10 Chapter 9: Fang Mo vs Abomination (2)

"Oh, you're referring to the Abomination, right?"

Upon hearing Nick Fury's statement, Fang Mo immediately recalled the plot involving the Hulk: "You mean that soldier named Blonsky who, after witnessing the Hulk's power, suddenly no longer wanted to be human or something like that..."

"You're quite knowledgeable," Nick Fury looked deeply at Fang Mo. As someone with many secrets, he disliked being around individuals like Fang Mo who seemed to know everything.

He had a suspicion that Fang Mo might even be aware of his secret research on the Tesseract.

"I don't believe the military can necessarily control this monster."

To confirm Nick Fury's speculation, Fang Mo quickly responded, "The equipment you have here is much more advanced than what the military possesses. Are you really not planning to assist them when the time comes?"

"...Currently, the military is formulating a plan," Nick Fury glanced silently at Fang Mo. "Their initial plan is to release the Hulk and have him deal with the new monster, the Abomination, as you called it. But honestly, I have very little faith in those idiots in the military."

"Well, if the military fails, can I step in?" Fang Mo asked with a smile. "You're probably still reluctant to use those energy weapons, right?"

"You certainly know about that!"

Nick Fury's gaze sharpened instantly. While he could overlook other matters, the Tesseract held immense importance to him. "Who are you exactly? What is your purpose?"

"I've already mentioned, I'm just your friendly Neighborhood Stand User."

Fang Mo rolled his eyes. "If I had any intentions regarding the Space Stone, I would have dug my way to it long ago. Would I wait until now?"

Fang Mo wasn't joking. Although he didn't know the exact coordinates of the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, let's not forget he had a mini-map module. This device had a cave radar, and considering the size of Nick Fury's underground lab for the Tesseract, if Fang Mo passed nearby, he would immediately detect it on the map.

"The Space Stone? What's that?" Nick Fury was taken aback. "Another name for the Tesseract?"

"If you don't trust me, why should I tell you?" Fang Mo rolled his eyes dismissively.

"If the situation gets out of control, I can allow your intervention, but the reason must be to control the escalation and protect civilians," Nick Fury stated. "However, the prerequisite is that you inform me about your understanding of the Tesseract."

"The original name of the Tesseract is actually the Space Stone... And there are at least five such remarkable objects in the universe."

Fang Mo clapped his hands. "Alright, I'm done talking. By the way, haven't we arrived? It seems like a fight has already broken out over there."

At that moment, the helicopter had reached near Broadway. The towering flames were visible from several blocks away, and panicked crowds filled the area. Gunshots and explosions could be heard in the distance, indicating that the military was engaged in combat. However, thick smoke and dust obstructed the view, making it difficult to see clearly.

Suddenly, an armored vehicle burst out of the smoke and crashed into a store with a thunderous boom, intensifying the panic.

"You mentioned there are at least five Space Stones in the universe?"

Upon hearing this, Nick Fury furrowed his brow. "You referred to them as Space Stones. Do these stones possess teleportation abilities among them, like space portals? Could they attract extraterrestrials..."

However, before Nick Fury could complete his sentence, Fang Mo had already vanished from his seat.

"Oh, damn it!" Nick Fury immediately cursed as he witnessed the situation.

Fang Mo, realizing they were about to confront the boss, had no intention of arguing with Nick Fury.

Using the teleportation ability of the Ender Hand, he left the plane and materialized on a nearby rooftop, which positioned him close to the center of the battlefield.

From the rooftop, Fang Mo surveyed the scene below. People were scattering in all directions, their screams and cries filling the air. Vehicles added to the chaos, clogging the streets. A colossal figure in yellow-green gradually advanced, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Cars and individuals disintegrated, transforming the street into a terrifying and hellish spectacle.

Having witnessed this firsthand, Fang Mo realized that the Abomination surpassed the brutality depicted in movies.

Unlike the Hulk's anger, this creature exhibited a merciless disregard. Despite the soldiers and police launching desperate attacks to safeguard civilians, their bullets merely tinkled against the abomination's body.

With casual indifference, he seized a soldier and effortlessly tore the individual into two. The soldier, still alive and writhing in agony, emitted anguished screams. Blood and entrails splattered on the abomination, provoking an excited and sinister grin.

This was the true embodiment of abomination.

A terrifying monster driven by an insatiable thirst for destruction.

Two soldiers raised their rocket launchers and pulled the triggers. The rockets whistled through the air, aimed directly at the abomination.

However, the abomination swiftly raised his hand and caught the rocket projectiles. With a powerful squeeze, a thunderous explosion ensued. Flames briefly consumed him before dissipating, revealing the unscathed monster within.


With disdain, Abomination looked at the soldiers and revealed a cruel smile. In the blink of an eye, he charged forward, unleashing a devastating force comparable to an armored heavy truck. Vehicles and debris were sent soaring into the sky along his path. The soldiers, terrified by the spectacle, swiftly reversed their armored vehicle.

It was evident that Abomination wasn't exerting his full strength.

He relished his immense power, taking pleasure in toying with the soldiers like a cat playing with mice.

Their fate would be sealed once he grew bored.

Soon, the armored vehicle driven by the soldiers encountered a traffic jam, coming to a halt.

Continuing his pursuit, Abomination cruelly grinned and forcefully stomped on a nearby taxi, flipping it over. Seizing the opportunity, he lifted the car with both hands and shouted at the military camera on the front of the armored vehicle, "Come on! Bring me a stronger opponent!"

After his words echoed, he ruthlessly hurled the car forward.

However, in an instant, a purple light flashed and vanished.

"Are you sure?"

With the sudden voice, the car, intended to crash forward, was abruptly suspended mid-air.

Abomination was momentarily stunned. To his surprise, the car hurtled back toward him, its wheels rolling harshly over his face.

Just as the car struck Abomination, a buzzing sound erupted ahead, and countless purple dots exploded. A black figure materialized out of thin air.

"A stronger opponent has arrived."

Fang Mo's calm voice resonated throughout the street.

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