22 To fish or not to fish

They cooked.

Or more like Mihael just watched Sarveisa put on an apron, and cook stuff.

A soft pink apron, hair tied behind her back, and that perky smile; gorgeous- according to herself.

From meat dishes, curry, to deserts-

She made a lot of things.

And Mihael watched everything with curiosity.

"Any less bored?"

"Marginally. But yes."

Lips curling. "I'm going to mention some stuff. How many of these you haven't done and would like to know how to do, just tell me, okay!?"




A day later-

Mihael found himself before a lake. And behind him- two girls with fishing gear.

Not just Sarveisa, no.

But also Rose.

Sarveisa had a red dress with a long skirt. While Rose just wore a t-shirt and some short pants.

Apparently, when Sarveisa mentioned going out for fishing- Rose wanted to come; she wanted to come badly which led to loads of begging. Little did the girl know- it was Sarveisa's plan all along.

And now that they were here-

In front of this long shallow lake-

And these white rocks-

"How does one fish?" Mihael asked.

Normally, angels didn't need to go fishing.

They could just lift the fishes- which came in abundance- with telekinesis.

It only worked on aquatic organisms for some reason.

"Funny you should ask-!" Sarveisa puffed up her chest with pride. "You actually put on bait on this needle and throw this thread into the river and when you feel a pull, you pull the rod!"

It was the weekend and Mihael could have gone back to visit his parents. But he still chose to come with Sarveisa.

He was having doubts for the first time in his life though… "So- where's our bait?"

"Ah-" Mouth hanging. "Yeah…"

She actually forgot something.

Since angels didn't need baits to fish- no one had any around for sale. Which was why she had brought some bread.


Was just bread-

Really going to work?

Worst case- she could force the fish by telekensis. But what will Mihael think if he finds out?

As the thoughts ran hard-

So did Sarveisa's sweat.

Where the hell was all this much water even coming from?

Rose sighed. "I kind of saw this coming. Why don't we just pull out some worms and-"

"Worms?" Sarveisa mumbled…shivering once. "I'm actually… not good with squirmy slimy things, so-" So, she slowly moved to the distance.

Rose snickered. "I didn't know our battle princess had such a delicate side…"

"Hey! I abandoned that name three centuries ago!" Sarveisa yelled, flushed with embarrassment.


Rose surveyed the ground and when she noticed a good spot, she dug up three worms- killed them and-

Fixed the bait.

"You can throw them around that spot and we can wait-" She explained.

Which Mihael did.

And so did Rose, and even Sarveisa.

As they waited-

In the morning light, as it slowly, but surely… got brighter and hotter…

"So- the three supreme gods-" Mihael started. "How come their names aren't mentioned in any scripture?"

"They're not particularly hidden but only mid-tier and above, and angels in service to them are aware of the history. Lucky for you, I'm one of the few who knows."

"Name the gods-"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. name all three and the person who killed them."

Sarveisa rolled her eyes. "My memory isn't very good but… I think they were- Galagael Xen Morphi, Zerael Al Zari, and Gerar-"

"Ayne Argustine."

Both Mihael and Sarveisa spoke at the same time.

"You knew?" She asked.

"I did partially recognize the names but- the last one- Gerar- would be me-" he said, pulling the rod up!

Bait gone-

No fish.

Rose pulled her one out- a small trout.

Sarveisa pulled hers out too- nothing.

"You were one of the founders?" Sarveisa asked.

Slightly sweating.

She appeared to be in deep thought yet, asked.

"I don't think so. I probably wasn't even born in heaven. So- personally, I think history has been altered."

"Not born in heaven would mean… you were one of the lower races…" Rose said. "But that's not possible and-"

To think this little boy was a reincarnate?

"No- it's possible," Rose said. "It's possible but so rare, we don't have records." She stared at the boy- "What say you- we find out the real history!" And now she had something new to exploit!

"Too much of a drag," He shrugged, shooting the hook way back-

"Oh? So, Mihael Zable runs from troubling situations?"

Mihael gave her a side glance. "Cheap taunts do not work on me. Besides, I have no merit in finding out the cause. My previous life is already over and it doesn't matter to me anymore."

Clenching her teeth- "But wouldn't it be exciting to-"



In the end-

They just fished-

Till noon.

Rose caught a good three trout.

Mihael and Sarveisa though- nothing…

Neither were in a good mood, no.

But at least the smoked trout tasted good… somewhat.

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