12 Chapter 11: Fang Mo vs Abomination (4) (End)

Upon witnessing Betty's helicopter being hit, Hulk immediately charged towards it.

However, Fang Mo was even faster. In an instant, a purple light enveloped the entire aircraft, bringing the out-of-control helicopter to a halt in mid-air.

But Fang Mo didn't anticipate that while he was controlling the helicopter, Abomination noticed him on the rooftop.

"I found you, insect!"

Abomination revealed a sinister smile. In the next second, he forcefully stomped his feet, causing a thunderous boom as the hard asphalt road formed a deep crater, propelling him towards Fang Mo like a cannonball.

"Damn it!"

Fang Mo hadn't expected Abomination to discover him, and his stand-in, Steve, was too far away from his real body. It was now too late to call him back.

Just as Fang Mo was about to give up the helicopter and prepare to escape using Ender's Hand teleportation, a terrifying roar suddenly erupted from a short distance away. Immediately after, a colossal green figure charged from the side, smashing Abomination out of the mid-air leap.

Of course, it was Hulk who came rushing over.

Although summoned to confront Abomination, Bruce Banner and Hulk didn't necessarily share the same thoughts. While Banner considered Abomination an enemy, Hulk didn't even know who Abomination was and was more infuriated by the military, who had been pursuing him.

He would rather topple military tanks than deal with Abomination.

However, Abomination's reckless attack on the helicopter truly enraged Hulk.

Hulk adored Betty like a child. Now, this big guy named Abomination dared to harm her. Could Hulk tolerate it? Anger consumed all his rationality, and calling him furious would be an understatement. Even the gamma energy suppressant inside him couldn't restrain him any longer.


In his current state of extreme rage, Hulk emitted a terrifying green glow seeping from his body. His muscles expanded, and his height continued to increase.

He roared ferociously as he charged towards Abomination, unleashing a series of powerful punches that were completely different from before. Abomination continuously retreated under the impact of this terrifying force. But it didn't end there. Hulk suddenly threw an uppercut, sending Abomination soaring into the air. Hulk then leaped high, clenched his fists together, and brought them crashing down on Abomination with all his might, creating a thunderous explosion as Abomination was slammed back to the ground.

After enduring this onslaught from Hulk, even Abomination could only lie on the ground, groaning in pain.

His jawbone was on the verge of being shattered by Hulk, his entire body wracked with excruciating pain. His mind was in chaos, and despite struggling a few times, he couldn't manage to stand up from the ground.


Compared to Abomination's pitiful state, Hulk's momentum had reached its peak. He continued to stride towards Abomination, emitting a terrifying roar as if he intended to utterly crush his opponent.

However, at that very moment, a sudden voice rang out.

"Hey, Hulk."

Upon hearing the voice, Hulk immediately turned in anger, ready to unleash a roar. However, he saw Fang Mo nearby, holding Betty, who had a pale face. "It seems like this girl got scared earlier and is still frightened. Can you come over and comfort her?"


Hulk appeared stunned by the scene.

"She seems to trust only you."

Fang Mo had read the original story, so he knew that Hulk had his own thoughts. But to him, Hulk seemed more like an ignorant child. So he continued, "I saved her from that guy. He didn't harm her, but she was terrified. She kept asking for the big guy Hulk to protect her."


Hearing Fang Mo's words, Hulk trembled, clearly feeling helpless. From his creation until now, he had only known how to stay angry. It was the first time he encountered something like this. Betty... actually wanted him to protect her?

For some reason, Hulk felt the anger in his heart fading, replaced by a strange emotion.

Was it concern? He didn't understand.

"Come, catch her."

Observing this, Fang Mo walked over and reached out his hand, passing Betty to Hulk. "She's really scared right now. You need to find a way to comfort her."

Seeing Fang Mo's action, Hulk also carefully extended his hands.

He held Betty as if cradling something fragile and precious, gently embracing her. He wanted to comfort her but didn't know how. Despite being a terrifying giant, he fumbled like a child.

"Take her to a safe place. I'll deal with this monster."

Fang Mo patted Hulk's arm and smiled. "Don't worry, I know you're furious with this guy. I promise I'll smash him hard for you. How about that?"

With Fang Mo's words, Steve, who had been hiding in the shadows, drew his iron sword and fiercely stabbed Abomination's other eye, filled with hatred.


Intense pain caused Abomination to let out a miserable scream and struggle desperately.


Seeing Abomination in such agony, Hulk appeared very satisfied. He grinned mischievously, nodding approvingly at Fang Mo.

The handover process went smoothly, and soon Hulk took Betty and left the scene.

The stage was now solely for Fang Mo.

Blinded in both eyes, Abomination had completely lost its threat. Fang Mo no longer bothered using the powers of the Ender Hand. He directly controlled Steve to repeatedly stab Abomination's buttocks with the iron sword, slowly draining its strength.

"Damn it! Fight me face to face!"

In a frenzy, Abomination attacked everything around it. However, as soon as Steve landed a hit, he immediately retreated, not giving Abomination a chance to counterattack.

Before long, Abomination's body was covered in numerous wounds.

These wounds weren't deep, but their sheer number was overwhelming. Abomination had turned into a bloody mess. Without the ability to grow stronger as it became angrier, like the Hulk, Abomination had lost too much blood. It was clear that it was on its last legs.

"You... damn... bug..."

Abomination weakly resisted, his tone filled with unwillingness. "If it weren't for Hulk... how could you possibly be my match..."

"Oh, really?"

Upon hearing this, Fang Mo sneered coldly.

In the next moment, a soft "puchi" sound was heard, and Abomination suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. Immediately after, a crystal-clear blade pierced through his chest and emerged.

"What... is... this..."

Abomination's body stiffened abruptly, and an expression of disbelief appeared on his face.

However, in the next moment, the blade shattered, followed by a gust of wind attacking from above. Abomination instinctively tried to dodge, but with his heart pierced, his strength rapidly drained away, leaving him unable to avoid it.

"Take my road roller!"

Fang Mo's voice resonated as a huge road roller descended from the sky.

Abomination struggled to raise his hand to block, but Fang Mo's hands lit up with a purple radiance. Fist after fist mercilessly smashed onto the road roller beneath him. The Ender's Hand material-interfering force field further enhanced the kinetic energy carried by the road roller.

With a loud "boom," the entire road roller was smashed into the ground.

The asphalt road churned like liquid, countless spider-web-like cracks spreading outward in a frenzy. The ground in several nearby blocks shook violently as a result.

[System prompt: Research data on 'Mutant Creatures' obtained... Permission Granted…]

[System prompt: Downloading Mutant Creatures Module...]

"Just as I expected."

Upon hearing this prompt, Fang Mo finally revealed a happy smile.

In fact, this module was very lightweight, only adding a few new monsters to the game, such as mutant zombie kings, mutant Enderman kings, mutant Creeper kings, and so on. Defeating them would yield certain items.

The Ender's Hand that Fang Mo currently wielded was a drop from the mutant Enderman king.

Fang Mo didn't anticipate the Ender Hand to be so powerful after being materialized. Not only did it lose its durability restrictions, but its strength was also off the charts. It could even grab helicopters, which was incredibly cool.

When the Ender's Hand materialized, it transformed into a force field, which can actually be stacked. If it's possible to stack them, Fang Mo plans to kill more mutated Enderman kings upon returning home to further increase his strength.

While Fang Mo felt delighted, Nick Fury was somewhat frustrated.

After all, this operation was primarily the responsibility of the authorities, and S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't have the authority to act. Fang Mo took independent action, causing such a significant disturbance. They would likely face consequences from higher-ranking officials.

You see, when Fang Mo used the road roller to smash the ground, the subway station almost collapsed. The cost of repairs remains unknown.

If they deduct the expenses from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s operational funds, Nick Fury will undoubtedly be furious.

"Can't you use spells that are less disruptive?"

Upon finding Fang Mo, Nick Fury immediately exclaimed, "Do you realize the extent of the damage caused by you and the Hulk?"

"Well, why don't you do it yourself then?"

Fearless of Nick Fury, Fang Mo shrugged and said, "But are you willing to use those energy weapons? Or maybe showcase the Helicarrier?"

"Is there anything in this world that you don't know?"

Upon hearing Fang Mo's words, Nick Fury couldn't help but rub his forehead. He was almost ready to give up on trying to manage the situation. "The Helicarrier is still in the testing phase and cannot be officially deployed at the moment..."

However, just as he said that, trouble arrived.

Suddenly, a military armored vehicle approached from a distance and stopped in front of them. The door opened, and General Ross, wearing a sour expression, limped out of the car with the assistance of two soldiers.

"I truly appreciate your support, Fury."

General Ross first glanced cautiously at Fang Mo, then turned to Nick Fury and said, "But don't you plan on explaining? What exactly is happening here?"

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