Chapter 12 Actually, We Can Try _1

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The two of them felt awkward for a while.

In the end, because it was inconvenient here, with only two beds available,

Bai Susu and two of the children shared one bed, and Mother Ye and the other two children shared the other, leaving no place for Ye Fan.

Ye Fan could only return to his rented place to sleep, thankfully, he had bought all the necessary items like blankets today.

Lying in bed, Ye Fan took out his phone and sent Bai Susu a "Goodnight, wife" before falling asleep.

He had been running around all day, exhausted, and quickly drifted off to dreamland.

Whereas Bai Susu, staring at the message on her phone, felt an unusual emotion stirred by those few simple words.

Her heart felt a little warm.


Could it be just because of these words?

Bai Susu, you must stay clear-headed, you can't fall for this.

You and Ye Fan are impossible.

The family won't agree, neither will your parents or grandfather; on the contrary, you would bring endless trouble and danger to Ye Fan.

It can't happen!

After putting down her phone, Bai Susu silently closed her eyes.

The next day, the head of the obstetrics and gynecology department Wu Hua and the vice president Zheng Li came.

This took Bai Susu and Mother Ye by surprise.

"Hello, we are here on behalf of the hospital. I am the head of obstetrics and gynecology, Wu Hua, and this is the vice president, Zheng Li. We would like to invite Miss Bai and the four little girls to help us with an advertisement campaign. Of course, we will provide compensation. Primarily, Miss Bai is the first in our hospital to give birth to quadruplets, which is also a new milestone for us," Wu Hua explained slowly to the two women.

They had discussed this for a long time before finally deciding to do it.

That's why the hospital had sent her and the vice president to talk about it.

This was an opportunity too good to miss, and the hospital did not want to let it slip away.

The fact that the vice president himself had come showed how seriously they took this matter.

"Miss Bai, and you, madam, we just want to discuss with you the possibility of filming an advertisement. Of course, this is up to you, and we won't force you. We will offer a suitable compensation," Vice President Zheng Li now spoke at ease, with a smile on his face.

They had never encountered quadruplets in their hospital before.

This rare opportunity shouldn't be missed.

After all, a successful advertisement would benefit the hospital and all the doctors working there.

"We will consider it and get back to you in a bit," Ye Fan interjected as he came in.

He wanted to know Bai Susu's opinion on the matter.

Of course, he wasn't particularly concerned about the compensation. With the System, was he worried about providing for his wife and children?

How could he be?

"Alright, Mr. Ye, we'll come back another day," Vice President Zheng Li nodded and said.

The obstetrics and gynecology head beside him seemed eager to say something else, but Vice President Zheng Li stopped her.

The two left the ward...

"Vice President, why didn't you persuade them further? This is such a rare opportunity; who knows when we'll encounter it again? We can't let it go," Wu Hua said anxiously to Vice President Zheng Li.

They hadn't even mentioned the compensation amount yet.

"Let's see their response first, then we can talk more. We must not push them too hard; they need to think it through and agree willingly," Zheng Li glanced at the door of the ward and said slowly.

That young man gave off quite a different vibe.

"Vice President, we didn't even bring up the compensation. Maybe if we mention the compensation, they will agree," Wu Hua suggested once more.


Yes, the compensation.

Such a large sum of money, if mentioned, they might agree to it without a second thought.

"Wu Hua, didn't you see their expressions? Miss Bai and that lady were following the advice of the young man who came out from behind. That young man doesn't care about money at all; otherwise, he would have asked about the compensation on the spot. Our eagerness might spoil things instead," Deputy Director Zheng Li said to Wu Hua earnestly.

Yes, that young man doesn't care about money.

Perhaps, to him, family is more important than money.

"Director, I understand now," Wu Hua nodded.

Now, she understood what the director meant.

It was her own impatience that was at fault.

"Alright, let's go back. We can come again tomorrow. They still have two days before being discharged," Zheng Li smiled and then turned to leave.

In the hospital room...

"Ye Fan, you heard what they said just now. Make the decision yourself, Mom respects your choice," Mother Ye said, glancing at the two before she went to take care of the child.

Ye Fan walked over to Bai Susu and sat down on the hospital bed.

"Actually, we could give it a try," Bai Susu lifted her head and said seriously to Ye Fan.

She knew that Ye Fan didn't have much money, and the Ye Family's situation was just average. The compensation for filming a promotional advertisement was likely to be substantial.

Moreover, they would be short on cash in the future, after all, they had four babies.

"But such exposure could affect your family..." Ye Fan said to Bai Susu slowly.

He understood what was on Bai Susu's mind; this silly girl was just worried about the financial side of things, wasn't she?

But what if the exposure led to them being discovered one day? What would Bai Susu do then?

How would she face her family members?

And how would others perceive her?

Ye Fan didn't want people to criticize Bai Susu, didn't want to make things difficult for her, to embarrass her.

He knew Bai Susu wasn't just any ordinary person's child; her background was powerful, very influential. What if her family discovered her, what would she do, what would the children do?

At that moment, Ye Fan even hated himself for not being strong enough to protect Bai Susu and the children.

Just give him some time, and he would be able to protect Susu and the children properly.

"I know you're doing this for me. You're afraid I'll be under stress, afraid I'll have too much to bear. I can support us, trust me," Ye Fan said to Bai Susu with a fierce look in his eyes.

He could do it.

"Ye Fan, listen to me, we need this money. It's always good to have a little extra just in case. Besides, I can just wear a mask, then no one will recognize me," Bai Susu said with conviction.

Yes, just wearing a mask would be fine.

As long as her face isn't seen, there would be no problem.

After all, wearing a mask shouldn't affect the hospital much. At most, they could say she didn't want to be recognized, to avoid disturbing her peaceful life.

"Alright then," Ye Fan said to Bai Susu, a trace of worry in his eyes.

Would it really be okay with a mask?

"You've agreed, no going back on your word. It's for our children's milk powder money, and of course, we'll tell them later that they were the stars of the advertisement. The kids will definitely be happy," Bai Susu said with a smile.

"What a silly girl," Ye Fan reached out and patted Bai Susu's head.

So very silly.

The latter's delicate body shivered, becoming extremely silent.

He still saw through her.

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