Rebound: A 2nd Chance

“I'll just force them to recognize and respect the blood and sweat that I'm dripping on the hardwood. Because I don't hold anything back. I leave everything out on the court." -Jason Yang. Ever since one fateful moment Jason had been hooked to basketball. The phrase “Ball is life” couldn’t be anymore true for Jason. He wasn’t born with any god given talent nor did he posses the body of a natural born athlete. The only thing Jason could rely on was his unbreakable will. But after ten years of not being able to make the jump to the professional level doubts begin to crawl into Jason’s mind for the first time. Just as he was at a turning point in his life Jason dies only to find that he has woken up twenty years in the past. Can he utilize his years of experience and the skills he developed as a collegiate player to make it to the professional level in this second chance at life? - - - Updates: I try for one chapter a day but sometimes life happens. Follow me on Instagram thegaji. I'll post previews for the next chapter as well post any updates if things happen. Shout outs to Kiiara who helped me by making this awesome cover for the story. If you like romance novels then check her story out :The Days When I’m With You. If you want to join a discord server where you can talk about Jaya's journey our basketball in general then join us. https://discord.gg/3EycZz33EQ

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Heart to Heart

Samantha wanted to stay angry. She hated that Jason would risk his health for something that didn't even seem that important.

But after hearing him pour his heart out in such an honest way she couldn't keep her anger burning for much longer.

But after her anger disappeared instead of feeling happiness or relief she just felt a deep sense of sadness.

Her eyes were beginning to moisten as she looked at Jason "It's just basketball Jason. I can see that you love it but it's just a game.

You're not even in high school yet can't you take it easy even just a little bit? I'm sure that your parents must have been heartbroken to see you in the hospital.

Why would you even risk doing something that could hurt them like that again?" By the time she had finished talking tears were streaming down her face.

Jason was surprised by her reaction. He didn't think she would care so much. They had only known each other for a little more than a week.

Jason was touched to see how much Samantha valued their friendship. Her words also hit him right in the heart.

Jason hated that he caused his parents heart ache and pain when he went to the hospital. It was the same in his past life.

On every team that Jason had been in his only value laid in his defensive intensity, his motor and his hustle. All of which required that you put your body on the line.

He remembered all the times he would come home with bruises all over his beat up body. And each time his mom would cry and beg him to stop.

Jason had always pleaded with his mom "Just one more year. Just one more tryout." It wasn't until his fifth year out of college when Jason started working a normal job that his mom was finally able to smile and relax again.

Jason really loved his parents and he didn't want to hurt them. He always told himself that this time would be the last. And yet whenever it comes to basketball he seems to lose sight of everything else.

Jason didn't know what to do. He loved his parents deeply and he didn't want to hurt them. But basketball felt like part of him. A piece of who he was.

Jason looked at Samantha. She had taken a seat on the steps in front of the school. She buried her head into her arms as she cried.

Jason sighed as he went over and sat down beside her. His arm hovered over her awkwardly for a second before pulling back.

He hesitantly stretched his arm back out before finally patting her on the back "I'm sorry Sammy. I really mean it.

I know what I did was stupid. I can't promise that I won't act like a dumb ass again but I'll try my best okay?"

Samantha cried even harder after hearing Jason's apology. After a few minutes of Samantha crying, Jason patting her back, and Kyle awkwardly standing to the side she eventually calmed down.

Samantha looked up at Jason with her puffy red eyes "You know what Jason? I hate you." Jason was surprised at first but after hearing that there was no anger or malice in her voice he laughed "And why is that?"

Samantha responded "Because you tricked me. I only wanted to be your friend because you seemed really funny. You joked around and looked just like my corgi.

But ever since we've been friends you've just been making me sad or angry. You're a con artist. I should sue you for false advertisement."

Jason chuckled after hearing what Samantha said "You know what? You're right. I haven't been the best example of a friend lately.To you or Kyle.

How about I make it up to you guys? We can hang at my place today. Just chill out and watch TV. Play some video games and snack out until we fall into a food coma."

Samantha smiled brightly after hearing Jason's offer "Sure! I'm totally down!" Kyle was about to accept the offer too but then he saw Samantha's threatening expression.

Kyle nervously laughed "You know what. I just forgot that I have a ton of homework to to today. I think I'll have to rain check you on that one."

Jason looked behind him to see Samantha smiling. He turned back to Kyle with a confused look "We have the exact same schedule Kyle and I don't remember getting any homework today?"

Kyle looked over Jason's shoulder and saw Samantha glaring at him "Did I say homework? I meant chores. I have a ton of chores to do at home. Gotta clean clean clean. I'll see you guys later."

Kyle waved as he walked away. Jason turned back towards Samantha "That was weird. I mean Kyle is normally kinda weird but that was extra weird. Even for Kyle."

Samantha nodded "I think you're overthinking it. That was just Kyle being Kyle. Anyways are you going to get a ride from your parents or do you want to take my ride? It's already here."

Jason pulled out his phone and texted his parents "Let me ask my parents first." Jason's mom quickly responded with a thumbs up emoji after he mentioned that Samantha wanted to come over "My mom gave us the go ahead."

Samantha smiled "Cool. Let me text my ride to drive around to the front." After a little more than a minute Jason was surprised to see a limousine park right in front of the school. Samantha pulled him "Come on. Let's go."

A tall bald man with a muscular physique that was obvious even under his suit got out of the drivers side of the car and opened the door "Hello Miss Doyle."

Samantha pulled Jason towards the limousine "Thanks Victor. This is my friend Jason. We're going to go to his apartment. It's the same place as last time."

Jason nervously gulped before waving "Hi Victor." Victor held the door open and didn't respond. Jason got into the limo after Samantha.

Victor closed the door. Jason looked around at the limo in awe "Sammy is this how you normally ride around?" Samantha nodded her head "Yup."

There was a tinted glass that separated the drivers section from the back but Jason felt like he was being watched.

The two of them sat in awkward silence for a few minutes before Jason started talking "So-uh... You're rich huh?"

Samantha shook her head "No. My dad is rich. He's the head numbers guy for some tech company." Jason didn't really understand much from her unenthusiastic explanation but he nodded his head "That's cool. And what does your mom do?"

Samantha frowned slightly "She's dead." Jason felt like he had stepped on a landmine "I am so sorry. I didn't know." Samantha shook her head "That's okay. I know you were just asking."

Samantha continued "In a couple of months it's going to be a year since she's been gone. I had almost forgotten until you brought her up."

Jason still felt bad 'Damn. It seems like everybody I know has a sad or messed up story. I hope Kyle doesn't tell me that he had a brother in the military that died overseas or something'

Jason patted Samantha on the shoulder "If you ever need anything Sammy you can just let me know. I don't know how much I can actually help but at least you'll have someone to talk to."

Samantha smiled "Thanks Jason" Jason smiled back "No problem. That's what friends are for right?" Samantha's glowing smile dimmed down a bit "Yeah.... Friends."

Jason took his hand off of Samantha's shoulder after he sensed a chill coming from the direction of the front of the limo.

After a fifteen minute ride in the limousine Jason and Samantha reached the apartment complex. Victor parked the limo and opened the door for the two of them.

Samantha gave Victor a quick hug as he stood still "Thanks for the ride Victor. I'll let you know when to pick me up."

The corner of Victor's mouth raised just the tiniest bit "You're welcome Miss Doyle." Jason got out of the limo "Thanks Victor." He ignored Jason and went back into the limo and drove off.

Jason looked at the limousine driving off before turning to Samantha "Not exactly much of a talker is he?" Samantha giggled "That's just how Victor is. But I think he likes you."

Jason chuckled "If that's how he acts when he likes someone I can't imagine what he's like with people he hates."

Jason put in the code for the gate to the apartment complex and walked in with Samantha by his side.

"My mom said that she's gonna be at the office till later tonight and my dad just texted me that something popped up at the diner so he won't be home until after closing. Looks like it's going to be the two of us."

Jason added "It's kinda weird that whenever you come over my parents are always out." Samantha nodded "Remember what I said last time? About you're parents being awesome?"

Jason nodded his head "I still don't get why you said that but yeah I do." The two of them walked through the complex "I was right. You're parents are awesome Jason." Samantha smiled brightly as she said that.

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