Rebound: A 2nd Chance

“I'll just force them to recognize and respect the blood and sweat that I'm dripping on the hardwood. Because I don't hold anything back. I leave everything out on the court." -Jason Yang. Ever since one fateful moment Jason had been hooked to basketball. The phrase “Ball is life” couldn’t be anymore true for Jason. He wasn’t born with any god given talent nor did he posses the body of a natural born athlete. The only thing Jason could rely on was his unbreakable will. But after ten years of not being able to make the jump to the professional level doubts begin to crawl into Jason’s mind for the first time. Just as he was at a turning point in his life Jason dies only to find that he has woken up twenty years in the past. Can he utilize his years of experience and the skills he developed as a collegiate player to make it to the professional level in this second chance at life? - - - Updates: I try for one chapter a day but sometimes life happens. Follow me on Instagram thegaji. I'll post previews for the next chapter as well post any updates if things happen. Shout outs to Kiiara who helped me by making this awesome cover for the story. If you like romance novels then check her story out :The Days When I’m With You. If you want to join a discord server where you can talk about Jaya's journey our basketball in general then join us. https://discord.gg/3EycZz33EQ

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Old Friends Going Head To Head

Devin dribbled the ball twice with his right hand before patting it once with his left. Seeing this Jason thought to himself 'Looks like he's had the same free-throw routine since forever. At least that's not a shocker. Now all I need is to find out what the fuck a Platinum badge means.'

Jason watched on as Devin calmly made his free-throw. As much as he wanted to investigate the system to find out the significance behind Platinum badges and why they hadn't appeared previously when he had used Heart's Eye, he had to save it for later. For now what he needed to focus on the most was the game and guarding Devin.

Jason received the inbound pass from Kyle and began making his way down the court. To no surprise he saw that the player taking up the role of his defender was Devin.