1 Superiority

In a forest in a village, a kid around 9 years old was walking around in confusion, not understanding where he was. stopping by a river, he frowned while he splashed his face with some water. but he quickly frowned when he saw his reflection in the water, he looked completely different.

He was nothing more than a sick pale dying kid, and now he was a cute green-haired kid, his left eye pupil was completely eye, but he hasn't noticed anything off with it. he could see perfectly with that eye and even better than his right eye.

closing his left eye, Sora looked around and saw how his left eye vision got sharper. looking around, he could see further, and process information even faster, the world even seemed to slow down somewhat. but this made him extremely tired. in just a few seconds he was already sweating, he quickly opened his other eye and closed his left, before frowning. he was confused about how he got here, on the moment he was on the death bed and the next he was in the middle of nowhere lost.

Sora from a young age was sick, this was actually his first time ever going outside. he would spend his time home, too sick for anything like playing outside going to school, and stuff. Sora spent most of his time online, watching anime and other stuff. but just when he was about to begin watching Naruto, he ended up being rushed to the hospital, and soon found himself here.

it was clear Sora was reborn and arrived in a new world. as for what world, Sora had no clue. I might even be earth, but green hair was not something could be born with... right? after getting some rest, Sora went on to walk around and soon saw 3 stone statues engraved onto a huge cliff. As soon as he saw this, his eyes widened, and even his left eye opened from the shock of seeing this.

before watching Naruto, Sora had looked into it and some people online had intruded him to the anime. the anime had a village called the village hidden in the leaf, within this village, the strongest person who became the village leader will have their face engraved onto the cliff. the village hidden in the leaf was the strongest village around, filled with the strongest clans in the world, and so on.

Sora didn't want to be spoiled much about the shock, so he only knew the basics of the anime and some other stuff some people spoiled for him. but nothing too big, from what Sora remembered when the anime started there were 4 faces on this cliff. but now there were only 3, so this meant Sora was a few years in the past before the anime started.

it was a few years because Sora knew the 4th hokage, which was the title of the village leader. had sacrificed himself to save the village and defeat the 9-tail fox a year ago. since there was currently no 4th hokage, this meant Sora was more than 10 years in the past.

but Sora few there was a warring pound around this time, but this was the strongest village, and Sora was in good hands. Sora went on to walk into the busy streets while looking around in amazement, he was in an anime world. how could he not be amazed?

while walking around, Sora soon felt someone touching his shoulder, turning around Sora saw a kid slightly older than him holding his shoulder. his eyes were closed, yet Sora knew this guy was looking at him

"I bet you were in that forest again. Sora agreed to devote our lives to making Ramen. yet on our opening day, you forgot already." He said with a frown, Sora was stunned for a moment, but before he could speak, he has pulled away.

"We have given everything we have if you give up now. all the money we invested into this world has been for nothing. I will not let you back out of something we both made a deal on. a deal is a deal," he said seriously as they arrived before a small store. there were no doors and people could just walk in and sit down.

"Today is our opening day, let's get busy. your family makes the best ramen, it's why I got into this business in the first place. don't be nervous, we have trained for this moment since we were 10," He said seriously as if he was about to go to war, Sora was speechless as he looked at this guy. should he tell him he had no idea who he was, but there were smart aways around this. soon someone entered the spoke,

"Welcome to Ramen Ichiraku. I'm Teuchi, and this is my friend Sora. we both opened this shop." He said with a smile looking at the middle-aged man with a headband with the symbol of the hidden leaf on his forehead. the man nodded slightly at the two before looking at what they had before ordering.

Teuchi nodded as he took the order down and step away to start making, Teuchi frowned seeing Sora was just looking at him. he sighed as he first wanted to finish this order before seeing why Sora was acting so strange, Sora opened his left eye as he planned to show him he got injured and lost memories in the forest. he was in the forest, so something dangerous could have bitten him or something. there was also the fact of how he got here, who knows if something was wrong with his body.

But as looked at Teuchi making ramen, Sora found himself floating in a dark space. Images of Teuchi's movement appeared, and his next move should have appeared in his mind. his mistakes, what he was missing, and better things he could have done. everything needed to know about cooking Ramen filled Sora's mind, but it didn't end there. Sora felt like countless years went by, of him just studying ramen and improving it past perfection.

in the end, Sora opened his eyes and found his Ramen skills have not just reached the limits, but we countless times better. Sora was a 12-year-old with trillions of years of experience in making ramen, his skills were 100 times better than the peak. Sora found that everything that happen only took an instant for the outside world, but to him, although it didn't feel like an instant, he felt like he was just dreaming.

Sora's head suddenly felt dizzy he shook his head, but at this moment, he saw Teuchi walking. time froze as Sora found himself in that dark space again, Images of Teuchi walking appeared, and what his next moves should be, his mistakes and the best way a person should be walking filled his mind, Sora knew everything about walking. from walking without making any sound, to the best way to walk to withstand coming force, Sora was a master. but it didn't end there, as countless years went by, of him just studying walking, and improving it past perfection

In the end, Sora found he walked 10 times better than others, he was a master of walking. if he were to walk, everyone's eyes will be drawn toward him. he could walk faster than most people ran, and he even came up with a walking technique called water walk, air walk, and wall walk. for a short amount of time, Sora could walk on air, water, or even the side of a wall. but it was only two steps, and couldn't stay for longer than 10 seconds or else he will fall.

Sora opened his eyes, but his eye instantly rolled backward, and he fainted on the spot. he had overused whatever ability he was using, his mind was tried and he needed some rest, so before he could copy anything else, his mind instantly shut down.

slowly Sora opened his eyes and found himself lying in bed, he quickly remembered what happened and closed his left eye. he also regained memories of the last owner of this body, sitting up, he saw Teuchi was sleeping in a chair, hearing him getting up Teuchi woke up and sighed in relief seeing Sora was awake

"you pushed yourself too hard and ended up fainting, I don't mean to push you. if you don't want to run the ramen shop, I understand." He said softly,

"it's not that, I don't mind running the ramen shop, I'm the one who made the idea to open a ramen shop. plus, we both have no talent to become a shinobi." Sora said with a smile, Teuchi nodded slightly with a smile.

"The nurse said they can remove your eye and replace it with another one. but the cost for that is something we can't afford, how did your eye end up like that?" Teuchi asked, Sora was stunned for a moment before making up a story of how something in the forest spread liquid into his eye, but he could still see with the eye.

Viens appeared on Teuchi's forehead, this was not the forest time Sora ended up going into the forest and got injured in some way shape, or form. he couldn't understand why Sora kept heading there.

Sora and Teuchi left the hospital moment later and Teuchi couldn't help but look at the way Sora was walking. they were walking the same, yet Sora seemed to be taking more footsteps within one step. every step was clean, perfect, and stable. the found below them didn't hinder Sora's footstep in the lightest.

Teuchi was amazed, but when Sora noticed this, he began walking normally, such perfection was too eye-catching. he might start blushing and stuff,

"Where are you going? that's an ally." Teuchi said seeing Sora walking towards an ally, Sora was stunned for a moment before turning around and stretching his head. every direction seemed the same to him, he didn't know which way he should head. he could remember where his home was, but he couldn't map out how to get to it.

Teuchi was confused but took Sora home, they lived together after all, but he was speechless seeing how he even had to show Sora his room. as he almost went to the basement, Sora went on to lay in his bed in deep thought of his abilities.

he could copy anything he sees, from cooking to something as simple as walking. his body would also change and adapt to best fit what he was seeing as if he had trained in that step of skill. but the best part of all of this was that what he copy is mastered to perfection, times 10. sure this put a huge burn on his mind, but if he could become strong will this be a huge problem.

Standing up and heading to the mirror in his room, Sora looked at his left eye. but nothing happened, Sora closed his right eye and forced on this left eye, slowly the world turned dark and Sora found himself in a dark world once more.

information about his skill appeared in his mind. he instantly gained an understanding of what his technique was called. it was Superiority,

this ability allowed him to master any ability he sees and allow his body to transform to be capable of learning said ability. the said ability will then be improved by 10 times, removing all the flaws, and making it better than ever. this went for all techniques, skills, and actions that could be learned will be learned by Sora, the only weakness was his left eye.

he could be blinded, making this ability no longer useable. of course, his left eye will recover over time, but depending on how serious the injuries, are and how weak he is. it could lead to him never using this ability again.

If someone were to remove his left eye, the left eye would slowly disappear and return from him. of course, if he is dead, they can keep the eye.

Sora also couldn't copy another person's strength, he could copy their abilities and many more, but it didn't mean he could so the same level of power as them. Sora couldn't just walk up to god and copy god and become God

Lucky there was no cooldown on this skill, but it did use up a lot of mental energy, but this was the Naruto world. with his memories, he knew people of this world use Chakra, which was a combination of mental and physical energy. so, he simply had to awaken his chakra and begin training it.

the last thing to know about this skill was that the strong skill he copied, the more mental energy will be used. so, over time Sora could find stuff like walking to be simple, and later find there was some stuff he couldn't copy because he didn't have the energy.

but pretty much energy could be copied, if Sora sees some using energy, he will gain the ability to use energy. if he sees someone blinking, Sora would become the best at blinking, reaching perfection times 10.

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