11 Chapter 10: Fang Mo vs Abomination (3)

"This...this is..."

The soldiers were stunned when Fang Mo suddenly appeared in front of them. However, relief quickly flooded over them, causing them to slump down with weak legs as they gasped for breath.

It was at this moment that they realized their backs were soaked in cold sweat.

"What is that thing?!" General Ross, who witnessed everything from a distance, was also shocked.

He saw it firsthand. Although this person didn't look much different from an ordinary individual, they had materialized out of thin air. It was too strange to comprehend. Where did this person come from? Was today some kind of monster carnival?

But Abomination was even more exhilarated than the others.

Even if a car hit him in the head, it would only cause a slight backward tilt. He quickly regained his composure, revealing an eager and ferocious smile.

"A little insect...good," Abomination exclaimed excitedly. "Before I defeat the Hulk, I'll use you to warm up."

Just as he finished speaking, a terrifying sense of murderous intent immediately locked onto Fang Mo.

Fang Mo, however, couldn't be frightened. On the contrary, he felt a surge of excitement because, just a moment ago, a long-forgotten electronic notification had resounded in his mind.

[System Prompt: New Module Detected... Further research required for downloading...]

(TL: The System in the raw was like not a system, it says a lot and I didn't like it so you guys will have to deal with system changing from time to time until I mastered it.)

Upon hearing this melodious sound, Fang Mo became even more thrilled. The formidable presence exuded by Abomination in front of him brought back memories of their fierce battles against bosses in the server, igniting his blood with enthusiasm.

Steve materialized like a ghost behind him, and Fang Mo smiled at Abomination. "Scum, come and meet your demise."


Upon hearing Fang Mo's words, Abomination instantly flew into a rage and charged at him.

Although his heart raced with excitement, Fang Mo didn't engage in something as reckless as a direct confrontation with Abomination. After all, it was akin to playing a game. Defeating a boss requires skill before a player's equipment is fully developed.

With a swift movement of his fingertips, Fang Mo lifted the despised floor in front of him into the air. Caught off guard, Abomination crashed into it, but the asphalt road proved no match for his strength. In an instant, the floor shattered, and Abomination burst out with a smirk.

However, as Abomination looked up, he realized that Fang Mo had already vanished.


Momentarily stunned, Abomination suddenly felt a faint pain in his back, as if something had scratched him. He swiftly turned around, throwing a punch, only to find nothing behind him.

Confusion gripped Abomination as he observed the scene.

Instinctively, he touched his back, encountering a slippery sensation on his fingertips. When he examined his hand, he discovered it was stained with sticky yellow-green blood.

"You despicable insect!"

Realizing he had been injured, Abomination was instantly consumed by anger, launching into a reckless rampage of destruction. "Do you think you can hurt me like this? Come out and fight me!"

Abomination's rage descended upon the surroundings, causing havoc. Countless vehicles were crushed, fire hydrants smashed open, and the street was engulfed in chaos, with fires and rain.

Meanwhile, on a nearby rooftop, Fang Mo stood, closely observing Abomination's every move.

It must be acknowledged that his Stand was still relatively weak.

Although the iron sword wielded by Steve in Fang Mo's hand could easily dispatch terrorists as effortlessly as splitting a watermelon, it proved insufficient against a formidable creature like Abomination.

Fang Mo had devised a well-thought-out plan. He used Ender Hand to divert Abomination's attention while Steve, his Stand, seized the opportunity to flank and strike from behind.

The idea was excellent, but Fang Mo had underestimated Abomination's defensive capabilities.

Steve's forceful leap and sword strike only managed to leave a shallow wound a few inches deep on Abomination's back.

For a monster towering over three meters in height, such an injury meant nothing, akin to being pricked by a toothpick for an ordinary person. This pain only served to further enrage Abomination, making him even more violent.

Nevertheless, despite these setbacks, Fang Mo did not lose heart.

In the Twilight Forest mod, the Hydra had much higher health than Abomination. But what good did it do? In the end, it was still impaled to death by Fang Mo's sword, wasn't it?

"Today, I'll make you understand the meaning of being stabbed in the butt with a small knife."

With this thought in mind, a slight smirk appeared on Fang Mo's lips.

He extended his hand and made a virtual gesture, forcefully lifting a water tower from the rooftop and hurling it directly towards Abomination.


Even in his berserk state, Abomination seemed to sense something. He quickly looked up and saw the water tower hurtling towards him. With all his strength, he swiftly sidestepped, narrowly avoiding the impact.

The water tower crashed heavily onto the ground, creating a splash of water.

Seizing this opportunity, Steve, who had been patiently waiting, swiftly attacked like a phantom with his sword. Abomination felt a sudden darkness in his left eye, followed by excruciating pain that made him involuntarily howl.


Enraged by the blow to his eye, Abomination went wild and launched reckless attacks forward.

Without any additional mods, Steve's movement speed was not particularly fast. At this moment, facing Abomination's rapid onslaught, evading was clearly impossible. However, Fang Mo's combat awareness was exceptional. He instantly manipulated Steve to raise his shield for defense.

With a loud bang, a shockwave suddenly rippled through the air.


Abomination felt as if he had punched a solid alloy wall. His fist throbbed with pain, and as he raised his head, he was somewhat surprised. However, there was nothing in front of him, as if everything that had just happened was an illusion.

But Abomination, being a former soldier, quickly connected the various signs and instantly realized that the enemy was invisible.

"Insect! I've figured out your secret!"

Abomination excitedly roared and immediately grabbed a huge concrete pillar next to him. He started spinning it wildly like a windmill, seemingly intending to use this area attack to force the enemy to reveal themselves. "Come out! Let me grind you into pieces!"

Fang Mo, of course, paid no attention to Abomination.

In fact, he was currently lamenting the durability of his shield.

It had to be said that Abomination's punch had caused significant damage. A large portion of his shield's durability had instantly vanished. Fortunately, Minecraft's rules allowed the shield's durability to mitigate attack damage. Otherwise, his Stand would have been severely injured by that punch.

"It seems like I need to change my approach," Fang Mo contemplated.

Slowly, Fang Mo raised his hand, emitting a faint purple light from his palm.

Out of nowhere, a nearby car soared into the air and crashed toward Abomination.

Abomination swiftly swung a concrete pillar, forcefully shattering the car into pieces. However, in the next second, another car flew toward him, prompting Abomination to swing the concrete pillar once again.

As the third car approached, Abomination raised the concrete pillar as usual. Yet, in the next second, he found himself stepping into an unexpected pit as the ground suddenly collapsed. Hidden underground, Steve swiftly pulled out his iron sword and viciously struck Abomination's Achilles tendon.

Fang Mo humorously referred to it as giving him a foot massage.


Feeling the intense pain in his foot, Abomination immediately tried to free his leg from the pit. However, a car suddenly crashed onto his head. With a virtual grip from Fang Mo, the car instantly crushed into a metal shell, firmly wedging itself on Abomination's head.

After finally tearing off the metal shell from his head and pulling his leg out of the pit, Abomination discovered that Steve had hacked his Achilles tendon into a bloody mess.

Before he could erupt in anger, a green figure suddenly pounced from the side, grabbing Abomination and pinning him down on the ground. Without hesitation, the figure started raining punches like a snapping turtle, each punch the size of a basin, causing the asphalt road to crack and the entire block to tremble.

"Another... another one?"

The fleeing crowd stood stupefied at the sight. This was already the third monster they had encountered that day, and chaos reigned. What was happening in New York?

"Hmm? The Hulk?"

Fang Mo quickly recognized the massive green figure. Yes, this battle was initially between him and Abomination, but he had intervened. It appeared that the Hulk had indeed joined the fray.

Unfortunately, despite his intimidating appearance, the Hulk's power had been greatly weakened because Bruce Banner had just injected himself with a gamma energy suppressant. This series of attacks didn't inflict significant damage on Abomination; instead, it enraged him, leading to the Hulk being kicked away in a fit of rage.

"Get out of the way, Hulk!"

Abomination roared furiously, "You're not the target now! I'll kill that damn insect first!"

Before Abomination could finish speaking, a loud burst of gunfire erupted. As Abomination stood up from the ground, he stumbled once again. To his anger, he realized that he was under attack from a helicopter.

It was General Ross's personal vehicle, with Bruce Banner's girlfriend, Betty, on board anxiously observing the situation. Beside her, a soldier operated a Gatling gun, relentlessly firing at Abomination, attempting to suppress him with firepower.


Abomination's eyes flashed with disgust and hatred as he grabbed a nearby piece of scrap metal and forcefully hurled it toward the helicopter.


General Ross shouted in panic, but the human pilot couldn't react in time. The scrap metal struck the helicopter's tail, causing a bright explosion. The helicopter spun and crashed to the ground.

Meanwhile, the dazed Hulk, who had been kicked away by Abomination, managed to climb back up and witnessed the chaotic scene.

Seeing Betty's terrified expression, he instantly became filled with rage.

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