28 Chapter 27

A moment of realization dawned on Fang Mo's face as he glanced at the items in Steve's backpack.

"So, that's how it works. This thing actually functions like this."

Indeed, Fang Mo had now grasped the concept.

The blocks that Steve absorbed into his body, similar to Thor's hammer in the past, were called "dirt" as an item name. However, everything, including the suffix, was a garbled mess.

Fang Mo attempted to have Steve dig the ground beside him.

Soon, a 1x1 square pit reappeared on the ground, and Steve successfully picked up another dirt block. However, this item was also a chaotic mess, and the main issue was that it couldn't be stacked. Each dirt block occupied a single slot in the backpack.

Carefully observing these two dirt blocks, Fang Mo noticed some differences. The first one seemed to contain more sand, while the second one faintly revealed small stones.

From this observation, Fang Mo had already deduced the underlying principle.

Firstly, Steve's pickaxe was an enhanced Tinker Construct Silky Jewel Pickaxe, equipped with the silk touch attribute.

Fang Mo speculated that collecting resources in the real world wasn't impossible, but it required precision. Otherwise, the blocks would only be destroyed, similar to digging snow bare-handed in a game where nothing drops.

Moreover, resources in the real world were unique, which differed from the Minecraft world.

Items in the Minecraft world were highly pure, with gold blocks, iron blocks, and other materials possessing a purity level of 100%.

Dirt, sand, and similar blocks followed the same pattern.

In the real world, this meant that the blocks in the Minecraft world were measured with near-atomic precision. Each droplet of liquid, clump of soil, and even fine grain of sand had identical internal structures. Only then could Steve's backpack stack them together.

However, the real world operated differently.

If Steve started digging in New York, he would encounter concrete, asphalt, followed by layers of soil mixed with cables, pipelines, and construction debris...

Steve's backpack couldn't stack these elements together due to the mismatched internal data of the items.

Although they were both dirt blocks, one contained a significant amount of construction waste while the other was predominantly sand. How could Steve's backpack combine them? And how would they be separated later?

"Excellent, I'm starting to understand everything."

With this newfound understanding, Fang Mo felt relieved. He hadn't anticipated uncovering yet another facet of Steve's abilities.

"It seems our technical advisor has revealed another secret of magic," Nick Fury chimed in, noticing Fang Mo's delighted expression. "How do you feel? Are you ready to proclaim 'I have achieved greatness' once again?"

"Regardless, I have indeed overcome a challenging obstacle."

Fang Mo was in high spirits and paid no mind to Nick Fury's sarcasm.

"You seem to be in a good mood," Nick Fury remarked. "Let's revisit the topic of the hammer. I suggest you refrain from destroying it."

"It's just a worthless hammer. I couldn't care less."

Fang Mo waved his hand nonchalantly. "As powerful as Thor's hammer may be, can it surpass the might of the Tinker's Construct hammer? How about acquainting yourself with the Infinity Hammer? A single strike can shatter planets, even the core of a star can be obliterated..."

"What kind of terrifying thing is that?" Nick Fury asked, palm on his forehead. "Is it also a weapon of the gods?"

"No," Fang Mo replied, shaking his head. "It belongs to me."


There was a brief silence before Nick Fury finally spoke, "...are you serious?"

"Of course, but for now, I can't make it," Fang Mo waved his hand dismissively. "That thing is beyond the capabilities of an ordinary person. I've been doing(playing) 'Minecraft' for so long, and I've never seen anyone dare to grind Endless purely by hand. Without guidance or the necessary tools, it's impossible to create..."

"It sounds incredibly dangerous," Nick Fury remarked. "So, is your true goal to create a Sorcerer Artifact called the Infinity Hammer?"

"Don't worry, I don't have the mindset of a supervillain," Fang Mo reassured, fully understanding Nick Fury's concerns. He smiled and added, "I'm mainly here to enjoy the luxuries of the capitalist life. Destroying the world... there's no benefit in that. Only fools would engage in such endeavors."

"Aliens don't share the same perspective," Nick Fury countered. "The power struggles between galaxies are unsettling. I've personally witnessed the horrifying consequences. Frankly, they can destroy us without any reason."

"While what you say is true, it's not entirely their fault," Fang Mo interjected.

"Why?" Nick Fury appeared puzzled. "If not them, then who should we blame? Should we blame ourselves for being too weak?"

"It's not that," Fang Mo shook his head thoughtfully. "Actually, have you ever considered... with so many planets in the universe, why do villains always target Earth? Instead of pointing fingers, it's better to reflect on ourselves. Perhaps we've been making too much noise and drawing the attention of extraterrestrial beings."

"Your way of thinking..." Nick Fury's expression turned dark as he listened. "I'm being serious here. Can't you take this seriously?"

"I'm not arguing," Fang Mo responded directly. "I've heard of the Kree, but as far as I know, Earth is indeed the most vulnerable planet to invasion. After all, humans tend to repeat the same mistakes. Don't you study history as part of your spy training? Don't you understand this?"

"That's why S.H.I.E.L.D. is dedicated to protecting Earth," Nick Fury replied promptly.

"Forget it," Fang Mo chuckled. "S.H.I.E.L.D. is nearly infiltrated by Hydra. I don't even know how much of the gold I gave you has ended up in Hydra's pockets. How about I capture a live Hydra and bring it to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters? Those creatures are all over the Twilight Forest. You can keep it there... then you'll see how many people salute the Hydra every day."

"What did you just say?" Nick Fury's expression suddenly changed.

Even Hawkeye, who had remained silent, couldn't help but frown tightly.

"Are you sure about what you're saying?" Nick Fury's demeanor became serious, his face stern. He asked with determination, "Is there any way to obtain their membership list?"

"Acquiring the list is quite challenging," Fang Mo couldn't resist mocking. "Have you ever come across a fortune teller who can predict the winning numbers for the next lottery?"

"In that case, we'll find a way to at least..." Nick Fury furrowed his brow, but before he could finish his sentence, Fang Mo's attention was once again diverted by a system prompt.

[System Prompt: Tinkers Construct TAIGA add-on Alloy downloaded. Do you want to load it?]

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