17 Chapter 16

Obadiah's defeat is evident; he is finished.

Even if the impact didn't kill him, he couldn't withstand the subsequent compression and suffocation. After all, he's an ordinary person in an armor suit, not a monster like the Hulk or Abomination.

Despite dealing with Obadiah, Fang Mo was still frustrated.

There was nothing he could do. The new module held immense importance to him. Even if he didn't know how to use the loaded modules, he could at least get a Lucky Block.

You see, Fang Mo's only hope of returning to the Minecraft world relied solely on the Lucky Block.

Although Fang Mo found it amusing to cause trouble in the Marvel world, the problem was his current weakness.

At first glance, the Ender's Hand Force Field seemed powerful, but in reality, Fang Mo could only control objects weighing a few dozen tons at most. This was reasonable considering that in the original game, the Ender's Hand Force Field could only lift a gold block weighing around 19.32 tons.

In fact, when Fang Mo was controlling those cobblestones just now, the Ender's Hand Force Field was already overloaded, resulting in varying degrees of damage to his hands.

Fortunately, his current digitized body quickly healed from these minor injuries.

Besides the Ender's Hand Force Field, Fang Mo's Stand, Steve, was also quite weak at the moment.

You see, Steve only had iron armor, and the durability of his shield and iron sword was running low. The glass sword he obtained from the lottery was also used up when he stabbed Abomination in the back. Moreover, the most crucial thing was that Fang Mo couldn't gather resources in the Marvel world at all, despite having several modules loaded. He couldn't utilize them.

To be honest, if Fang Mo could freely travel between the two worlds, he could easily defeat these Marvel villains.

"Damn, what should I do now..."

Standing in a devastated underground laboratory, Fang Mo started to get a headache. "I don't even know what that machine was just now. If all else fails, I'll have Stark buy another one, the same model, and give it a try..."

"But then again, why would a new module appear on a machine?"

Fang Mo found it strange and recalled various scenes that triggered new modules before. "The Chinese Translation Module was triggered because those terrorists said something I couldn't understand. The Tinker Construct Module was triggered because I observed the process of smelting and pouring metals. The Mutant Creatures Module was triggered because I killed Abomination, a genetically mutated monster. So, a new feature detected on a machine... machine... machine..."

"A machine? Could it be a technology-related module?"

With this thought, a lightning bolt seemed to strike Fang Mo's mind. "Wait! If a 'machine' is a prerequisite for unlocking technology-related modules, then any 'machine' should work, right? Just like when I unlocked the Mutant Creatures module, if I didn't have Abomination, I could have directly fought the Hulk since they both belong to mutant creatures…"

Fang Mo could feel his heart rate quickening.

He glanced around and noticed that despite the laboratory being mostly destroyed, a few machines had miraculously avoided significant damage. They appeared to be in working condition.

To confirm his suspicions, Fang Mo cautiously approached the machines.

As he placed his hand on one of them, he heard a prompt resonating in his mind.

[System Prompt: New module detected. Research and acquire download permissions.]

"It actually works!"

Fang Mo's excitement surged upon hearing the system prompt.

To be honest, Fang Mo wasn't well-versed in technology-related modules. In Fang Mo's old server gameplay, building and crafting were his main responsibilities, while others focused on exploration, battles, and looting.

However, Fang Mo's current objective was the Lucky Block, making the modules less crucial.

Thus, Fang Mo immediately delved into studying the machine.

The machine resembled server clusters, with numerous tangled wires connecting to large metal circuit boards. Various data lights blinked, and the hum of fans filled the air. Honestly, Fang Mo couldn't fully comprehend it, and it left him with a headache.

Fortunately, not long after, another electronic prompt echoed in Fang Mo's mind.

[System Prompt: 'Circuit Unit' structure studied. You have gained 10% download permissions for the new module.]


Startled by the system prompt, Fang Mo exclaimed, "Wasn't it a direct download?"

As if in response to Fang Mo's query, the seemingly lifeless electronic voice provided an unexpected answer: [System Prompt: Please study more related structures to unlock download permissions for new modules.]


Despite the slight surprise, Fang Mo accepted the situation and immediately turned his attention to another nearby machine.

[System Prompt: 'Transformer Box' structure studied. You have gained 25% download permissions for the new module.]

Soon enough, the system prompt sounded once again.

By now, Fang Mo had figured out the pattern. While the system instructed him to study the machines, in reality, Fang Mo could even stare blankly at them. So, whenever he heard the system prompt, he swiftly moved to another machine to continue his contemplation.

Before long, he succeeded.

[System Prompt: 'Circuit Unit,' 'Transformer Box,' 'Wrench,' 'Steel,' 'Energy Network' concepts studied. You have gained download permissions for a new module.]

[System Prompt: Industrial Craft Module download initiated.]


Fang Mo's excitement peaked upon hearing this system prompt, and he clenched his fist in exhilaration.

However, studying these machines may have consumed some time. Just as the new module began its download, Fang Mo heard footsteps approaching the door.

Fang Mo turned his head and saw Stark and Pepper Potts arriving, supporting each other. Their relationship seemed to have warmed up after experiencing the crisis.

"Is it over already?" Stark was the first to speak, observing the chaotic laboratory. "Did you take care of Obediah?"

"Have you ever heard of a dimensional strike?" Fang Mo, in a cheerful mood, began his nonsensical talk. "I clapped my hands and sent that guy from three dimensions to two dimensions directly."

"Huh?" Stark, wearing a disbelieving expression, had no idea what had happened. "Dimension manipulation? Is that sorcery too? How did you..."

Before Stark could finish his sentence, the nearby stone wall cracked, and rocks started to peel off, revealing a pool of dazzling crimson and the completely deformed Iron Monger armor.

"...I knew you were talking nonsense." Seeing this scene, Stark quickly changed his tone. "There's never a word of truth in your mouth."

"Well, at least I saved you," Fang Mo replied. "Do you know the sacrifices I made using the reactor to save you? It's nuclear radiation. Who knows if my genes mutated... Genetic mutation, do you realize the psychological damage it inflicts on a Sorcerer?"

"I told you, palladium isn't radioactive!" Stark couldn't help but interject. "As a sorcerer, you should focus on studying spells instead of mentioning scientific terms all the time..."

"Are you sure palladium is harmless to the human body?" Fang Mo suddenly laughed.

"Huh?" Stark was also taken aback by the question.

"Well, I've already warned you. That thing on your chest can save you, but it can also destroy you," Fang Mo shook his head and hummed a tune while walking away. "When you've had enough chlorophyll to the point of vomiting, remember to come find me."

After saying that, without waiting for Stark's reaction, Fang Mo transformed into a purple light and disappeared.

"Tony, is what he said true?" Pepper Potts, having heard Fang Mo's words, immediately questioned Stark. "Is that thing on your chest dangerous?"

"Well..." Stark suddenly felt a headache. "Pepper, let me explain…"

Fang Mo chose not to wander outside.

After leaving the laboratory, he immediately returned home.

The Iron Man and Hulk storyline had almost reached its conclusion after defeating Abomination and Obadiah. While there might be some events following that, Fang Mo no longer considered them.

The military and S.H.I.E.L.D. would naturally handle the cleanup of this mess.

As for Fang Mo himself, he no longer cared.

He might as well dedicate his time to researching the new module.

Unfortunately, the Industrial Craft module appeared to have an extensive amount of content. Fang Mo waited for a long time, but it still hadn't finished downloading. Eventually, unable to resist, he lied down on his bed and fell asleep.

It wasn't until noon the next day, while still groggy from sleep, that Fang Mo was awakened by the system notification sound.

[System Prompt: Industrial Craft module download complete. Would you like to load it?]


Initially confused, Fang Mo quickly snapped out of it and sat up in bed. "Load it! Load it quickly!"

[System Prompt: Industrial Craft module loaded successfully.]

[System Prompt: As you have downloaded and run a brand new module, you have obtained a Lucky Block. This Lucky Block will randomly draw an item from 'any known' module.]

With the system notification sound, a colorful block appeared directly in Steve's inventory.

Upon seeing the Lucky Block, Fang Mo instinctively wanted to open it, but in the next moment, Nick Fury's flashed through his mind.

"Phew... Stay calm."

Fang Mo took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down.

The last time he drew a prize, it was due to the influence of Nick Fury, that black hearted guy, that Fang Mo only received an Alchemy Bag. It was truly frustrating for him at the time.

This time, in order to draw something he desired, Fang Mo decided to rely on metaphysics.

He got out of bed, went to the bathroom, took a thorough shower, changed into a fresh set of clothes, and finally solemnly bowed to Notch (the founder of Minecraft) before opening the Lucky Block.

As the Lucky Block was opened, a flash of white light appeared.

In Steve's hand, an item called the "Home Return Scroll" appeared.

"What the heck?!"

Fang Mo exclaimed in shock.

(TL: Training Arc Begin.)

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