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Sora and Kushina sat around a campfire while sticks were in their hands. at the end of each stick, was a marshmallow. they have been training for 7 days now, Teuchi returns tomorrow so today was like a break

"wow, you suck at telling stories," Sora said with a shake of his head after hearing the story Kushina told, Kushina was annoyed slightly.

"Alright, you tell a better one," Kushina said with a snort, Sora smiled slightly as he thought for a moment before nodding.

"Fine, I will you the best story ever told, a story which is unmatched by any others. the story of the pirate king. a journey to find the legendary treasure, the one-piece... the story begins in the ocean, a pirate floated there alone. a few of the crew members were trying to lift up barrels which were floating the in the ocean..." Sora calmly told the story as Kushina listen

"Luffy went on to jump out of the marine tower. landing in front of Zoro who was about to be hit by bullets, saving him... we can stop here. it will take years to tell the whole story. a perfect and refined story such as this can't be told in a simple night." Sora said with a smile

Kushina who was caught by the story snapped out of it, and Sora's storytelling capability we to the point she felt she was in the story, living along with these pirates, feeling their pain, joy, and hope.

"it's not bad..." She said softly, but she wanted to hear more. Will the main character of the story find the 1 piece?

She hated people who just stopped a story mid-way, who just drops stories and move on to another one with one in front of you. at least speed up the story so those who are interested can have their fill...

Kushina quickly fell asleep, too sleepy to realize she slept on Sora's lap. Sora didn't mind and just kept the fire going while lost in his own thoughts.

in these 7 days, Kushina has become a master in combat. with her ability to enter a Tranquil State, she was able to learn many things much faster. the only important thing Sora didn't have time to teach her was the ability to predict target defense.

Unlike predicting attacks, predicting someone's way to react and defend against your attacks was of course much harder. if Sora could learn this, he could make attacks that were a defense counter to one, making it so they have the most trouble against his attacks.

But Sora didn't really care much about being the strongest or learning all of this extra stuff. Sora knew with his capability he will soon reach the peak of this world, he only wanted to make sure he was strong enough to handle any danger which might head his way. he didn't know much of this world, so it was best to become strong just in case.

Sora didn't really need to sleep, so long as he was rested and had energy, he could remain awake for as long as he needed. and since he only needed a few minutes to rest to his peak, he could go his whole life without worry.

but Sora didn't just sit there, he took out a scroll that had a sealing jutsu. Kushina was most skilled in something called Fuinjutsu.

Fuinjutsu which literally means Sealing Techniques is a type of jutsu that seals objects, living beings, chakra, along with a wide variety of other things within another object. Fūinjutsu can also be used to restrict movement or unseal objects either from within something or someone.

Sora saw Kushina materialize Adamantine Sealing Chains when he made fun of her to the point she couldn't take it anymore.

Adamantine Sealing Chains is a sealing technique that is characteristic of the Uzumaki clan. Users produce chains made out of their own chakra, which could emerge from their torso. Users control the chains as they extend outwards from their body, most commonly to wrap around targets and restrain them.

in addition to physically binding targets, the chains are said to neutralize their target by binding and nullifying their chakra.

A barrier can be erected between two or more sealing chains, which is quite impregnable. Because the chains are made of the user's chakra, the chains can be produced anywhere the user's chakra resides.

It turned out Sora helped Kushina awaken this ability, an 8-year-old producing these chains was unheard of. Sora also stopped playing around with Kushina seeing how enraged she got, she tried to seal the air around him and beat him stupid. with her powerful chakra, if Sora was some normal guy he would have had a few bones broken.

as for how Sora enraged someone who had gained Tranquil State. He barriers her whole body underground, leaving just her head and began laughing at how she looked like a Tomato. her face turning bright red only made it funner,

of course, it was not funny when she exploded out of the ground, like chains wrapped around him. Kushina's fist hurts, he would have been sent flying through a few rocks with these punches from her, but the chains held him tight as blows landed on him none stop. she even used the knowledge he gave her against him,

although Sora got away with light injuries, the pain was still there. when a bee sting you, just because its attack is weak doesn't mean you don't feel the pain.

anyways, Sora released the sealing jutsu on the scroll and took out a book and pen. he thought for a moment before he began writing, he was going to intrude into this world was the best story in the world. or at least the best story he ever heard.

the next morning quickly came and Kushina woke up to find she was wrapped in a blanket while sleeping on Sora's thigh. the most embarrassing that she drew on it, Sora had relaxed his muscles, allowing her to sleep as if she was on a cloud.

"..." Kushina blushed slightly as she looked at Sora, but Sora just looked at her and ignored her returning to the book he was writing his book. curious, she looked and saw a book filled with words.

Kushina's eyes instantly brighten as she realized what Sora was writing, but Sora quickly moved to stop her from looking.

"snort, who wants to read your book anyways," She said with a snort, Sora raised his eyebrows slightly as he looked at her.

"really? I was planning on letting you be the first to read it so you can find any mistakes. what type of an author just writes a story without having someone go through it first, he/she would be the stupidest thing around... now I have to find someone else." Sora said with a helpless sigh, Kushina instantly panicked hearing

"I was joking with you, I will do it." She said quickly, Sora smiled slightly. a smart author should have someone like this, and best they get it for free... free.

the two soon went home, Sora went home and began to force on writing the book. he planned to release a book once every month. the story Sora was writing was called one piece, an anime world he luckily finished watching before he died.

Sora loved the anime, as he wrote about out memories of the past couldn't help but hit him. He smiled slightly as he stopped righting and look at it for a moment, he didn't perfectly remember everything. but that didn't matter as he ended up adding his own details and even removed some plot holes within the story. in other words, this story is going to be even longer, more and filled with more stuff Sora wanted to add to make it better.

Sora had mastered storytelling, after all, he already mapped out the whole path for this story, ideals, and other stuff he would need to go over and study closely before making a decision.

Sora sighed looking at what he had so far before burning the book to ashes and going to buy another empty book which he began to start all over.

but after changing his mind once more, he bought a board and he began listing out everything he needed and some stuff he would have to think about closer. some stuff he wanted to change about the story, and many things,

Teuchi soon returned, but Sora was too forced to really notice that Teuchi seemed more of a man now, no longer did he seem like a child. he also had a bite mark on his neck, which Sora didn't notice.

like that, Sora spent his days in the ramen shop, with Kushina, or in his room. months quickly passed until Sora walked out of his room with a book that almost seem to glow,

"volume one is complete," Sora said with a smile. of course, Sora didn't use everything he had in telling the story, what made it so hard was the fact he had to hold back while almost improving upon a story that was already so perfect. this book in his hands was a perfect 10 out of 10. with over 1,000 pages,

Sora went on to give the book to Kushina who spent a few days closely reading the book. a few days went by, Sora was in the ramen shop as Kushina entered with some tears in her eyes. she held a thick book in her hands which she placed on a table in front of Sora.

"it's beautiful. although i'm displeased you ended it at a cliffhanger, with a mysterious man saving Luffy. how did lightning even fall out of that sky, the marines even seem to know him." She said softly, it was worth the 6 months she had to wait... no, she would have waited for years.

"I found no mistake, even though I went through the book a few times. every time I went back I learned something new, can I keep the book or is it your only copy?" She asked softly

"only book, plus the price for this book is going to be a million Ryo. you see just how much I spoil you." Sora asked with a smile

"so expensive? a book which I could have just copied?" She asked in shock, Sora smiled slightly as he gave her a paper to copy the first page. and within minutes, she copied the Sora book, but as she went through it, she left hers was not that good compared to Sora's. when she read Sora's work, she felt like she was in the story. but her own, it was like any other book.

"I have a special writing technique, you can copy my way of telling the story. but I will never hold the same weight as mine. as I write, I pour my heart and soul into this story. you are drawn into the story with every word, in fact, you yourself were not reading, the words just seem to enter your mind. they are so easily fed to you," Sora said with a smile as Kushina's eyes widened slightly

But a million Ryo was still too much, this was equal to an S rank mission. even Teuchi who was listening in was speechless, only the rich would spend money for something so expansive

But that is what Sora wanted, he didn't want to affect the storyline of this world too much. the reason he was a ramen shop owner was to avoid anything that could cause huge changes to this world.

Kushina was of course not important in this world, she never even appeared in any pictures he had seen, while seeing if the Naruto anime was worth watching. so, she was not important, so she could not affect this world much.

"don't worry, I know what i'm doing," Sora said with a smile, and with that a few days later, a book appeared on the market for a million Ryo. this of course caught many people's attention.

but they could only see the picture on the front of the book, with was of the 5 main characters of this book. the picture was perfect, making these 5 truly look like real humans.

there were other books of the same, but each book over was unique having its own cover. the images even looked like pictures, as if these people would jump out at any moment, yet it was not creepy but drew them to the book. they couldn't even read the book, it was even perfected behind glass. this made everyone speechless,

some rich guy soon bought a book and ended up locking himself in his room for days to read the book. only coming outside to eat or go to the bathroom. when he finished the book, everyone waited for his review. but he only said one word to describe the book... Perfection.

people wanted him to explain the story, but he shook his head and stated one had to read it for themselves. the Author went by the name a strange name. SSJ Ramen God.

a strange name, but he could only wish to one day see the wise man who could come up with something so amazing.

time quickly passed, Sora was now 11 years old. he was currently watching an exam which was being held for members of the hidden leaf who were becoming chunin. it was known as the chunin exam, it was the final tournament, this was the first time Sora came to one and was using it as a chance to see some of these people's special abilities.

For example, there was a clan called the Hyuga, known as the strongest clan in the hidden left. they had powerful eyes known as the Byakugan, which were powerful eyes that Sora of course copied when he saw them being used.

The Byakugan which literally means All Seeing White Eye is regarded as one of the "Three Great Dojutsu", the others being the Sharingan and the Rinnegan.

Dojutsu is a ninja ability that utilizes the eyes, a by-product of specific bloodlines. The word refers to both the eyes themselves, which have a number of passive abilities, and any jutsu dependent on the eyes to be performed.

Unlike dōjutsu such as the Sharingan, which do not manifest until users meet certain conditions, the Byakugan is present from the time of birth. Individuals with the Byakugan are typically identifiable by their unique eyes. the irides are enlarged and white, and there are no distinguishable pupils.

When users activate their Byakugan, the pupils become more distinct and the increased blood flow to their eyes causes the veins near their temples to bulge. Of course some people Byakugan can look different. if the bloodline was too diluted, then the Byakugan may only show itself when being used, only appear in one eye, or even have different colors.

Byakugan have a near-360º field of vision around themselves, save for a small blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra.

The Byakugan's vision can penetrate almost any object, allowing users to see through walls, peer underground, or even examine the contents of a person's body. Certain barriers have been shown to block a Byakugan's sight, along with some special smokescreens.

Users can focus their vision on anything and everything within the Byakugan's range, allowing them to monitor individuals from afar or to quickly survey a vast area and pinpoint specific locations within that area. the range of the Byakugan is not all the same for everyone, some have a longer range, while others are shorter.

The Byakugan can see chakra to a greater degree than the Sharingan. This enables users to distinguish certain types of clones from their original and even identify specific individuals' chakra signatures. Its ability to see chakra is acute enough to see the chakra pathway system within a target's body and the 361 pressure points that run along with it.

The Hyūga have devised the Gentle Fist style of combat to specifically take advantage of this ability, wherein they strike an opponent's pressure point to either seal or forcibly open them, thus giving the user complete control over their opponent's chakra. the Gentle Fist can also be used to carefully split an opponent's chakra-based jutsu so that it harmlessly passes around them.

The Byakugan can also do stuff like, use infrared to detect a target through their body heat, determine the development of one's chakra, and even tell if one can mold chakra at all, allowing her to see into a target's mind to determine their thoughts and feelings, even to look through their memories, enables its users to analyze an opponent's tactics during a fight, granting them a certain amount of predictive ability, and emit pulses of chakra from the Byakugan to subdue targets.

the ability to look into a person's mind, or emit pulses of chakra was only for those who have mastered these eyes. Sora of course had mastered these eyes, he had no weakness like the others like a blind spot.

Sora's 360 vision also improved a lot, allowing him to see a wide range around him without the use of much energy.

of course, Sora also saw the Sharingan. I don't think I have to also explain the abilities of these eyes, but here is a short list.

these eyes give one the ability to see chakra, granting incredible clarity of perception able to see on a cellular level, allowing one to copy things as slight as a panicle movement. In combat, this allows them to see fast-moving objects. Once fully developed offers some amount of predictive capabilities: they can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and act accordingly to dodge or intercept, and so on

It also allows one to copy almost any jutsu they see, memorizing ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with near-perfect accuracy. They can then either perform that jutsu or modify it to suit their needs.

and lastly, It also allowed one to use something called the Genjutsu: Sharingan. which through eye contact, suggests thoughts and actions to a target, coercing them to divulge information or act in a particular way, potentially without the target's awareness. In extreme cases, the Sharingan user can take complete control of the target's body

These eyes belonged to the Uchiha clan, known as one of the strongest clans in the hidden lead. the Hyuga is stronger because, unlike the Uchiha clan, their eyes are with them at birth, and its slightly stronger. meanwhile, the Uchiha have to awaken these eyes, and they are slightly weaker than the Byakugan.

(The Uchiha clan is second only during the time of peace, but during war more members of their clan can awaken their true power. meanwhile, the Hyuga stay around the same level of strength.)

But when Sora copied the Sharingan he also learned a few things about the sharingan. the reason the Uchiha clan was not number one, was because its bloodline was pretty much split into 3 parts.

one of which was Uzumaki bloodline, the members of the Uzumaki naturally possess incredibly strong life forces. As such, they have very long lifespans and likewise age slower. they also have the ability to quickly heal themselves and others, through the consumption of their chakra. It is dangerous, however, to use this ability too regularly.

Sora was stunned seeing this as the Uchiha clan was not that much weaker than the Hyuga. Sora also couldn't help but think about the 3rd part of this bloodline which made the complete thing.

Sora thought about Kushina's bloodline, if he could copy this then he should be able to copy her unique chakra. but he had to see her chakra do something special, like see someone bite Kushina to recover.

Sora didn't care too much about it, but today he needed up copying every chakra nature. even Yin and Yang. Sora closed his eyes slightly before leaving this place and returning home. sitting on his bed, Sora went on to fuse all the 5 basic chakra nature together.

Lightning, wind, earth, fire, and water came together, and went on to form an orb in Sora's hands. an orb formed from the combination of all 5 elements,

combining chakra nature was something harder said than down, even with perfect masterly, Sora was not able to do such a thing.

kekkei Genkai describes both the anomaly and the resulting technique. Most kekkei Genkai is passed down between generations of a clan. the Sharingan would also fall into such things, but there were special releases that are formed from more than 1 chakra nature coming together.

for example, Ice release is formed with water and wind release. Ice Release can't be copied even by the Sharingan, other people who have mastered ice and water also couldn't just combine the two to form ice release, Kekkei Genkai couldn't simply be copied.

of course, Sora with his 10x mastery is able to. and a combination of all 5 chakra releases was unheard of, but Sora looking at this orb has seen it somewhere. in one of the images he saw of the Naruto anime, he saw many people with these orbs, one of them being the Naruto himself.

Sora didn't know the abilities of such an orb, it's not like he could copy his own stuff. Sora played with the orb for some time before he suddenly touched his bed with it, the area around the spot he touched the orb suddenly turned to dust. stunning Sora, looking at this orb he quickly had it disappear. it was too dangerous.

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