Chapter 13 What a Filial Son_1

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Afterwards, Ye Fan sought out the director Wu Hua and the deputy dean to discuss the matter, and of course, they eventually settled on an agreement: an advertising fee of six hundred thousand yuan, plus an interview.

Of course, Ye Fan, not wanting his life to be disturbed, requested to wear a mask, and the deputy dean agreed.

Actually, when you think about it, it's quite normal. Whether for better or worse, there are many trolls online, and they can impact one's life. Wearing a mask and such is understandable.

They agreed to it.

Of course, the interview was arranged for tomorrow morning, and filming a promotional video was also scheduled for tomorrow. After the interview, a commercial would be shot, which only involved a few scenes. All in all, it was quite simple.

Generally speaking, a commercial only lasts about ten seconds, but filming takes time, and the photographer also needs to edit and the like.

Having settled everything, Ye Fan returned to the ward and relayed the news to the two of them.

"Okay, buy me a mask later when you have time, thanks," Bai Susu said.

She just wanted to make the troubles a little easier to handle.

For her, this was like money coming to her doorstep, so why not seize it?

With these four little ones, there would be many instances in the future where money would be needed. Now that such an opportunity presented itself, she naturally didn't want to miss it.

"Have you thought it through?" Ye Fan asked Bai Susu.

This girl was truly empathetic.

She always considered the children and him in everything, and although she cared more for the children, Ye Fan still felt very warm inside.

He understood Bai Susu's heart all too well.

What a silly girl, risking being recognized by her family for the sake of him.

Having such a wife, what more could a husband ask for?

"Mmhmm, it's nothing," Bai Susu nodded with a smile.

In truth, she was still a bit nervous, but for the sake of her children, she would do it.

Ye Fan looked at Bai Susu's pale face and her determined eyes, and he felt a stronger emotion in his heart. Such a girl, he would protect with his life, as well as the children, of course.

Their family of six would surely be very happy.

Ye Fan was very confident that he would gain Bai Susu's recognition, as well as that of her family.

The next day, Ye Fan arrived early.

Mainly, he wanted to be there to watch Bai Susu during the filming. After all, there would be quite a few people on set, and he wouldn't be willing if the children, his wife, or his mother were to get hurt.

But everything went smoothly, and they finished all the filming for the interview in just one morning.

The speed was quite fast.

They were to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.

Everything at home was almost ready, and all the necessary purchases had been made.

"The confinement nanny I found can come tomorrow. Then, the nanny can take care of things. Auntie has been exhausted these past few days. You can finally get some good rest," Bai Susu said gratefully looking at Mother Ye.

During this period, she felt that Auntie Ye truly treated her as a daughter-in-law. Thinking about some real-life issues, she started to feel a bit ashamed.

Alas, she had let down Auntie Ye's kindness.

The relationship with Ye Fan was ultimately too difficult.

However, she genuinely liked Mother Ye. In her, Bai Susu felt the warmth of family, just as she did with her grandfather.

She cherished this very much.

But what could she do? The Bai Family wouldn't agree, her parents wouldn't agree, the clan wouldn't agree.

It was all just a fateful entanglement.

Once the confinement nanny arrived tomorrow, Mother Ye wouldn't need to take care of her anymore.

Somehow, she found herself a little reluctant to part ways.

"You silly boy, why worry about hardship? It's not like I've done much. Besides, in my heart, you're already my daughter-in-law, my daughter. You rascal, aren't you going to try harder and win Susu over for me? If you don't bring her back, I'll break your legs and you'll never be welcome home again!" Mother Ye rambled on, turning her head to stare at her disappointing son.

He's really disappointing.

Look at this, such a good prospective daughter-in-law about to slip away.

This just won't do.

Anyway, she's set her heart on Bai Susu as a daughter-in-law.

This rascal, just looking at him is infuriating.

Can't he be a bit more promising? Why can't he be more like me?

Is it possible the nurse swapped the babies all those years ago?

"Mom, I'm trying, aren't I? Look at Susu; my mom has already accepted you, and so have I. Whether you agree or not, you're stuck with me for life," Ye Fan said, looking at his mother with great helplessness.

Is this something a mother should say to her son?

What does she mean by breaking my legs?

What's this about not coming home again?

It's unbelievable, now my own mother only has eyes for Bai Susu, and I don't have the slightest bit of status in her eyes.

She'd rather have a daughter-in-law than her own son.

But why can't my own mom understand?

Without a son, where would she get a daughter-in-law?

Thinking this, Ye Fan hesitated whether to tell his mom about these thoughts or not!

Forget it, it might be even worse if I told her, better not to mention it.

"o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o Ha?" Bai Susu looked at the interaction between Ye Fan and Mother Ye and felt extremely envious.

This was the warmth she had always longed for.

But in that large family, aside from the warmth grandfather gave her, the others...

Heh, it was somewhat laughable.

Looking back, her own parents were never like this. Similarly, they would not care about how she was doing; they only cared about her studies, and how well she communicated with all the talented young men...

How wonderful it would be if she could have such sincere warmth.

"Susu, look at this, my mom only has you in her heart now, she doesn't even want her own son anymore. What kind of love potion have you fed my mom, huh?"

"Mom, really, if Susu still refuses me, will you really not let me in the house and break my legs? That's too cruel. What kind of ruthless mother are you? Am I even your biological son?"

"Just tell me, did you pick me up somewhere, or did you steal me? Where's my real mom?" Ye Fan joined in the teasing, looking at his mother with a cheeky expression.

She had said it herself, after all, so he had to go along with it, didn't he? Otherwise, how could he show his filial piety?


"What a character, teasing your mom like that. You've really let yourself go, kid," Mother Ye said, feeling a mix of annoyance and amusement after hearing Ye Fan's words.

No helping it, this was the hole she had dug for herself.

"Well, wasn't I just following what you said, Mom? How is it suddenly my fault?" Ye Fan said, a bit sheepishly, as he touched his nose.

Yes, that's right.

He was just picking up on what his mother had started, after all.

Bai Susu, watching from the side, covered her mouth and giggled.

For the first time, she discovered that Ye Fan could be so mischievous.

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