19 Chapter 18

Fang Mo is unaware.

He doesn't know which mod the home scroll he obtained is from.

But it doesn't matter because he has returned to the main world in Minecraft.

As Fang Mo looked at the square mossy cobblestone, chests, and the growling zombies beside him, he felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity.

It's like an introverted otaku with severe social anxiety being dragged outside for a day of intense social interactions and finally returning home. First, indulging in a meal of junk food, then lying on a bed with air conditioning, and enjoying leisurely gameplay of his favorite game.

"This feeling is truly amazing..."

With a few swift swings, Fang Mo quickly dealt with the nearby zombies. He was on the verge of bursting into a triumphant roar.

However, he was still underground in a mine shaft, unable to see the sky even if he looked up. Fang Mo needed to return to the surface promptly.

"Nothing has changed here at all. It feels like time has been frozen."

Fang Mo observed his surroundings and noticed that nothing had changed. The monster spawner was still suppressed by torches, the Book of Ages lay on the ground, and everything remained the same.

Of course, this is a game feature known as chunk loading. Once the player leaves, the chunk stops updating, and everything inside, including machines and creatures, remains in a state of temporal suspension. Unless the player uses certain mods to forcefully activate the chunk, like the World Anchor from the RailCraft mod.

"I never expected that the Mysterious Island mod would allow me to travel to the Marvel world..."

Upon seeing the golden-skinned book on the ground, Fang Mo couldn't help but exclaim.

Now he gradually understood everything. The cover of the Book of Ages displayed a string of English letters, possibly something like 'Marvel Comics.' it truly is marvel!

Shaking his head, Fang Mo had Steve pick up the Book of Ages from the ground and returned to the surface directly.

Logically, Fang Mo had just completed his journey in the Marvel world and should rest. However, the Minecraft world is like a paradise for Fang Mo. He controls Steve to build and explore, as if playing a game. It's not tiring at all. On the contrary, it provides a relaxing feeling.

Upon returning to the crude basement, Fang Mo wasted no time and immediately filled Steve's backpack with numerous pickaxes before heading back to the mine.

There was no other choice. After all, Fang Mo detested the Great War in the Marvel world and had already dealt with Obadiah's Iron Monger, resulting in a rapid decrease in Steve's equipment durability.

Especially the iron sword and shield, they were nearly worn out. It was necessary for him to quickly mine and equip himself; otherwise, he wouldn't feel secure.

To be honest, the original survival mode was too easy for Fang Mo.

In less than half a day, Steve had unearthed a substantial amount of ores from underground.

He had obtained six or seven stack of coal, two and a half stack of iron ore, over one stack of gold ore, a variety of lapis lazuli and redstone, as well as copper, tin, aluminum, and lead from the Industrial and Tinker's Construct mods.

Fang Mo even managed to find nearly half a stack of diamonds.

Fortunately, during the lottery in the Marvel world, Fang Mo obtained the Alchemy Bag of Equivalent Exchange Mod. Otherwise, the cobblestone he excavated would have been enough for Steve to make several trips back and forth. It turned out that the Alchemy Bag was somewhat useful, not as useless as Fang Mo initially thought.

After acquiring enough minerals, Fang Mo commanded Steve to create over ten furnaces, simultaneously smelting the minerals and converting cobblestone into stone to prepare building materials for constructing a house.

While Steve busily smelted minerals and crafted armor, Fang Mo's main body began contemplating the next steps for development.

Following a brief journey in the Marvel world, Fang Mo acquired several additional mods: More Furniture, GraveStone, MovePlus, Mysterious Island, Pam's HarvestCraft, Biomes O'Plenty, MiniMap, Avaritia , Chinese Translation, Tinkers' Construct, Mutant Creatures, and Industrial Age Mod.

Among them, the first mods Fang Mo abandoned were the Industrial Age and Pam's HarvestCraft.

The reason for abandoning the Pam's HarvestCraft mod had been mentioned earlier, and the reason for abandoning the Industrial Age mod was similar. As a large-scale technology mod, its internal crafting recipes were extremely complex, and Fang Mo currently lacked an auxiliary mod to view these recipes. Playing such a complex technology mod was as difficult as reaching the heavens.

Not to mention the Quantum armor and Nano swords.

Even an EU Storage Block alone could cause him to perish.

Naturally, More Furniture, GraveStone, and mods like Avaritia were also discarded by Fang Mo.

The reason was simple. More Furniture primarily served as a decorative mod with limited practicality. One couldn't rely on additional furniture when engaging in battles in the Marvel world, could they?

(TL: As for how More Furniture got added. I don't know.)

Would one pull out a chair from the Alchemy Bag to smack someone?

That would be awesome- I mean absurd...

Do you think you're Jackie Chan Furniture Stye?

As for the gravestone module, Fang Mo knows that his last words have been turned into a compilation pack. He's currently in survival mode, so even if he dies, he can respawn at the spawn point. But if it were you, would you dare to actually die and try it?

Now, let's talk about the Avaritia module.

Fang Mo personally wants to play it, but unfortunately, this module consumes too many resources.

Moreover, the crafting recipe list for this module is as complicated as cooking sticky rice balls in the underworld. It's impossible to play without being able to view the crafting recipe list.

After giving up on some modules, Fang Mo has finally devised a rough development plan.

First and foremost, he definitely wants to play the Mutant Creatures module.

After all, the Ender Hand is incredibly useful. Fang Mo plans to defeat a few mutated Enderman bosses first and then take these Ender Hands with him when he visits the Marvel world next time, to see if he can enhance his Ender Hand Force Field.

Of course, the drops from the Mutated Zombie King are also quite good.

As for the Hulk Hammer and similar items... He thinks it would be interesting to have a showdown with Thor's Mjolnir when the opportunity arises.

Apart from the Mutant Creatures module, Fang Mo is currently most optimistic about the Tinker's Construct module.

This module adds numerous powerful weapons and tools to the game. However, the most important aspect is that it's incredibly easy to get started with this module.

It even considerately provided Fang Mo with a Tinker's Construct Manual.

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