Reborn with Steve Stand

This FanFic Novel is about a Chinese Guy from Earth who died, transmigrated, and awakened with Steve (Minecraft) Stand (Jojo). Get overpowered by using Minecraft Mod, travel through different worlds, anime or movies. And also, because he's Chinese, he likes to make fun of... Black people, Hitler, Japanese Nuclear Bomb, etc. you name it, he dare make fun of it. Like all Chinese FanFic, this fic loves to make tons of Jokes that are unhinged and not "popular" to western people. = Worlds: Minecraft -> Marvel -> X-Men -> Naruto -> Bleach -> Jojo -> Chainsaw Man -> One Punch Man = This is TRANSLATION! (AND ALL MY WORKS ARE TRANSLATION) Support me Financially Here: Patreon.com/Bleam — 100 Chapters in Advance in Patreon.

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Chapter 19

Fang Mo gazed at the Tinkers' Construct Guide nestled in Steve's inventory, unable to suppress a sigh. In the old days, when Fang Mo and his friends ran a server together, he didn't think much of it. But now, after losing the ability to view crafting recipes, Fang Mo finally realized the true value of this considerate mod with its built-in guide.

True to its name, Tinkers' Construct focuses on the art of Tool Making and Smelting, introducing a plethora of new minerals, metals, and tools to enrich gameplay.

All tools in Tinkers' Construct consist of distinct components. For example, a pickaxe consists of the Pickaxe Head, Tool Binding, and Tool Rod.

Players have the freedom to choose from a variety of materials to craft these components. Gold ingots can be used for the Tool Rod, diamonds for pickaxe heads, and obsidian for Tool bindings. Additionally, materials from other mods, like steel ingots, bronze ingots, or those derived from the Industrial Age mod, can also be utilized.

Tinkers' Construct assigns special Traits to almost every material available. Sponge imbues tools with the Silk Touch Trait, while Iron grants the Magnetic Trait, increasing the pickup range, among others.

Furthermore, the mod introduces advanced alloys that bestow weapons with significant attack power, enabling them to dispatch most vanilla monsters with ease.

Modifiers are also a key feature in Tinkers' Construct, allowing players to enhance their tools. Each tool comes with three slots that can be used to modify traits, similar to enchanting in the vanilla game. Lapis Lazuli, for instance, can grant tools the 'Fortune' or 'Looting' effects, while redstone imbues tools or weapons with 'Haste.' And for those seeking greater enhancement, diamonds or emeralds can be utilized. Diamonds improve mining stats, durability, and mining level against obsidian, while emeralds offer an additional 50% durability, among other benefits.

Notably, Tinkers' Construct distinguishes itself by allowing tools to be repaired even after their durability is depleted, a feature absent in the vanilla game. Players need only place the broken tool in the Tools Forge for repair.

While Tinkers' Construct may not possess the complexity and scale of technology-based mods, its playability is exceptionally high. Players have the freedom to fully customize their own exclusive weapons according to their preferences. With compatible mods, they can even craft legendary weapons of immense power, increasing their attack strength as they slay monsters. Tinkers' Construct has even incorporated add-ons featuring Vibranium from the Marvel Universe and the Asgardian metal Uru.

Imagine the scene in Thor III, where the Goddess of Death, Hela, crushes Thor's hammer with her bare hands, leaving him in anguish. In that moment, Fang Mo could forge a new battle axe directly from Uru metal for Thor—a truly awe-inspiring sight. Surely, Dwarf King Aitri would be filled with admiration.

Yet, among all these remarkable features, there is one aspect that currently touches Fang Mo the most. Tinkers' Construct graciously bestowed upon him a Guide upon loading the game. The Tinker's Construct Guide, aptly titled 'Materials and You,' comprehensively documents the gameplay of this mod, providing Fang Mo with a wealth of knowledge and guidance.

The Tinker's Construct Guide provided an extensive record of the mod's gameplay, serving as an invaluable resource for Fang Mo at his current stage.

With a resolute decision in mind, Fang Mo declared, "Alright, I'll start by crafting equipment and then face the withered and ender dragons." He cast a glance at the Tinker's Construct Guide, confirming his next course of action.

Having set their objective, Fang Mo and Steve wasted no time and sprang into action.

As an Underground Dweller, Fang Mo understood that his underground abode would always be rich in minerals, and the present situation was no exception. Through the process of smelting, the minerals in the furnace swiftly transformed into ingots. With a simple gesture, Steve replaced his worn-out iron sword and shield with fresh ones.

Recognizing the sluggish mining speed of the stone pickaxes, Fang Mo discarded them all and decided to craft ten iron pickaxes for the time being.

As for Steve's iron armor, Fang Mo directly replaced it with a pristine set of diamond armor.

Although Tinker's Construct offered an armor module that allowed players to forge their own armor in the mod's distinctive style, Fang Mo had only unlocked the primary Tinker's Construct mod, temporarily rendering the armor module inaccessible. As a stopgap measure, Steve would make do with a set of diamond armor.

Equipped with the new gear, Fang Mo promptly directed Steve to gather sand, clay, and gravel.

These materials were vital for constructing the Tinker's Construct Furnace.

Unlike a conventional furnace, the Tinker's Construct Furnace was an expansive multi-block structure fueled by lava to melt ores when placed inside.

Given Fang Mo's early progress in the game, the furnace he constructed didn't require an extensive array of materials. Before long, Steve returned with several batches of the necessary materials.

Fang Mo skillfully blended the materials together, subjecting them to the burning process to create seared bricks. Rolling up his sleeves, he embarked on building the Furnace.

In truth, Fang Mo had never attempted such a construction before.

On servers, building structures was not his forte; his primary focus lay in mining and combat.

Fortunately, with the guidance of the manual, Fang Mo made several adjustments and comparisons, eventually successfully erecting the multi-block structure.

During his earlier mining excursion, Fang Mo had collected several buckets of lava, which he now poured into the furnace.

With a flickering flame, the Tinker' Construct Furnace sprang to life. The ores thrown in by Fang Mo slowly melted within the searing temperatures, transforming into molten form.

"Alright, next comes the forge."

Flipping through the guide in his hand, Fang Mo endeavored to craft a series of Crafting Stations.

Various Crafting Stations, such as the Stencil Table, Part Builder, and Tool Station, were required. Combining these stations proved to be Fang Mo's weak point. He squatted there, stumbling and researching for a significant amount of time.

By the time he completed the task, the following morning had already arrived.

"T-This is incredibly challenging!"

Fang Mo massaged his temples as he tinkered with the stone components and duplicated items in his hands. Irritation began to well up within him. "Damn it, it took me less time to mine than to build these. I need an EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE Mod!"

Fortunately, with the aid of the guide, Fang Mo managed to create a complete set of molds after three failed attempts.

Finally finishing the molds, Fang Mo heaved a sigh of relief.

He had tirelessly mined for three days without rest, and now an indescribable exhaustion overcame him.

Little did Fang Mo know that even more daunting tasks awaited him.

As Fang Mo prepared to melt, a large pile of ores, intending to create bronze, an unexpected presence of residual aluminum in the furnace caused the bronze to transform directly into aluminum brass.

Upon witnessing this unforeseen turn of events, Fang Mo exploded in frustration.

"What in the world!?"

Fang Mo felt his composure slipping away, on the verge of succumbing to a fit of impotent rage. "Damn it... What kind of infuriating mod is this? Perhaps next time I'll venture into the Marvel World, collect some Infinity Stones, and attempt to bring mDiyo over here... Uhhgg, this won't do; this damn mod is unplayable!"

(TL: Ordinary Gamer Rage Moment.)