13 Chapter 12

Fang Mo could clearly perceive the vigilance and hostility emanating from General Ross in front of him.

It's evident that Fang Mo is the one despised, but the other party simply refuses to acknowledge his presence. They probably perceive Fang Mo as some kind of monster.

Naturally, Fang Mo had nothing to say to him in the first place. In the plot, this guy is a complete idiot. It would be a waste of breath to reason with him. Even General Ross's own daughter strongly dislikes him. So, why bother with someone like him?

In comparison, S.H.I.E.L.D. is slightly better on this side, despite being infiltrated by Hydra. But at least Nick Fury is still reliable. Let's not dwell on it; at the very least, he genuinely wants to protect the Earth.

"Allow me to introduce Mr. Fang Mo, our newly hired technical advisor at S.H.I.E.L.D."

When faced with General Ross's inquiry, Nick Fury also responded calmly, "Considering the destructive power of the military's recent creation, we have made thorough preparations to control the situation."

"What is he?"

General Ross asked, "Is he your modified soldier? Does he have superpowers?"

According to General Ross's thought process, their military is secretly researching the serum of super soldiers, but the experiments have failed. That's why Abomination managed to escape. It is estimated that Nick Fury has acquired more advanced technology, resulting in the creation of superpowered soldiers like Fang Mo.

"This is an internal matter within S.H.I.E.L.D. It is currently inconvenient to disclose," Nick Fury promptly refused to reveal any relevant information.


General Ross was surprised.

"It stands for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division," Nick Fury explained, "The name is quite lengthy, so we'll refer to it as S.H.I.E.L.D. from now on."

"Alright, S.H.I.E.L.D."

General Ross's attention was not on the name at all, "Has your modification technology been submitted to Congress?"

"This technology is confidential," calmly lied Nick Fury, "Congress has already secretly approved it, but they haven't notified all the departments, including the military."

"Do you think I can't tell you're speaking nonsense?"

General Ross sneered. He held significant influence within the military; it was impossible for him not to have heard any rumors, "I will report this matter to Congress today."

"Of course."

Nick Fury remained composed, "We will also report to Congress. We will explain that due to the military's unauthorized research on modified soldiers, an accident occurred, resulting in the destruction of an entire block. And due to the severity of the situation, S.H.I.E.L.D. had to intervene to assist the military in resolving the issue…"


Upon hearing this, General Ross became furious. It's true that he hadn't submitted an application to Congress for his plan to create the modified soldier Blonsky (the Abomination). He should have come up with some excuses, but if the other party really reports this to Congress, he will be in big trouble.

"General Ross, I hope you can face reality," Nick Fury continued, "The military has no control over the Hulk. Hand it over to us. I believe you just saw that the Hulk gets along well with our technical advisor."

"You know nothing!" Ross roared, "The Hulk took my daughter, and the main culprit is your damn technical advisor. He handed Betty over to that monster himself!"

"Come on, your daughter has been taken by the Hulk more than once," Fang Mo couldn't help but chuckle, "If something were to happen, it would have happened already. Maybe in a few months, you'll be able to hold your grandchild and won't need to research super soldier serums anymore..."

"What did you say?!" Ross's face turned green, as if he really imagined that scene.

"Enough, General Ross," Nick Fury quickly intervened, "I suggest you deal with the problems here quickly. The incident tonight has caused a huge uproar. You don't want to be impeached by Congress, do you?"

"My daughter is still with the Hulk..."

"We will handle this matter for you," Nick Fury assured, "After experiencing this incident, I believe you've realized that the military can't control the Hulk. Just like the monster that appeared today, your solution was to release the Hulk to fight against it... It's evident that the military can't solve these problems, and it will only bring more trouble. So, let S.H.I.E.L.D. handle this. We are professionals in dealing with these things."

"I don't have the authority to hand over the Hulk to you," General Ross said irritably. "You have to personally report it to Congress."

"I will," Nick Fury responded, locking eyes with General Ross.

General Ross seemed to have more to say, but his words were interrupted by a sudden phone ring. Nick Fury took out his phone, glanced at it, and abruptly turned to walk away.

Curious, Fang Mo followed suit.

While walking backward, Nick Fury chose to ignore the ringing phone, letting it continue without answering.

"Why don't you answer it?" Fang Mo leaned in, wearing a cheerful expression. "This call from the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is very important. Answer it quickly."

Nick Fury glanced at Fang Mo but remained silent.

"Damn it, why don't you answer!" Fang Mo suddenly feigned aggression. "If you don't answer, don't expect to stay alive!"

"Are you done acting?" Nick Fury asked directly.

"Huh?" Fang Mo paused, then returned to his normal expression. "You figured it out?"

"My special agent psychology analysis is top-notch," Nick Fury stated, glancing at Fang Mo and mentally noting his "strong desire for attention."

"Top-notch psychology?" Fang Mo asked curiously. "So, you must have strong psychological resilience. Would you get angry if I insulted you?"

"I would," Nick Fury reminded. "But now is not the time for small talk. Stark is in trouble."

"Huh?" Fang Mo was surprised to hear this news. He looked at Nick Fury and realized that he indeed didn't answer the call, but how did he know about this information?

"Miniature bone conduction earpiece."

Just as if he had anticipated Fang Mo's thoughts, Nick Fury spoke directly, "Magic isn't all-powerful, is it?"

"Alright," Fang Mo shrugged. "So, what happened with Stark?"

"Obadiah has captured Pepper Potts," Nick Fury calmly stated. "He's threatening Stark, trying to obtain something from him suspected to be the Iron Man armor technology..."

"You mean the arc reactor?" Fang Mo quickly grasped the situation. "The original Mark series armor isn't a complex technology. It's easy to make improvements with the blueprints. However, the technology for that miniaturized arc reactor is highly advanced. I doubt Obadiah can replicate it."

"How do you know?" Nick Fury looked at Fang Mo in surprise. Their agents monitored Stark daily but hadn't gathered any information related to this.

"Technology isn't all-powerful either, right?" Fang Mo smiled, retorting with Nick Fury's earlier statement.


Nick Fury remained silent, mentally noting that Fang Mo holds grudges.

However, not long after, another phone rang, interrupting them. This time, it wasn't Nick Fury's phone but Fang Mo's.

Fang Mo was taken aback. He hadn't even given his phone number to anyone yet, so how did the call get through?

Before Fang Mo could react, Nick Fury, standing beside him, reminded him with the same words.

"Why don't you answer it?"

"..." Fang Mo's face darkened. He didn't expect this guy to be so petty.

Despite his annoyance, he still had to answer the call. After all, he wasn't afraid of the other party eavesdropping. So, he pressed the answer button directly, and the next second, Stark's voice came through, "Thank God, Fang Mo, you finally remembered you had a phone..."

"Stark?" Upon hearing the voice, Fang Mo had a good idea why Stark was calling him. He asked directly, "What happened?"

"Pepper is in trouble. Obadiah has captured her and is threatening me to hand over the arc reactor," Stark nervously explained over the phone.

"Did you give it to him?" Fang Mo inquired.

"Of course, I didn't," Stark immediately responded. "It's my lifeline now. Without the electromagnet inside, keeping the shrapnel at bay, I'll die soon... But Obadiah has given me only half an hour. If he doesn't get the arc reactor, Pepper's life will be in danger."

"I understand," Fang Mo nodded, even though Stark couldn't see him. "So, you're asking for my help, right? No problem. We'll meet at your place in ten minutes."

"My house?"

Stark seemed momentarily confused. "Wait, which house are you referring to? I can't remember how many villas I own..."

"Damn you, you evil capitalist." Fang Mo's eye twitched. "I'm talking about the seaside villa where you work on the armor. Stay right there, and your worker grandpa will soon come with a lamppost to find you."

"A lamppost? What on earth?"

Clearly, Stark had never heard a capitalist joke before, but in his anxiety, he couldn't dwell on it. "Alright, fine, I'll head back. Hurry up, I'm worried Pepper might be in danger..."

"Don't worry, she won't die."

Fang Mo rolled his eyes and promptly ended the call.

"It seems we both received the same message." After Fang Mo hung up, Nick Fury beside him asked directly, "Miss Potts won't be in real danger, right? Did you predict this with your sorcery?"

"I also predicted that you'll eventually turn to ashes," Fang Mo replied while walking toward the helicopter behind him. "Stop wasting time, let's save her quickly."

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