18 Chapter 17

"Oh my God! A F*cking Teleportation Scroll!" exclaimed Fang Mo in astonishment as he saw the dull gray item in Steve's hand.

While Fang Mo knew that he would eventually be able to return, he never expected to be this fortunate to have the opportunity to go back immediately. It felt truly unbelievable.

If it weren't for the fact that Fang Mo hadn't dreamt since awakening his Stand, he would have thought he was still dreaming.

"I can finally go back..."

As Fang Mo looked at the scroll that would take him home, memories of the block-filled world flooded his mind. Honestly, it felt as if he was being transported to another world.

He could even feel his own world calling out to him.

This feeling urged him to leave without delay.

However, considering the unique nature of the Mystery Island mod, Fang Mo had a premonition that he might return in the future. So, for now, he had to address the current situation and prepare himself to avoid future troubles.

After quickly preparing breakfast for himself, Fang Mo walked into the living room and sat in front of the coffee table. He ate his meal while watching the news.

The commotion from last night was indeed significant, and the media extensively covered the events. The battle between the Hulk and the Abomination received particular attention. Of course, Fang Mo was also caught on camera. He wondered what the ordinary citizens in the Marvel world thought. They risked their lives to film videos even when they were in danger.

However, although these leaked videos and images were circulating, the complete process was not shown. It probably ended with Fang Mo and the Hulk attacking Abomination together.

Fang Mo speculated that the military and S.H.I.E.L.D. deliberately intervened in the situation. Moreover, the situation became extremely dangerous towards the end of the battle, and the citizens probably didn't dare to continue filming.

Nevertheless, the spectacle of this monster battle instilled fear and sparked discussions among the American people.

Naturally, they wanted to know the origin of these monsters. After all, the military had been conducting experiments for a long time, and various speculations were circulating. It was possible that another bio-creature was created through a secret experiment.

In addition, they were curious about the identity of the mysterious person who suddenly appeared. Was he a superhero? Or was he another monster created by the military?

Apart from this incident, Stark Industries was undergoing significant changes.

Firstly, regarding Obadiah, the official information stated that he had died in an accident caused by a failed experiment.

With such a major incident occurring within the company, Tony Stark had no choice but to hold a press conference to address the situation. During the conference, he explained that Stark Industries would undergo a transformation and cease its involvement in the arms business. He vowed never to create weapons again and hinted at a shift towards becoming an energy company or something similar.

However, this aspect is currently just a plan because Stark Industries is a massive entity, and an immediate transformation is impossible.

During the press conference, journalists gathered information about the Iron Man armor and asked Tony Stark questions on the spot. They were curious about the identity of the flying robot and its connection to Stark Industries. They also wondered if Stark Industries was collaborating with the military on research, given Stark's previous loss of control.

Although Fang Mo's influence prevented a large-scale mech battle between Obadiah and Stark in New York, it was not surprising for Stark, with his arrogant and flamboyant personality, to fly around in the suit. It was expected that people would capture some clues.

After all, Stark never intended to hide, right?

The military and higher-ups had anticipated this and prepared a set of explanatory scripts for Stark.

However, they didn't expect Stark to casually glance at a few pages of the speech and instantly lose patience. Without hesitation, he threw the script on the table and spontaneously uttered the most iconic line from Marvel, "I am Iron Man."

The media below erupted with excitement upon hearing this line, and the flashlights went wild as they sought to create a major news headline out of it.

"This guy is really something."

Agents below witnessed the scene and slapped their faces, commenting, "I prepared fifty witnesses for him. Why doesn't he stick to the script?"

As for Stark himself...

After uttering the line, he suddenly furrowed his brow as if he had just remembered something.

In an instant, his mind shook dramatically, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

Yes, right after saying the classic line, Stark recalled the moment he first met Fang Mo. It seemed like Fang Mo directly said the words, "Damn! Iron Man!?"

Considering the remarks Fang Mo regularly made against him, Stark realized that Fang Mo had a particular bias against palladium. From the beginning, Fang Mo had been joking about radiation and even highlighted the hazards of Stark's arc reactor the previous night, suggesting that if Stark consumed chlorophyll and vomited, he could seek help from Fang Mo.

Stark was well aware of chlorophyll's ability to alleviate heavy metal poisoning, and indeed, his arc reactor had a defect of excessive palladium concentration. But how did a non-scientific sorcerer like Fang Mo possess knowledge of these matters?

An indescribable sense of absurdity flooded Stark's heart.

With these thoughts in mind, Stark no longer intended to continue the press conference. Without uttering a word, he turned around and left.

He had numerous questions to ask Fang Mo face to face. Previously, his mind had been consumed with creating the Iron Man armor, and he had never considered these aspects. However, upon careful analysis, Stark realized that Fang Mo was full of uncertainties, whether it was his previous statements, the way he looked at Stark, or his attitude in speech.

It's as if... the other person knows me extremely well.

"Hey, Tony, where are you going?"

Pepper Potts and Colonel Rhodes quickly followed Tony Stark when they saw him abruptly leaving the press conference, asking, "What's happening?"

"I suddenly remembered an urgent matter that needs immediate attention."

Stark had already gotten into the car as he spoke. "Pepper, handle these reporters for me. Happy, drive."

"Boss, where are we going?" Happy dutifully asked.

"To Fang Mo!"

Stark immediately declared, "He should still be at home!"

Without hesitation, Happy stepped on the accelerator, and the car's engine roared loudly, instantly taking Stark to the outskirts of New York City.

However, when Stark arrived at Fang Mo's residence, he happened to see Nick Fury coming out with a stern expression.

"Tony Stark, the famous Mr. Iron Man." Upon spotting Stark, Nick Fury immediately approached him. "It seems you're here to find Fang Mo as well, but unfortunately, we're all a step too late."

"We're late?"

Stark was taken aback. "Did he leave?"

"Yes." Nick Fury shook his head. "He has already left this place, but nobody knows his exact whereabouts. It could another universe or another timeline. We're not sure either."

Upon hearing this, Stark didn't know what to say. He felt a tightness in his chest. Now he had nowhere to ask all the questions he wanted to ask. His mind was filled with a bunch of inquiries, and for someone like him, this feeling was truly uncomfortable.

"But even though he left, he left something for you."

Just then, Nick Fury suddenly said.

"What?" Stark was puzzled.

Nick Fury didn't speak, but silently took something out of his pocket.

It was a pure golden apple.

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