16 Chapter 15: Fang Mo vs Obadiah Iron Monger (3)

Obadiah is currently in a state of genuine panic.

In reality, he has always been an ordinary person, primarily exposed to the high-tech inventions developed by Stark. He has no concept of witchcraft or other mysterious phenomena.

In this aspect, Obadiah is similar to Stark; both are passionate believers in science.

However, Stark personally witnessed Fang Mo slaughtering terrorists. The heavily armed terrorists had no chance to resist and were wiped out in a matter of minutes. Despite taking a bullet to the head, Fang Mo remained unscathed. Witnessing these extraordinary events firsthand shattered and reshaped Stark's worldview, making him realize that there are many things in this world he doesn't understand.

On the other hand, Obadiah had only heard rumors. He merely heard that Stark was saved by a sorcerer a.

In his opinion, these sorcerers were nothing more than tricksters performing insignificant tricks like turning water into oil or shooting fireballs. Even if they were impressive, could they withstand bullets?

What Obadiah didn't expect was that they actually could...

So, can we blame him?

Observing Fang Mo effortlessly blocking bullets, Obadiah immediately pressed another button. The Iron Monger's shoulder armor abruptly opened, and a missile slowly emerged from it.

"If bullets won't work, how about a missile?"

Fang Mo glanced at Obadiah and casually waved his hand. The crane on the left side of the laboratory was forcefully lifted into the air and slammed heavily onto Obadiah.

Weighing over ten tons, the crane struck Obadiah directly in the face, pushing the Iron Monger back a step.

Then, with a sudden loud bang, flames engulfed Obadiah's figure instantaneously.

Yes, the missile on the Iron Monger's shoulder hadn't even been launched yet, but it was directly hit by the heavy object. It exploded with astonishing power, causing the Iron Monger to topple backward and blowing debris away with the shockwave.

"Ugh... Uh..."

Seeing the Iron Monger overturned by the explosion, Tony desperately tried to make a sound, attempting to get Fang Mo's attention. After all, he was in mortal danger and needed to find a way to save himself.

"Oh, right, I almost forgot about you."

When Fang Mo noticed Stark crawling on the ground, trying to catch his attention, he finally realized it. He swiftly took out the prototype arc reactor from his pocket. "How is this thing installed? Is it like inserting a lamp, just like Ultraman?"

"Pl-please... let me... do it..."

While Fang Mo examined the arc reactor, a female voice came from nearby. He turned his head and saw Pepper Potts. She, too, was unable to stand up at the moment, but she gritted her teeth and slowly crawled toward Stark's direction. "I... helped Tony install... this thing..."

"Alright, you do it then."

Fang Mo nodded and handed the reactor directly to Pepper.

Meanwhile, Obadiah managed to stand up again. Although the missile's power was considerable, the Iron Monger's armor was remarkably thick, providing protection against this level of attack.

"Sorcerer, I have indeed underestimated you."

Perhaps the Iron Monger's sturdy armor gave Obadiah a strong sense of security, and he appeared visibly less panicked now. He said, "But here at Stark Industries, the power of technology is far more formidable than you can imagine!"

"Oh, really?"

Fang Mo laughed nonchalantly. "Well then, it seems I have to open your eyes."

In the next second, before Obadiah could react, Fang Mo's palm emitted a faint purple light and made a downward gesture in mid-air.

Obadiah was momentarily stunned at the sight. He genuinely couldn't make sense of this inexplicable sorcery. However, the next moment, the suit of armor suddenly sounded an alarm. Obadiah instinctively looked up and realized that the entire ceiling was collapsing.

Simultaneously, footsteps could be heard at the door, followed by Agent Coulson and several agents rushing in.

"Huh? Where's Fury?"

Fang Mo turned his head but didn't spot Nick Fury.

"The director has other matters to attend to and left. He instructed us to handle the situation here." Coulson raised his handgun and asked, "What about the enemies? Have they escaped or been dealt with?"

"They haven't been dealt with yet, but we're close."

Fang Mo pointed to Stark and Pepper Potts on the ground. "For now, you should take these two out first, or they might accidentally injured themselves..."


Coulson hesitated for a moment, apparently contemplating whether to follow Fang Mo's command.

"I'm already a technical advisor for S.H.I.E.L.D now. Technically, I'm your superior, so listen up." Fang Mo urged directly, seeing Coulson's hesitation. "Or I'll fire you right away."

Coulson opened his mouth, seemingly wanting to retort and explain that a technical advisor wasn't a high-ranking position. However, upon seeing Fang Mo's smug expression, he wisely closed his mouth, waved his hand, and said, "...Take Mr. Stark and Miss Potts out."

Promptly, the agents escorted Stark and Pepper Potts out of the underground laboratory.

Meanwhile, Obadiah emerged once again from the ruins.

"Your magic can't harm me..."

Being pushed back twice in a row infuriated Obadiah. Just as he emerged from the ruins, he couldn't help but start shouting. However, before he could finish his words, a massive machine flew directly towards him.

Obadiah immediately crossed his hands in front of him, not wanting to be knocked down again. He needed to find a way to block this attack. However, after maintaining the posture for a while, he didn't feel any sensation of a heavy object approaching. Perplexed, he looked up.

To his surprise, he found that the enormous machine was actually suspended in mid-air.

Meanwhile, Fang Mo's nearby face expressed astonishment.


Witnessing this scene, Obadiah also felt puzzled. Could it be that the other party finally realized the power of the Iron Monger armor and didn't know what to do next? As this thought crossed Obadiah's mind, he couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement. It seemed he had bet correctly on Tony's Iron Man armor being the most powerful.

So here's the problem: Does Fang Mo truly fear Obadiah's armor? In reality, no matter how strong this damaged armor may be, it can never surpass the strength of a true monster like Abomination, right?

[System Prompt: New Module Detected. Download permission Granted Upon Research.]

What truly surprised Fang Mo was this notification sound.

"What... is happening?"

Honestly, when Fang Mo heard this notification sound, even he was perplexed because he had no idea where this new module feature came from.

If it's supposed to be a new module reward for defeating the boss...

Then why didn't the electronic sound activate when he initially attacked Obadiah?

"Could it be this damn machine?"

Fang Mo suspiciously glanced at the large instrument being pulled by an Ender Hand Force Field. Frankly, he had no clue about the purpose of this machines, but it seemed to have triggered the new module feature.

With this thought in mind, Fang Mo decided to pull the machine towards him to examine it.

However, before he could make a move, Obadiah suddenly took action. Upon realizing that Fang Mo couldn't harm him, Obadiah visibly grew more confident. He raised his hand and smashed the machine in front of him, instantly reducing it to a pile of debris. Then, he accelerated towards Fang Mo.


Witnessing the destruction of this peculiar machine, Fang Mo's anger surged.

You see, loading modules and drawing rewards was his only hope of returning to the Minecraft world. And now, Obadiah had destroyed the machine. Given Fang Mo's explosive temper, how could he not be furious?

"You motherf*cker, you want to die?"

Fang Mo dangerously narrowed his eyes. Initially, his intention was to capture Obadiah, but now it was evident that he had changed his mind. With a mere thought, his Stand, Steve, promptly retrieved cobblestone and arranged it on the ground. In an instant, numerous one-meter-square rocks appeared around Fang Mo.

In the next moment, he made an upward gesture with his hand.

These rocks floated slowly in mid-air, resembling cannonballs, and were propelled towards Obadiah.

Obadiah roared and evaded the first rock, then deflected the second one with his fists. However, the third rock landed heavily on his chest, throwing off his balance. Before he could recover, the fourth, fifth, and all the other rocks crashed down upon him, propelling Iron Monger's colossal body through the air.

But that wasn't the end.

Fang Mo raised his hand and made a pulling motion.

Iron Monger came to an abrupt stop in mid-air and swiftly flew towards Fang Mo's direction.

"Do you think your iron shell is cool?"

After pulling Iron Monger towards himself, Fang Mo smiled directly at Obadiah inside, saying, "The Ender's Hand Force Field can't directly affect living beings, so when I fought Abomination earlier, I had to gradually wear it down. But you, you foolish idiot, have prepared yourself the most badass coffin..."

At this point, Fang Mo waved his hand once again, and Iron Monger was mercilessly smashed into the nearby ruins like trash.


Obadiah struggled to stand up from the ruins. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly noticed Fang Mo raising both hands, and in an instant, the system alarm blared loudly.

He quickly looked around and discovered that two stone walls had inexplicably appeared on both sides.


"Go to hell!"

As Fang Mo spoke, he clapped his hands together with a loud smack.

Suddenly, the two stone walls emitted a brilliant purple light and rapidly squeezed towards the center. In the next second, they collided with a thunderous roar, instantly engulfing everything in a cloud of smoke and dust. The entire basement shook violently, as if it could collapse at any moment.

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