1 Chapter 1: Party with a boom

The grand hall of Argentum Magic Academy buzzed with excitement, the air crackling with anticipation. Roderick, the newly appointed dean, stood at the head of the room atop a wooden stage, his eyes scanning the sea of familiar faces before him.

The grand hall was a magnificent testament to the architectural prowess and magical ingenuity of its creators. Soaring ceilings arched high overhead, supported by intricately carved pillars that depicted scenes of magical discovery and legendary battles. The walls were adorned with exquisite tapestries and enchanted paintings that seemed to come alive, chronicling the history of magic and the kingdom's storied past.

Rich, crystal chandeliers hung suspended in the air, casting a warm, golden light throughout the hall. The chandeliers were enchanted to mimic the natural glow of the sun, ensuring that the room was always wrapped in a warm golden hug. The floor was composed of polished marble shining under artificial sunlight.

At one end of the hall, a grand dais had been erected, with a podium at its center for the dean to address the academy's future students and staff. Behind the podium, an enormous stained-glass window depicted the god of knowledge, his benevolent gaze watching over the academy's inhabitants. The vibrant colors of the window cast a kaleidoscope of light across the room, creating an atmosphere of awe and reverence.

Among the attendees populating the opulent room, were his closest friends, Elara Seraphine and Thane Blackwood, who would soon serve as esteemed faculty members of the academy. The atmosphere was electric, as they all eagerly awaited the moment Roderick would unveil the ancient artifact he had painstakingly restored.

"Thank you all for joining me today," Roderick began, his voice resonating through the hall. "I have brought you here to witness a momentous occasion. We stand on the cusp of a new era in magical knowledge and discovery, and it all begins with the activation of this artifact."

He gestured to the object resting on a pedestal beside him. It was a mysterious pyramid-shaped relic divided into 4 levels, its surface etched with runes that seemed to shimmer with an inner light. Roderick couldn't help but feel a sense of awe every time he looked at it, the artifact's history and potential stretching far beyond anything he had ever seen.

However, despite the grandiose origins of the artifact, and his efforts to restore it, the artifact had been unresponsive so far, but that was about to change.

Elara, the Vice Dean and Master Enchantress, stood at Roderick's side, her eyes filled with pride and curiosity. Though their romantic relationship had long since ended, she still cared deeply for Roderick and supported him in his quest to build the academy.

Thane Blackwood, the grizzled veteran and future Head of Magical Combat and Strategy, leaned against a nearby wall, his arms folded across his chest. His loyalty to Roderick was unwavering, forged in the forges of war.

Taking a deep breath, Roderick raised his hands toward the artifact, feeling the surge of magical energy coursing through him. "Now, my friends, as you know we have been able to partially decipher the hyrulic runes and they point to a blessing of knowledge!" excited murmurs filled the room. "So what better place to activate it other than the grand opening of our Argentum Magic Academy!"

As he spoke the incantation, the ancient runes on the artifact began to glow, pulsating with an ethereal light that filled the room. The assembled crowd held their breath, their eyes wide with wonder and trepidation as they witnessed the pyramid`s layers separate and begin rotating in the air, moved by invisible hands.

Every such artifact was unique in its effects, built in a time when the best and brightest of humanity cracked the secrets of dimensional travel and left to explore the wider multiverse. Since then, those that remained behind entered a state of decadence and lost much of what they knew to war and time.

Roderick had guessed that the relic bound to the god of knowledge would be a treasure trove of forgotten lore, or maybe would transform the academy like other relics had done, helping them grow themselves or protect the grounds against threats.

The bottom layer of the pyramid shone brighter than before, and Roderick felt a connection forming, then the second layer activated, and his mind burned as copious amounts of unintelligible information were etched on his brain. It felt like listening to a thousand people screaming about mathematical formulas and lost secrets.

With the third layer activating, a light blue fog raised in the room and spread through the halls and corridors of the academy until the whole property was encased into a realm of smoke and shadows. Even inside the hall, people could barely make out Roderick`s silhouette, holding a sun in his hands.

Finally, the fourth layer was about to activate, but something went wrong. Instead of smoothly spinning with a light buzzing, like the other layers, the top piece kept wobbling up and down with flickering runes that struggled to stay alight.

And then, all of a sudden, the artifact blazed and exploded like a bomb, flunging the dean like a ragdoll through the window, and, if not for the efforts of Thane that managed to conjure a barrier as he saw the blaze, many in the audience would have gotten hurt too.

Roderick's thoughts raced as he hurtled through the air, the explosion's force propelling him away from the academy. His mind, still reeling from the influx of information, struggled to process the chaos that had just unfolded. He had never expected the artifact to malfunction in such a devastating manner.

As he began to fall towards the ground, Thane's instincts kicked in, and he sprinted towards his plummeting friend. With a swift incantation, he transformed the packed soil into soft mud under Roderick, softening his impact and saving him from a potentially fatal collision.

Back in the grand hall, the academy's inhabitants were left in shock and disbelief. Elara, her heart pounding with fear and concern for Roderick, quickly took charge of the situation. She instructed the others to clear the area and assess any potential injuries, while she rushed to join Thane in tending to Roderick.

Outside, Thane knelt by Roderick's side, relieved to find his friend still breathing, though unconscious. Elara arrived moments later, her eyes wide with concern. Together, they carefully lifted Roderick and began making their way back to the academy, uncertain of the consequences they would now face.


Orithar the Wise, better known as the god of knowledge, kneeled in the purple soil of an alien world, jotting down notes about the local flora and fauna.

Like most of his Einar people, he had decided to leave their world behind the explore the wider multiverse and unlock the secrets of reality and higher dimensions. However, unlike most others, he and a group of his peers had been assigned an extra task, to watch over their home world and properly guide those who would come after.

A task that was mostly left in a corner of his mind, after centuries of disappointment after disappointment. In the end, a few semi-sentient sentries were left only to warn him in case of planetary threats or special circumstances.

Orithar the Wise was an enigmatic figure, both awe-inspiring and somewhat unsettling in his presence. With ageless features and an aura of ancient wisdom, it was difficult to discern his true age or origins. His eyes, a deep shade of emerald, seemed to hold within them the secrets of the cosmos and countless lifetimes of knowledge.

Standing at 6'1, Orithar's lean and sinewy frame belied his immense magical power. His long, silver hair flowed down his back like a shimmering waterfall, and his beard, equally silver and well-groomed, gave him an air of venerable wisdom.

He often donned flowing robes of deep indigo, adorned with intricate silver embroidery depicting the constellations and celestial bodies. The robes seemed to shift and shimmer with his every movement as if woven from the very fabric of the night sky itself.

A silver circlet rested upon his brow, with a large, glowing opal set in its center. The gem appeared to pulse with an inner light, reflecting the immense magical energy that flowed within Orithar.

Despite his otherworldly appearance, there was a warmth to Orithar's demeanor that made it difficult to feel entirely uneasy in his presence. Though his actions and motivations were often shrouded in mystery, his dedication to the protection and deepening of the magical arts was unwavering.

Orithar the Wise felt a sudden jolt, a sensation he hadn't experienced in ages. It was an alert from one of his wards, triggered by the explosion at Argentum Magic Academy. He frowned, realizing the severity of the situation, and quickly gathered his belongings. It was time to return to his duties as a protector and guide.

Within moments, Orithar stood before the academy, his godly presence hidden from the eyes of backwaters mortals. He surveyed the scene, taking in the destruction caused by the artifact's malfunction. His gaze fell upon Roderick, who lay unconscious in the arms of his friends, and Orithar felt a sense of responsibility for the young man's plight.

With a wave of his hand, the god of knowledge learned everything there was to know about the man's injuries.

The explosion had ravaged Roderick's soul and mind, leaving his once harmonious essence in tatters. The melodious song that comprised the human soul now seemed to be missing many of its vital notes, leaving him a mere echo of his former self.

Orithar frowned, he could staple back what was left, but there was nothing he could do for the missing parts, and just by itself, what remained wasn`t enough.

He felt somewhat responsible, after all, it was one of his artifacts that caused this. With a sigh, he casted a stasis field around Roderick, making sure that his condition wouldn`t worsen.

His two friends were pushed back, letting out a yelp as Roderick was suddenly surrounded by an invisible barrier stopping time within.

"Worry not young one, I'll fix you soon, I just need to find something to fill those gaps." Wasting not even one last look, Orithar disappeared from the scene, leaving a crowd casting spells to try and awaken the unconscious dean.

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