Reborn with Steve Stand

This FanFic Novel is about a Chinese Guy from Earth who died, transmigrated, and awakened with Steve (Minecraft) Stand (Jojo). Get overpowered by using Minecraft Mod, travel through different worlds, anime or movies. And also, because he's Chinese, he likes to make fun of... Black people, Hitler, Japanese Nuclear Bomb, etc. you name it, he dare make fun of it. Like all Chinese FanFic, this fic loves to make tons of Jokes that are unhinged and not "popular" to western people. = Worlds: Minecraft -> Marvel -> X-Men -> Naruto -> Bleach -> Jojo -> Chainsaw Man -> One Punch Man = This is TRANSLATION! (AND ALL MY WORKS ARE TRANSLATION) Support me Financially Here: Patreon.com/Bleam — 100 Chapters in Advance in Patreon.

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Chapter 569: l'a l'a. Cthulhu Fhatgn

Fang Mo is not actually a person who holds grudges.

After all, most of the time, he takes his revenge right away and never lets it carry over to the next day.

But reality always has its imperfections, like some unexpected incidents that prevent Fang Mo from taking immediate revenge on this grumpy green-skinned octopus-head.

Truth be told,

Ever since awakening his Stand,

It's the first time Fang Mo has felt such anger.

Being sprayed by the other party was actually okay; after all, Fang Mo knows how despicable he can be, and wasn't it Fury and Uncle Wolf(Wolverine) who often scolded him too?

But the problem was that before Fang Mo could even throw back a few sassy words, he was kicked out of the group chat... Frankly speaking, as the group admin of R'lyeh, Cthulhu could have simply fought Fang Mo if he was displeased. But kicking him out felt a bit unsporting, and Fang Mo felt compelled to respond strongly.

At the very least, shouldn't he tie him up and drain all the mod privileges from him?

Thinking of this,

Fang Mo was filled with determination.

He toyed with a Cthulhu statue in one hand, while his other hand had already pulled out the thick Abyssal Tome from behind him, walking towards the body of the Sea King.

Cthulhu, after all, was an ancient ruler.

His spiritual awareness and perception abilities are so strong that they even surpass the limits of human imagination.

If Fang Mo used the statue himself, the other party would definitely cut off the connection instantly, giving Fang Mo no chance to throw his sass and stir up trouble.

Simply put,

The group admin would see Fang Mo trying to rejoin the group and would just hit reject.

So, to lure the group admin into a trap, Fang Mo needed to find bait first, and the fallen Sea King was perfect material.

After all, after absorbing water,

He almost looked exactly like Cthulhu's deep-sea kin.

Fang Mo couldn't quite remember what those creatures were called, something like Divers or Sea Successors, knowing only that their leader was a gigantic fish-man holding a stone column, called Gugnon.

And some also referred to it as Dagon.

According to the Shadows of Innsmouth, these Divers' bodies are a dim green with a white belly, mostly slimy and shiny, with high fins on their backs, and their shapes vaguely humanoid, but their heads are fish-like, sometimes walking on hind legs, sometimes on all fours...

Fang Mo thought, after the Sea King got rained on, he was practically a spitting image of a Diver, so maybe he could cosplay as a follower of Cthulhu to trick Him?

"Ah, if only I could cross into the Little Mermaid movie..."

As Fang Mo set up the arcane altar, he sighed to himself: "If I could bring that female lead over, it might work better than using the Sea King. Tricking those of the Cthulhu kind would definitely work every time."

After saying this,

Fang Mo quickly activated the ritual.

As pure energy was infused into the altar, the ritual of dark resurrection was activated, and arcane runes began to twist like worms, flying out from the pages of the Abyssal Tome, gradually gathering above the entire altar.

Not long after, as the ritual concluded with a thunderous roar,

The Sea King was revived.

But before he could react, Fang Mo appeared in front of him instantly and without warning, punched him hard.

With a loud thud, the Sea King's stomach caved in significantly.

And he, in agony, opened his mouth wide as his organs mixed with some strange dark-brown matter spurted out, and his body swayed and knelt on the ground.

"What... what is this..."

Yet even as he lay on the ground, amidst his pain, the Sea King still showed confusion: "Wasn't I already dead? Is this an illusion? What is this..."

However, before he could figure anything out,

Something heavy seemed to step right on his head.

"Is this all? Is this it?"

Only the mocking and jeering voice of Fang Mo could be heard from above, saying, "Wow, really? The leader of the deep-sea clan, and this is all the strength you have to conquer the land? That's laughable... It seems you've come to the land just to scavenge for food."


Although the Deep Sea King was utterly confused, Fang Mo's tone and actions were too infuriating, and so he was immediately enraged: "I will kill you!" This was followed by a loud roar.

The Deep Sea King immediately began to struggle desperately.

However, Fang Mo's strength was terrifying. The Deep Sea King felt as if a mountain was pressing down on his head. No matter how hard he tried, even sinking deep into the asphalt road, the other's foot remained unmoving, pressing down on him.

"Why aren't you happy when I say you eat crap?"

Yet even then, Fang Mo continued to provoke: "Scavenger, aren't sturgeon part of your fish family? I think you should no longer be called the Deep Sea King, but rather the 'Crap Sea King.' Perhaps you could even issue some 'Crap Sea Scripts' or something..."


The Deep Sea King could no longer bear it. Clenching his hands around the earth and rocks he had dug up from the ground, his veins bulged as he tried to rise from the ground.

But in the next second...

Fang Mo suddenly lifted his foot.

The Deep Sea King, exerting too much force, nearly flew off the ground. Before he could adjust his posture, Fang Mo's fist had already landed on his chest. With a loud bang, the Deep Sea King's ribs shattered, and he was sent flying like a cannonball into the distance.

Bansho Ten'in."

With a gesture, Fang Mo forcefully pulled him back again.

This time, Fang Mo did not hold back. Despite the Deep Sea King's attempts to fight back, the disparity in their strength was too great. With a backhand sweep, Fang Mo directly drew out the Manyullyn Cleaver and chopped down at the Deep Sea King's waist.

Without any hindrance, the purple blade sliced through scales, muscle, viscera, and bones as if it were a hot knife through butter.

The Deep Sea King felt a chill at his waist.

The next second, his body fell heavily to the ground in two pieces.

"I... I can't believe..."

The Deep Sea King was no fool. Momentarily stunned by being cut in half, although somewhat incredulous, he realized he could not survive such injuries: "Have I lost...?"

But just at that moment...

That foot unfortunately stepped back onto his head.

"King of the Deep Sea, today I'll show you who is the real ruler of the Earth."

Fang Mo deliberately ground his shoe into the other's face, speaking with a provocative tone, "We land-dwellers pollute the ocean every day, extract oil, throw away plastic, and harvest marine resources. Yet, we land-dwellers are the strong ones, the favored children of heaven. Your sea tribe is destined to be our slaves. You dare to counterattack the mainland? Tomorrow, we will exterminate your entire race..."


Hearing this, a towering hatred ignited within the Deep Sea King.


But that was not the end. Fang Mo spat a wad of saliva onto the Deep Sea King's head: "Wait and see, tomorrow we land-dwellers will counterattack the deep sea, turning all marine life into fermented soybean paste cans, even pulling up sea anemones to chop and feed to pigs."

After saying all this...

Fang Mo deliberately turned and walked away.

Of course, he only moved a short distance forward.

Once the Deep Sea King could no longer see him clearly, he quickly turned around and stealthily returned to nearby, surreptitiously observing the other's actions.

And indeed...

Fang Mo's taunts were effective.

The Deep Sea King lay in a pool of blood, his face filled with despair, resentment, anger, and unwillingness—expressions so fierce that even the demons of hell would fear him.

"Damn land-dwellers…"

The Deep Sea King clenched his teeth tightly, his eyes bloodshot: "I can never forgive you... I... I will kill you all..."

But he had only spoken a few words when he suddenly felt a piercing pain.

He coughed violently a few times, spitting out clumps of foul blood, and his consciousness began to blur, with the scenes in the distance growing increasingly dark.

"Am I... dying?"

A look of bitter resentment appeared on the Deep Sea King's face: "Damn it... no matter who it is... go and kill the land dwellers for me..."

Just as this thought flashed through his mind.

Suddenly, a warmth surged in his palm, followed by a strange sensation that overwhelmed him.


The Deep Sea King opened his hand in confusion and found himself holding a peculiar statue, which looked like an ancient hexagonal plinth, upon which sat a grotesque deity with an octopus head and rotting wings.

Looking at this indescribable statue.

The Deep Sea King felt a strange sense of kinship.

"This is..."

Seeing this, the Deep Sea King was puzzled; he had never seen this statue before and didn't even know how it had come into his possession.

Yet, for some reason, looking into the statue's crimson eyes, he felt a comforting presence from deep within his veins.

Even vaguely.

The Deep Sea King heard a muffled voice.

In that hazy dream, he seemed to see a noble and majestic figure, a deity as vast as a mountain, powerful and beautiful, quietly sleeping in an ancient underwater city.

In a daze.

The deity seemed to be inquiring about his intentions.


The Deep Sea King opened his mouth, and immediately recalled Fang Mo's previous atrocities.

In an instant.

His expression turned even more ferocious out of hatred.

"Great Father," the Deep Sea King almost instinctively prostrated on the ground before the supreme being, saying, "I want to exterminate the land dwellers! Those humans... those detestable humans! Please exterminate them all!"

"Very well."

Upon hearing the Deep Sea King's wish, the vague majestic figure seemed quite pleased with the response, subtly nodding in agreement: "I permit you to invoke my name, let me descend."

"Your name is..."

Just as the Deep Sea King was about to ask something, he suddenly shuddered, and the vague dream completely vanished, leaving only the scorching dry ground before him.


At that moment, as if foreshadowing something, the sky rumbled with thunder, and a torrential downpour drenched the earth. The rain revived the somewhat groggy Deep Sea King, and a revered name unconsciously surfaced in his mind.

So, he clenched his teeth.

And slammed the statue onto the ground.

"Great Heavenly Father, please respond to our call!" The Deep Sea King smashed the statue into the ground, his face filled with resentment and piety, as he looked up and roared, "l'a l'a. Cthulhu Fhatgn!"



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