21 Chapter 20

After spending a considerable amount of time and countless ores, Fang Mo finally succeeded in crafting a set of Tinker's Construct tools. The set included a BroadSword, Pickaxe, Shovel, Hammer, and Lumber axe. Despite the limited options, Fang Mo felt satisfied with his accomplishment.

When it came to crafting and combining, Fang Mo lacked talent. He believed that this endeavor wasn't meant for humans to play with, but he couldn't understand why he had become so obsessed with it. He wondered if there was something seriously wrong with his brain.

To be honest, Fang Mo nearly exhausted himself in the process of making this tool set. Despite the guide provided by the mod, Fang Mo, the combination idiot, found the complex procedures repulsive. It had reached a point where he was experiencing delusions.

This greatly nauseated Fang Mo. He felt numb for several days, to the extent that he didn't even touch the crafting table during that time.

However, this doesn't mean he was being lazy. In fact, Fang Mo had spent the past few days collecting the resources needed to build a house. While making tools, he had ventured into the Nether to find Cobalt and Ardite Metals. From his perspective, he had already surpassed the early game stage. With an abundance of resources, it was time to construct a beautiful and spacious house for himself.

Living in the dark underground basement only worsened his mood. Admittedly, Fang Mo wasn't skilled in construction, but building a house seemed more appealing than studying combining recipes. After all, given the choice, Fang Mo decided to build a house. Even if it turned out to be as small as a matchbox, what did it matter? He was the only living person in this world, so there would be no one to mock him.

Let's get it done.

Fang Mo promptly took control of Steve and began working. However, before he could start building the house, he needed to prepare the terrain.

Fang Mo used to be in a forest, but he had almost completely cleared it now. The terrain had transformed into small hills, and his current task was to level the high areas and fill in the low ones.

In simple terms, he needed to create a large flat area.

This was no small undertaking.

Fortunately, Fang Mo now possessed the tools. His pickaxe had a Reinforced Pink Alloy Rod and a Cobalt binding, making it lighter and more efficient.

And as for the Pink Alloy...

This Pink Alloy, also known as Alumite, was created by melting obsidian, aluminum, and iron. It possessed the traits of Reinforcement III.

Fang Mo had also enhanced the tool twice, giving it five levels of reinforcement, making it unbreakable. No matter how roughly Fang Mo used it, it would not lose durability.

With this unbreakable equipment, Fang Mo quickly flattened a large area of the terrain.

Then, he enclosed the entire flat area with fences and placed torches throughout before starting to construct the main structure of the house, piece by piece.

Fang Mo planned to build a two-story building for himself, complete with an attic and two basement levels.

However, he wasn't particularly skilled in construction. Despite using a significant amount of wood planks, stone, and stone stairs, the finished house's appearance was somewhat lacking.

How should I put it...

Even houses built by villagers themselves might look better than this.

Nevertheless, Fang Mo wasn't bothered. On the contrary, he appreciated the large house he had built with his own hands. Humming a tune, he moved everything from the basement to the new house.

He also cleared three fields outside and planted them with potatoes.

Fang Mo obtained the potatoes from the zombies he killed. Initially, he only had one or two, but his backpack was filled with a bunch of bones dropped by skeletons. So, he used bone meal to quickly grow them. After a few planting cycles, he had three large potato fields.

After completing his previous tasks, Fang Mo turned his attention to defeating the bosses in this world.

While Fang Mo lacked crafting and building skills, he was undoubtedly one of the top players on the server when it came to combat.

The first boss to face his wrath was the Wither.

Crafting a Manyullyn Reaper and modifying it three times with Consecrated Soil to gain the Smite III enhancement, Fang Mo was well-prepared.

(TL: Manyullyn is Marju. (I will edit other chapters later.)

He also brewed several potions using a Brewing Stand and consumed them all.

The Wither couldn't last more than a few minutes after being summoned before Steve stabbed its chest, causing it to scream, disintegrate, and leave behind a sparkling Nether Star.

With the Wither defeated, Fang Mo immediately set out to find an End Fortress.

Soon enough, the Ender Dragon met the same fate as the Wither.

Using a piston, Fang Mo obtained the Dragon Egg and built a two-block high platform on the End islands. Positioned underneath, he ruthlessly slaughtered the Endermen.

To be honest, Ender Pearls held little significance for Fang Mo at this point. However, he had developed a habit of collecting them. Each time he defeated the Ender Dragon on the server before, players would request a bunch of Ender Pearls. Fang Mo wasn't sure of their purpose, but he speculated that certain mods might require them. In any case, he collected them, just in case.

What if he unlocked future mods that required Ender Pearls?

Thanks to the platform's design, the Endermen couldn't harm Fang Mo from below, allowing him to quickly accumulate several stacks of Ender Pearls.

Subsequently, Fang Mo ventured to the End City.

He slew numerous Shulkers and acquired Shulker Shells from the End Ships.

At this point, Fang Mo had completely conquered the entire vanilla Minecraft world. Apart from the crafting recipes, there was nothing else that dared to challenge him.

As Fang Mo stored the final piece of Shulker Shell in his Alchemical Bag, he surveyed his surroundings.

The midnight sky remained dim, with countless Endermen aimlessly wandering the desolate island. Suddenly, a feeling of loneliness welled up in Fang Mo's heart.

He had invested considerable effort in building the Tinker's Construct Furnace and equipping himself with a powerful set of gear.

He had his own spacious house and a thriving potato farm.

His Alchemical Bag overflowed with various rare materials: gold ingots, diamonds, Ender Pearls, Nether Stars, Shulker Shells, and even a Dragon Egg.

Yet this time, there was no one left to share the victory with him.

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