could say such things?

He said, he will marry none but you, Bai Susu!

He said, he wanted to be entwined with you forever, Bai Susu!

He said, he only wanted you, Bai Susu!

He said, a ten-mile bridal procession for you alone, Bai Susu!

Lastly, he said to wait for him, wait for a young man like this!

Bai Susu, did you hear him!

To say she was not moved would be a lie, but, if she returned to reality…

Finally, all Bai Susu could do was sigh.

For some unknown reason, at this moment, she somewhat resented being born into a wealthy family.

"My money is earned legitimately, don't worry, you keep this money. With me around, if the sky falls, I will hold it up for you, understand!" Ye Fan said and then slowly stood up, reached out to touch Bai Susu's head, his eyes filled with such tender affection it seemed to brim from his gaze.

Actually, he had wanted to make this gesture for a long time.

But, worried about how the girl might react, he had not dared to do so.

This time, his wish was fulfilled.

Finally, he touched the top of Susu's head, feeling her soft hair, it was indeed very warm.

He really liked this feeling.

No wonder, those couples in love enjoyed patting the girl's head so much, indeed, it was very nice.

Today, having spoken these words, he felt much lighter at heart.

The words he spoke, naturally, were not just empty talk, Ye Fan wanted to prove it to everyone.

"Silly girl, don't cry from being moved, a girl's tears are precious like pearls. Besides, if you cry, it will hurt me!" Having said that, Ye Fan left the room.

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