Reborn With The Author System

Xavier was your average orphan whose fate took a twist after encountering a strange crystal that fell from the sky. [ Author Class Selected ] [ Author exclusive skills: Character hack, Character control, Reality change have been added ] Xavier unexpectedly obtained a system and awakened an abnormal class, one that gods and devils envied. [ Level 5 character, President of Red Country hacked ] [ Character now under your control ] [ Level 5 character, War General Luo Feng hacked successfully... ] Using this power, Xavier amassed so much wealth that he became bored. "Having such a powerful system in a world like Earth with these weak characters is becoming too boring," he thought. With this thought, he initiated an exchange with the system creators. Asking for a chance to be reborn in a better world where he could use his system with no restriction. Luckily, his request was accepted and he was reborn. Now in a world with supernatural beings and magic, Xavier set out to explore his Author class to the fullest. ..... "The world is a script written by God. Every character has its own story interwoven in the grand script. But I, Xavier, can hack into this script and edit any character, event, or even the whole world to my satisfaction," ~ Xavier

Sage_X · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
24 Chs




It is an extravagantly decorated room with a king size bed in the middle and a golden chandelier hanging on the neat white ceiling, the walls of the room were filled with decorations of gold and other precious stones depicting just how wealthy the owner of the room was.

However, inside the room and on top the king sized bed, a young man with handsome features sat down and stared at nothingness with a serious expression.

If someone was standing at the door or close to him, looking at this young man they would assume he's crazy for looking at absolutely nothing with such seriousness. Nevertheless, in the vision of this young man is an entity that would shock the world.


HOST: Xavier Ashcroft

CLASS: Author

SKILLS: Character hack (E) Character control (E) Reality change (FF)




The young man sighed after observing his character panel for the 99th time today, his expression turned from serious to bored in an instant after closing the panel.

He turned to the side of his bed and picked up his $5000 Android phone and scrolled down to one of his most used bank apps.


ACCOUNT BALANCE: $145,089,890,900.00

Still bored, he scrolled to another bank app.


ACCOUNT BALANCE: $199,999,999,999.99

He scrolled down to several other banks' apps and the accumulated amounts in each account were over one hundred billion dollars!

How is someone this rich at such a young age?

How did Xavier, a 26 year old orphan accumulate such wealth?

Well, it all started six years ago!

Xavier was done with his school work for the day and was strolling back to his small apartment when a strange crystal fell from the sky and hit his head causing him to collapse in the middle of the road.

Luckily, a kind driver witnessed him collapse and took him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Xavier woke up the next day with a strong headache, he noticed he was in a hospital and also noticed a strange holographic window floating in front of him.

[ Pick a job? ]

At first, he thought he was going crazy, probably due to what happened on his way home yesterday.

He blinked several times and even wiped his eyes, but the window still displayed in front of him with the same words.

[ Pick a job? ]

Glancing around him, Xavier noticed the curious stares of the other patients fixed on him. At first he assumed they were looking at the window but then he noticed they were only looking at him: they could not see the window.

'I am the only one that can see this,' he concluded inwardly and turned his attention back to the window.

[ Pick a job? ]

Xavier didn't understand what sort of job the system wanted him to pick but as someone who aspired to become a top web novel author, he immediately chosed 'Author'

"Author," he whispered, his voice barely audible but it was loud enough to interact with the system.

[ Job picked successfully! ]

[ Searching job in JOB LIST ]

[ Job Author not found ]

[ Downloading resources for new job.... ]

[ Download complete, Job Author added to system as class ]

[ Skills: Character hack, Character control, Reality change has been added ]

Following the series of prompts was a strong pain in his head that quickly disappeared, replaced by a new feeling or rather a new superpower.

"Hey, go back to sleep!" A rude voice interrupted before he got the chance to understand his newfound powers.

Xavier quickly turned to the nurse but then a confused look appeared on his face.

His confusion wasn't because of the nurse's rude interruption or her insanely ugly face but because of the information displaying from her.

[ Level 0 minor character found, Nurse Tina ]

[ Nurse Tina character hacked successfully]

[ Nurse Tina character is now under your temporary control ]

'What is this?'

All of a sudden, he felt connected to this character, like the bond one shares with a pet.

"Nurse Tina, please close the door," Xavier commanded.

He wasn't sure if what he was experiencing was real or just his imagination running wild and in order to prevent this, he decided to start with a simple command that doesn't seem too out of place.

If she refused and cussed at him, he would have to blame himself for falling so deep for his imagination but if she accepts... Well, he is not even sure if she would.


However, to his surprise, the nurse known to be very rude even to her employer started making her way to the door obediently without questioning his order.

She closed the door and started walking back towards Xavier with respect in her eyes, the rudeness in her earlier are no where to be found.

"Do a simple dance for me," Xavier quickly commanded again, testing his powers further.

Once again, she obeyed him and began shaking her waist in a simple and cute manner, performing a pretty nice dance.

'It works!' Xavier was ecstatic.

'It truly works!'

He couldn't believe it, he now has the power to control others and make them do what he wanted, it was like the mind control powers he read in novels but more complicated.

Those main characters has the powers to control minds but he has the powers to control characters, just like authors.


Inside the hospital, Xavier experimented his powers on the other patients; since they were all level 0 minor characters, he was able hack and control them easily using them to complete simple tasks however he noticed something, after his character hack and control expires on a character, the character becomes a little more friendlier with him, but there was one level one minor character who kept frowning at him.

Two days later he was admitted from the hospital and Xavier began his journey, using his character hack and character control skill to gradually and screamingly build wealth.

Xavier was able to level up the two skills from FF to E rank by using them constantly. Nevertheless, no matter how many times he tried to use the Reality change skills, he always gets an error notification from the system saying he couldn't use the skill due to unavailability of resources.

Now 6 years after, the owner of the strongest author system sat inside his multimillion dollar mansion, contemplating a life choice.