24 Chapter 23

Half an hour later, a Quinjet glided gracefully, landing within the meteor crater.

"Welcome back. When did you arrive?" Nick Fury descended from the aircraft, his coat billowing in the forceful wind generated by the engines. "Do you have any idea how much trouble you caused last time by disappearing without notice? Technical advisors don't get paid leave, you know..."

"What about the shield?" Fang Mo interjected, dismissing the small talk.

"Captain America and his ship sank to the bottom of the sea decades ago, and no one has managed to locate him since," Nick Fury promptly replied. "So naturally, the shield..."

Fang Mo waved his hand casually, and Steve silently placed a solid gold block beside him.


Observing the scene, Nick Fury fell into an immediate silence.

"It's pure 24K gold," Fang Mo smiled, gently patting the shimmering block. "Weighs around 19.32 tons or so. I was actually concerned about how to transport it for you, but it seems unnecessary now."


Nick Fury scowled at Coulson and commanded, "Go and retrieve Captain's shield."

"Understood, Director."

Coulson reluctantly nodded. Being a devoted fan of Captain America, he truly didn't want anyone else to touch that shield. However, he understood the nature of his director, leaving him no other choice; the offer was too tempting.

Who could resist the allure of an entire block of gold?

Soon, the shield, adorned with the flag, was brought before Fang Mo.

"Now, if I may ask..." Nick Fury scrutinized Fang Mo, who affectionately caressed the shield, unable to contain his inner curiosity. "What exactly do you plan to do with that shield? Is it connected to that hammer over there?"

Indeed, as soon as Nick Fury disembarked from the plane, his eyes fixated on the hammer within the meteor crater.

The crater lacked meteors but harbored a mysterious hammer. Coupled with Fang Mo's sudden appearance and his request for Captain America's shield, Nick Fury instinctively linked these occurrences together, suspecting Fang Mo's involvement in all of this.

"I'm currently delving into advanced alchemy and require rare metals for my research," Fang Mo replied, unable to disclose the truth, knowing that nobody would believe he had unlocked the mod. Thus, while tenderly stroking the shield, he rambled, "Well, I'm almost a master at it."

As he spoke, a system prompt resonated in Fang Mo's mind.

[System prompt: You have achieved mastery over the internal structure of 'Vibranium and Adamantium,' granting you 50% download permission for new mods.]

Upon hearing the system prompt, Fang Mo finally released his grip on the Vibranium shield.

The information provided by the system aligned with his expectations. Vibranium, Adamantium, and Uru had granted him a total of 80% download permission, implying he still required an additional 20% to complete the downloads. He estimated that studying metals like Palladium and Meteorite Iron would be necessary.

"Do you know where I can find meteorite iron?" With this thought in mind, Fang Mo turned directly to Nick Fury and inquired, "If there's Tiberium, Valyrian Steel, Lava Crystal, Abyssal Metal, or Zero Element available, that would be helpful too..."

"I haven't even heard of those things," Nick Fury responded. "So you have no intention of explaining the current situation? The meteor crater and the mysterious hammer—are they your doing? Did you return solely to cause trouble for me?"

"You consider this trouble?" Fang Mo tapped the gold beside him. "Observe its pure radiance and reconsider your words."


Nick Fury fell into silence once more.

"Director, if this thing is actually gold, our Quinjets might not be able to transport it," Coulson couldn't help but remind. "It's too heavy, exceeding the aircraft's weight limit."

"...Then find a way to cut it into smaller pieces."

Nick Fury gritted his teeth and said, "Call in more jets to help with the transport. Deal with this immediately!"

"Understood," Coulson replied and went back to the plane to find tools.

"In any case, you must give me a reasonable explanation." After Coulson left, Nick Fury spoke to Fang Mo again, "Where did you go during your absence?"

"Didn't I leave you a message before?" Fang Mo asked in return, "Wasn't it clear on the note? I needed to temporarily return to my world, but I wouldn't be gone for long."

"That note of yours only had two sentences."

Nick Fury said with a stern face, "The first sentence said you were going back to your world, and the second sentence was telling me to give the Golden Apple to Tony Stark, not to keep it for myself, or else face the consequences."

"See, didn't I make it clear?" Fang Mo shrugged.

"You should know how dangerous you are," Nick Fury said, "Do you know how those people in Congress questioned me after you disappeared? They believe I can't control you at all, and when faced with uncontrollable danger, there's usually only one solution for these fools..."

"What, are they going to nuke me?"

Upon hearing this, Fang Mo burst into laughter. "Do they really think nukes would work on me? Believe me, if these people dare to offend me, I can easily find a way to destroy this world."

On this point, Fang Mo wasn't lying.

After all, there were too many things in the MC mods that could destroy the world.

The destruction factor of the Mysterious Island, bacteria mod, the disaster bucket mod, the dragon from fire and Ice Mod, or just summoning a boss similar to a Titan—wasn't it simple for Fang Mo to act like a mischievous child?

(TL: Didn't understand half mod that been said. please comment if you know.)

"I won't let them do that."

After hearing Fang Mo's words, Nick Fury immediately expressed his stance.

As the King of Agents, he wasn't lacking in the ability to read people's expressions and words. He could sense that Fang Mo wasn't lying, which was quite terrifying.

You see, Nick Fury was different from those politicians. He didn't want to turn the superheroes into his enemies.

When he carefully considered it, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Captain America, Tony Stark, and Fang Mo—if these guys were forced into darkness by politicians and were ready to join forces to destroy the world... that would be an absolute disaster for all of humanity. Even Nick Fury himself couldn't imagine such a scene.

Nick Fury was well aware of how terrifying these existences were, and it was precisely because of this that he wanted to form an alliance to bring these people together to defend the Earth.

He was a smart man, and this was also the reason why Fang Mo was willing to cooperate with him.

"Alright, alright, let's not talk about this."

Seeing Nick Fury's anxious expression, Fang Mo instantly understood what he was thinking, so he waved his hand to change the topic. "I've been waiting here for you for half an hour. Suddenly, I have a craving for late-night snacks... Oh, by the way, what day is it today?"

"It's Thursday."

Nick Fury, of course, didn't want to continue discussing this dangerous topic, so he followed Fang Mo's answer. "What's the matter? Do you need something?"

"Quick, Venmo me $50. I want to have a Crazy Thursday with KFC."

Fang Mo said directly.

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