Chapter 11 Ugh, so annoying!_1

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Look at that, the things this son says.

When did I ever speak ill of him?

Is he really my biological son?

Could there really be such a son who falsely accuses his own mother?

"Alright, alright, I was wrong, okay?" Ye Fan said helplessly.

His mother was truly formidable, he could never win an argument against her. Better to admit his mistake early to avoid being scolded later.

Alas, my lifelong reputation has been ruined just like that.

"That's more like it, where did you go all day?" Mother Ye asked, looking at Ye Fan.

Really, her son had disappeared without a trace.

"I went to school for a bit, found a house, tidied it up a bit, and bought some necessities," Ye Fan said, placing the items in his hands on the cabinet beside the hospital bed.

"You've worked hard," Bai Susu said slowly, looking at Ye Fan.

She understood that Ye Fan had been running around busily and it had really been tough on him.

Originally, she had thought about secretly giving birth to the child without telling him, but life is unpredictable and everything had gone beyond her imagination.

Since giving birth a few days ago, it had been Ye Fan who was bustling about. He had really worked hard.

She had not expected that Ye Fan would be so responsible.

It's just a pity...

"It's okay, I bought some porridge, xiaolongbao, steamed dumplings, and a rice bowl with toppings. You two eat while it's hot," Ye Fan said.

He had thought that by this time, his mother and Bai Susu must be hungry, so he had brought some food back with him.

Bai Susu's taste had always been bland since giving birth, so he bought her porridge and steamed dumplings, and for his mother, he got a rice bowl topped with shredded pork in garlic sauce.

"My son is quite thoughtful," Mother Ye said.

Indeed, the aroma of the food suddenly made her realize how hungry she was.

"Mom, Susu, you two eat," Ye Fan urged.

"Mhm mhm," Bai Susu nodded and began to sip her porridge and eat the dumplings.

Mother Ye also started to eat.

Ye Fan looked at the four little ones with eyes full of tenderness.

The little ones had turned a bit paler than before and their features had begun to open, but they were still tiny and squishy.

"I'll hold the eldest," Ye Fan said carefully, picking up the sleeping eldest child. Looking at the little bundle, he felt an incredible sense of wonder.

Life really is miraculous.

"Ding dong, task: change the diaper of eldest child Ye Bing, reward: Junior Master Chef skill."

Right then, a mechanical voice sounded.

Ye Fan was stunned upon hearing it and then noticed that the little one in his arms was sleeping very restlessly, as if he might have wet himself.

"Little guy, you might have peed, let me check, you two go ahead and eat."

Ye Fan laid the eldest child, Ye Bing, on the empty hospital bed next to him. He gently unfolded the wrapping blanket, being extremely cautious with the fragile newborn. As he unwrapped the blanket, he saw that the pure cotton diaper had become soggy, with some green poop.

Ye Fan had previously asked a doctor about this and was told it was normal for newborns and that it would resolve after a few days of formula feeding.

Though, it was indeed a bit smelly.

Ye Fan placed a fresh pure cotton diaper under Ye Bing, wiped his little bottom, dusted some powder on, and then wrapped him back up carefully.

Throughout the process, the little bundle didn't wake up, sleeping ever so sweetly.

"Ding dong, congratulations Host on completing the diaper changing task, rewarded with Junior Master Chef skill."

The mechanical voice rang in his head without giving Ye Fan any time to react, as knowledge flooded into his brain.

Three seconds later...

Ye Fan finally took a deep breath, he had mastered this elementary master chef skill, and it seemed that he could make something delicious for Bai Susu tomorrow.

Letting his own mother and Bai Susu taste his cooking—anyway, always eating fast food and the like wasn't nutritious at all, so he planned to stew some soup for them tomorrow to nourish their bodies after their recent hard work.

"Son, not bad, you can change a baby's diaper now," Mother Ye said with a smile as she watched her son.

Although his technique was a bit awkward and stiff, he had managed to change it successfully.

Her son was really turning out to be a good dad.

Seeing her son grow up filled Mother Ye's heart with satisfaction.

Bai Susu looked at Ye Fan, her eyes filled with complexity, but even more with a sense of helplessness.

"Of course, I have to learn, otherwise, how would I help Susu in the future?" Ye Fan said with a smile, feeling a bit embarrassed as his mother complimented him.

"Right, Susu, have you started lactating?" Ye Fan asked bluntly, like a typical clueless man.

Completely unaware of how embarrassing his question was.

Bai Susu's face instantly turned red as she looked at Ye Fan with a mixture of grievance and exasperation.

This guy, it must be on purpose, right?

Definitely on purpose!

Mother Ye is still here, and he dares to ask such a question without shame.

"Ye Fan, you can buy some pigeon soup tomorrow," Mother Ye said, interrupting the awkward moment. "Pig trotter soup is good for lactation. But it's not a big deal, the baby can drink formula first and switch to breast milk once it's available. You young people shouldn't always worry about body shape; you should know that breastfeeding is beneficial for both the baby and the adult."

"Breastfed babies have better immunity and it also helps prevent breast cancer in adults," Mother Ye explained slowly to the couple.

As they were both new parents, it was only natural for her to impart some wisdom from her own experience.

Look at that, just a few words in and Bai Susu's exquisite little face is so red it's like it's about to bleed.

Indeed, the faces of the young are truly thin-skinned.

But to Mother Ye, her daughter-in-law looked lovely no matter how you saw her.

This lucky kid had really struck gold.

She hoped that her son would make more of an effort and soon marry his precious Susu.

Such an outstanding girl was sure to be in high demand.

Mother Ye was an open-minded person and didn't entertain any messy thoughts. She knew her son had wronged the girl, but what was done was done; she just hoped her son could work hard to earn Bai Susu's acceptance.

"Mm," Bai Susu murmured, her little face still flushed, nodding obediently with her head lowered.

She hadn't realized that breastfeeding had so many benefits.

Thinking of this, she lowered her gaze to her chest, feeling a bit of swelling...

That's when Bai Susu sensed a frank stare; she looked up and met Ye Fan's eyes—full of laughter.

This guy, why the laughter!

Hmph, so annoying!

Was he really mocking her? That was just too much!

Bai Susu glared back fiercely, her expression clearly conveying, 'Stop laughing.'

Ye Fan felt somewhat embarrassed as he touched his nose; okay, no laughing then.

Why so fierce!

Hehe, but Bai Susu's shy look was even more alluring.

Ye Fan felt his heart thumping wildly, that was the feeling of a heart racing.

"Look at you two, truly enviable. When your father and I were young, it was just the same. As soon as I glared, he caved!" Mother Ye laughed heartily.

Indeed, the fear of one's spouse must be hereditary.