7 Jiraiya

Sora was in the ramen shop writing a rough draft of the second volume of his book. There will only be 10 books per volume, each personally written. of course, clones helped, like hell, he will write over 500 thousand worlds 10 times.

Today was a slow day, so not many people were entering the Ramon shop. but Kushina suddenly entered as she sat in front of him with an annoyed look

"let me guess, Minato?" Teuchi asked with a smile, Kushina was annoyed hearing his name.

"he graduated early, at the top of his class, and broke some records or whatever. that little wimp." She said annoyed as she looked at Sora, she wanted to graduate early too, she was not anywhere that Minato, she believed she was stronger.

"No," Sora said calmly, someone breaking a record like this had to have a huge future, and even have some effect on the timeline. someone as small as Kushina will have no huge impact whatsoever, but because of him, her fate has changed. who knows, maybe one day she might stand along with beings like Naruto or something, huge.

Kushina pouted slightly, but Teuchi offered some ramen to cheer her up. a few plays later, Sora was playing with a ball that bounced all over the shop without hitting anything that could break before it flew into his hands.

He was in deep thought about his next book. but at this time, two people entered the ramen shop. looking up, Sora saw a blonde-haired kid, along with two other kids walking in with a man with white hair

Sora's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at these 3. that blonde hair kids, although still a kid Sora have seen him when he was grown. he was the future 4th hokage, meanwhile the white-haired man. Sora has seen some pictures with him and Naruto, he was like a teacher or something to Naruto. as for the other 2 kids, Sora had never seen them before

Two big-shot just entered the shop, Sora closed the book as he went to take their orders.

"We just finished our first mission, 4 of your best ramen." The white-haired man said with a bright smile, Sora nodded slightly as he got to work.

"if i'm not mistaken, I believe to have seen you somewhere," Sora asked with a smile while making the ramen, the white-haired man laughed proudly

"who hasn't heard the name of the mightly toad sage, Jiraiya." He said with a smile, but Sora was blank as he never heard of this guy.

"that's one of the 3 ninjas who are lord 3rd team," Teuchi said as he entered the shop and was stunned two see one of the strongest ninjas in the hidden leaf here.

"never heard him... although I heard of Orochimaru and Tsunade," Sora said softly, Jiraiya seemed to be hit with arrows at Sora's words. Tsunade was known as the most beautiful woman of the leaf, of course, Sora heard of her. Orochimaru was known as a prodigy, he of course had also heard of him.

But Jiraiya, this was the first he heard of this name. Teuchi apologized on Sora's behalf, before helping Sora make their order.

"new customers have a 50% of, but I will give you guys a 75% off. that would be 300 Ryo per ramen," Sora said with a smile, making Jiraiya almost jump at these prices.

900 Ryo for a bowl of ramen, this was rubbery. but when he smiled at the ramen, he along with everyone else mouth instantly watered. he ordered for the best, so of course, he got the best.

Jiraiya paid the 1,200 and the 4 began eating. just the first bite made their tastebuds explode. not expecting the level of quality that would be entering their mouth,

Sora calmly counted the money before giving him the change. At this time a tired Kushina entered the ramen shop and sat on a chair as she rested her head on the table

"you know, I have deep the math. I have been losing a good penny with you always coming here to eat my food." Sora said calmly as he looked at her,

"w-what are you saying?" Kushina asked slightly on guard, Sora smiled slightly.

"you will be graduating from the academy in about.... 2 years. I expect you to start working here, cleaning dishes, swiping the ground, or else no more free food." Sora said calmly, Kushina's eyes wide

"... you wouldn't make a little girl work." She said with puppy eyes,

"I will need you here as soon as we open, we can talk about all that extra stuff when you become a genin," Sora said making Kushina pout. Sora went on to cook her something, Jiraiya was secretly displeased, he, Jiraiya had to pay but this little girl ate for free.

But thinking twice, Sora had to have a crush on her, So he was trying to warm his way up into her heart.

"..." Minato on the other want secretly watched this and had a strange feeling while watching this.

"can I have two bowls today, I tried?" Kushina said softly, Sora snorted

"you want more pay up, it's always those in need, thats begging for stuff. trying working or something." Sora said with a sneer, Kushina was enraged, who was in need.

Sora calmly returned to his book while Teuchi gave Kushina an extra bowl. Kushina stuck her tongue at Sora and struggled slightly.

"..." Jiraiya watched all of this in confusion, why was Sora giving her free food. where could he sign up, but he quickly noticed Sora was writing a book. he had been a thing of wrighting a book himself, if he could teach a thing or two to Sora then Sora would be so greatful eh would have to give him free ramen right?

Kushina who was enjoying her male felt someone looking at her, looking over she saw Minato was looking at him. Minato seeing Kushina looking at him quickly looked away and focused on his food. Kushina was instantly annoyed seeing he was here,

"you know, keep having that look and your face will remain like that. you will go from Tomato to grinch, not worth it." Sora said softly, Kushina was enraged, Sora just couldn't rest

Jiraiya finally understood Sora, the kid was in love and didn't know it. but it was a love triangle, Minato clearly liked Kushina as well, and Kushina was in the middle of all of this annoyed with the two.

Jiraiya and his group soon leaf, and Kushina also soon left as she went back home. It soon turned dark and the shop also closed, and Sora and Teuchi went home.

time quickly went by, and soon a year went by. news of war began spreading around the village, and war truly did break out.

In the Second Shinobi World War, the were conflicts between Konohagakure, led by the Third Hokage, Sunagakure, led by the Third Kazekage, Amegakure, led by Hanzo of the Salamander, and Iwagakure, led by the Third Tsuchikage.

Those heading out to war would spend some money here at the ramen shop. they wanted to eat something amazing before they leaf,

"... I remember you. you're Jaren?" Sora asked as he looked at Jiraiya, who entered the shop with 2 other people

"it's Jiraiya," Jiraiya said angrily, Sora laughed slightly as he took their orders.

"a kid? Jiraiya, I thought you said the food here was today for." A blonde-haired woman said softly as she eyed Sora, she was beautiful, even Sora froze upon seeing her.

"trust me, just look at the prices here," Jiraiya said as he looked at the board listing the prices he didn't notice the first time he came here. but he noticed a special V.I.P meal.

"what's the special V.I.P meal?" Jiraiya asked as his mouth watered at the thought

"it's a stupid thing he came up with. a person who spends a million Ryo here will be given a special card which will allow them to see a secretly, the menu only others with the card could get. of course, it's up to you to keep count. we will do our part, but we will never tell you when you hit the mark." Teuchi said with a helpless sigh

"I think it was smart. the 3rd hokage has one, and the leader of those huge clans has one. come one, you're saying we didn't make huge money." Sora asked as Jiraiya and his teammate's eyes widened hearing their words.

"I will donate 1 million Ryo on the spot to get the menu," Jiryal said seriously, Sora and Teuchi were speechless, but money was money, no one will reject him. Jiraiya quickly went to get the money, a few minutes later he returned and paid, and Sora happily took the money, before giving Jiraiya a black card.

"Alright, here is the menu," Sora said as he gave Jiraiya a paper, Jiraiya l's mouth watered as he looked at the names and pictures.

"what's this one, called going to heaven?" Jiraiya asked as he looked at one of the meals which had no picture

"that a meal which would allow one to say goodbye, and feel love. there is no picture that could describe it, but it's made with pure love." Sora said with a smile

"This is a waste of time." the place skin man among them said coldly, but the woman was interested in this food so she wanted to take the paper from Jiraiya to look. but she blinked, and the paper disappeared, looking around she saw Sora holding it.

"no looking if you don't get the card. thats the rules." Sora said with a smile, the 3 of them froze instantly as they looked at Sora, none of them saw him move.

"now, what would you like? I will be your personal cook for the V.I.P meals, as you noticed there is not much ramen on this one." Sora said with a smile

"... I will order 3 of the best thing on there." He said softly, Sora nodded slightly as he moved. they watched as Sora's hands moved, it was like watching art. there was a deep meaning to every move Sora was doing. it was not like the other time, Sora was actually trying.

after some time, Sora placed chicken-fried rice, with ramen before Jiraiya, before getting the others for the other 2. all 3 of their noses seemed to enlarge by 10 times as they lost themselves in the smell of the food. their stomachs began to roar, as if they have never eaten before, making them slightly embarrassed

"I believe I should tell you each male cost 750 thousand Ryo, I usually take it before anything. but I want you 3 to eat before coming to a conclusion." Sora said with a smile, making all 3 of them snap out of the drunk-like state they were in

"2.25 million Ryo?" Jiraiya asked in horror, he didn't have that kind of money on him, Sora just smiled as he went back to his table to go over his book while throwing looks at that blonde-haired woman from time to time... she was just too beautiful.

the blonde-haired woman noticed Sora's looks of course, but she ignored them. the food in front of her was more important. She was called Tsunade

Tsunade is a descendant of the Senju and Uzumaki Clan. She is famed as the world's strongest kunoichi and its greatest medical-nin. not to mention she is the most beautiful woman within the hidden lead, of course, a kid like Sora couldn't help but stare slightly.

soon the 3 of them began eating, but upon taking the first bite they froze, they left like they had been hit lightly. their pupils shrank as their mouth was filled with unmatched pleasure, as that food went down their throat, they let out soft moans.

they all looked at each other and saw the shock in each other eyes. Sora used Chakra to enhance his cooking skills, this was unheard of, the level of chakra control needed while timing everything within the kitchen was something even ninjas such as them would struggle to do. Sora didn't need just mastery of cooking, but of chakra as well.

with the chaos going around within the kitchen, the perfect timing that must be met, and so many other stuff. this was just too shocking, becoming a master of two subjects at such a young age.

They quickly threw these thoughts out of their mind as they eat like they never did before. in minutes, even the bowls were licked clean.

"let's see... 2.25 million for the food. and since you all licked the bowls, that adds the total to be 2.7 million. as you can see, those who lick the bowls like hungry dogs will pay a 150,000 fine." Sora said calmly

"what? we didn't know. and they are new to the restaurant, they should have 50% off." Jiraiya said while the two over hid their face in embarrassment

"Sir, calm done. these are rules, all rules most are followed. as you are the one with the V.I.P card, they are not the one buying it. it's you, so to me, they have yet to order anything." Sora said calmly,

"damn..." Jiraiya said softly as he looked at the other to help pay, but as they were about to give Jiraiya the money Sora spoke

"bad worlds used within the shop is a fine of 50,000 Ryo. please know this is a place for children. the new total price is 2.75 million." Sora said with a gentle smile, Jiraiya wanted to punch Sora flying, this was a pure scam.

Jiraiya didn't say anything as he gave Sora the money, but he almost exploded when he saw the look of disdain in Sora's eyes when he took money from Tsunade. Sora didn't need to say anything but happily took the money.

"well, have a nice day. I hope to see you guys soon..." Sora said with a smile,

"what's your name?" The pale skin man asked, he was named Orochimaru. he made Sora feel like he was standing in front of a snake

"The name is Sora, may I know your names? I don't think I got it?" Sora asked, Jiraiya wanted to kick Sora flying, Sora had to be doing this to get to him.

"Orochimaru," Orochimaru said calmly as he sized Sora up and down before leaving.

"Tsunade," Tsunade said with a slightly similar, but she was stunned as Sora held his hand out towards her. She was speechlessly slightly but still took his hand

"it's a pleasure to the legend in person, my store is always open to such a person of your status, I will even offer you a slight discount on a V.I.P card, just 500,000," Sora said with a smile as he shook her hand. Tsunade, smile slightly as she nodded. her beauty does always get people to spoil her slightly.

"how about you lower the price a little bit more?" She asked softly as she brought her face closer to Sora, Sora swallowed his saliva slightly as he saw her chest. he was just a 13-year-old buy, such temptation.

"cough." Teuchi coughed slightly, although he didn't like the V.I.P thing, he was not going to lose money so easily. Sora snapping back to reality quickly stepped away from her, he saw many animes and many female anime girls who used this trick. to think he almost fell for it, he had to stretch his mind to this bewitching technique of hers.

just went Sora wanted to speak, Tsunade noticed Jiraiya was also trying to look. Jiraiya was suddenly punched flying through the window, his body slammed heavily into the ground, and went sliding for a few meters.

Kushina's image and Tsunade's image seemed to overlap, two crazy women with overwhelming physical stretch. Sora of course copied her when she punched Jiraiya, and he was shocked at what he found about her

She descendant of both the Senju and Uzumaki Clans, she had the chakra and life force of the Uzumaki and the powerful physique of the Senju.

Senju Clan was one of the clans responsible for founding the first shinobi village, Konohagakure. the other being their rival Uchiha clan.

The Senju bloodline was the last part of the Uchiha bloodline to be completed. Sora was stunned of course. now that he copied the physique of the Senju, he needed the chakra of the Uzumaki clan and he would have recreated this bloodline back to its original.

Tsunade said goodbye and promised to drop by when she returns from the war. The others left while Sora watched them leave while in deep through. he knew Tsunade will have a huge role in the future, but he couldn't remember want. the same for that snake guy

"that was not like you. I thought you didn't understand what's so good about having a girlfriend." Teuchi said mockingly,

"why would I want a girlfriend? you sound stupid." Sora said with a snort, Teuchi just smiled slightly, Sora was growing before his eyes.

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