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I absolutely love this story. All the characters are extremely fleshed out, and the story is written really well. The theme of teamwork is threaded perfectly. The character development is insane. The last reason is a bit more personal and that's that I really connect with the character because I'm mixed, black and Latino, and have went through some of the things that they have gone through.

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Post 75+ chapter binge review. First, I don't think I've made as many intra chapter comments for one story as I have today. I've been thinking about this and I think that's a reflection of my engagement with a story. And some of these elements which elicit commentary include humor, interesting plot points, and relatable characters. Which is to say that although yes, this is a sports-themed novel with some pretty standard elements (physical/skills growth, tournaments, etc.), and less than perfect editing notwithstanding, this story really has a way of drawing you in as a reader and engaging you. This is self-published work and the author doesn't appear to be a professional. But he has taken one important storytelling tip to heart and that is "Write about what you know". It's so obvious that the author not only has a very passionate and knowledgeable perspective on basketball, but it is clear that many things he is able to write about comes from personal experience. But at the end of the day all of it just comes together with good storytelling - there are interesting characters, moments of levity balanced against thoughtfulness, adequate ******* and release, and a pretty good pace to story development. Either way, I'm engaged and looking forward to following this story for a long time. Mad respect to the author for his efforts.


10/10 sports novel, well balanced system in realistic terms, characters are well potrayed MC is blunt and to the point with high IQ and low EQ female love interest is good and it doesn’t affect the story and his obsession for improving at Basketball, system gives rewards and demerits, and social life is well thought out and makes for a comfortable read, the conversations flow. P.S. cant wait for 700+ chapters like Hitting Zone so I can compare and contrast but currently even with only 200 chapters so far I think this was more enjoyable to read


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I have gotten so used to sports originals on this site having poor grammar and poor story telling (with a few exceptions) so when i found this story i was truly surprised. Its a bit early to be writing a review, and i would normally wait around 50 chapters before i share my opinions. But i want more people finding this gem cause it really show the quality original basketball stories should be aiming for.


Reveal spoiler


Hello everybody! I am the author. That kind of sounds weird to say. It also feels weird to rate my own story. I hope that giving myself five stars doesn't seem arrogant. Anyways I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my story. I try to update as quickly as I can but I am currently studying and working so time isn't something I have the most of. If there is anything you guys feel like I can improve please let me know. Or if there is anything you want to say please post. I love hearing from you guys. I hope that I can write and entertaining and meaningful story, thank you for your support :)


This is a fairly well written story, except the girl who is probably going to become the female lead is very annoying and it would be better to make her have less interactions with the Mc. Not all stories need romance in them.


When I'm reading other novels, I look at the number of pages (on my cellphone) and think "damn, there are still 20 pages".. then I read this novel. I can read 50 pages, but I won't feel exhausted reading it. It's just too damn good.


Too much DRAMA, too much bullshit, and mc soo fvking stupid,, reading this novel just pissed you off............ ..hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaahahaha


this book is really good bro, please update some more. This is genuinely the only good basketball online novel I have ever read. You got some serious talent.


This book is amazing, keep going!  Can't stop reading. Can't wait to see more. Do you have any social media that I can follow so I can know when you gonna update?


I'm all caught up now at chapter 315, and could not put down this novel when I was reading it. I really love how Jaya is developing and it's reallly cool when he meets these past superstars and becomes close friends with them like with Kawhi. Please come back soon author! We miss you 💕


Not what I was looking for. Let's start with the good things - grammar is pretty good, updates are frequent, most of the characters are believable. Unfortunately, I can't read a story where an MC should be a 32 yo man, but behaves according to his new age of 12. Literally nothing of his behavior suits his alleged mental age. And when I see a teenager protagonist I drop the story on the spot, no exceptions. The story also has a dense teenager romance going on, which is always a turn off. Oh, and the system has mandatory quests with punishments for failing aka the worst kind of system. But system stuff is not a focus of the novel and generally only used to show people's stats, so that part is bearable.


I really love this story.... but truthfully, the sprinkle romance as you said it, is killing the story. I think her character is annoying and pushy. That why I gave character designs only 4. I actually ant to give only 3 but never mind. The stability of update is given only 4 becoz I want you to update more, haha. Overall it a good story and I like it very much. Thanks for your hard work author and keep up. I will be waiting for more update. Lol




I don't often write reviews, but I figured I should try for this one. This review was made as of chapter 76, so keep that in mind. Writing quality: 4.5/5 (Rounded to 5) The only real problems are the occasional mix up of Your/You're and Their/There, but it isn't too bad, and definitely happens less often than some other novels have em. There are occasional misspellings, but they aren't bad. Overall, it is easy to understand what is going on, and what the author meant to say. Stability of Updates: As of now, they are uploading pretty much daily, 5/5. Story Development 5/5: While it may be too early to say, so far it has gone nice, with the main character experiencing many roadblocks in the form of his own teammates, enemy teams, and outside of the game, which makes this story not only about Basketball but the goings-on outside the games and training, which I like personally. Character Design 5/5: As far as his team goes, everyone has a different personality, and that also extends to pretty much everyone else outside the court as well. Though I am pretty sure that eventually, the author will have to re-use some character types, since there is bound to be a lot of characters, both in court and off-court as the MC grows up, but that won't be too much of a problem. Especially when you consider 90% of the Chinese novels on this site re-use the same character type for every villain. World Background 5/5: The world thus far seems mostly like our own, and as he meets people who he recognizes from his past life, we start to get to learn more and more about the basketball scene from his past life, and we start to learn how it influences choices he has and will make. Overall I like the story personally, and the main complaint I have seen is how the MC is lacking in social situations, but when you consider that he has focused on Basketball for 20 years, and pretty much only got a job to stop his parents from worrying, it sorta makes sense that he wouldn't be too good at this stuff.


Is this story dropped because it’s good and I like that he isn’t rushing the progress but there’s no updates for a year now and would love for it to continue


I'm in love with this book. As an avid basketball fan and player, when I first read this I was addicted immediately. This is the only basketball novel that I've read which is actually good and uses correct basketball terms (which is amazing). I've been reading it on and off for nearing a year now, and it pains me to see the lack of updates. I thank the author for this book, and hope he is doing fine. (please update this novel, im sure theres loads of people like me who love this book)


This story is brilliant, a masterpiece u can say, no i am not exaggerating because so far this is one of the best sport novels i have read, the author did not just focus on basketball, no he is properly developing his characters and even MC who has traveled in time is exposed to new things, new feelings and new experiences which changes him to become a better version of himself personality-wise or in term of basketball, while influencing his surrounding and friends. Really recommended.[img=recommend]