42 Kinda cute

Despite being boring, Mihael didn't really find this place boring.

All the technological advances, all the new spells, and the new technique enthralled him… at least for the first few moments.

He eventually did get bored. But as soon as he got bored, Sarveisa introduced him to something new.

Something better-

Something more interesting.

As though she'd made a list for everything.

"What about that thing you wanted to do?"

Today, Mihael was in the garden, first thing in the morning.

Just planting some seeds.

He'd never done this- and he never thought I'd be fun.


Creating life like this-

Was definitely a new experience.

"Well, I'm not really comfortable explaining that yet. Though if you're really curious I could always still explain-"

Sarveisa came down to the lower plains for specific reasons. Reasons she didn't bother sharing.

"Not interested."

Sarveisa giggled.

Quite a few maids were just staring at the duo-

Slightly mesmerized as how such high nobles could even remotely get their hands dirty doing some gardener's work.

And not only that but the Marchioness was personally teaching the young master all sorts of things about gardening. Meaning, she herself was well educated in the subject.

"You'll be entering the school today. And you'll be living with me there." Sarveisa spoke.

"What are you getting at? We've already discussed this." Mihael finished patting the ground around the seeds, ever so mildly.

He proceeded to form droplets of water and slowly letting it drip.

"We have yes, but would you have preferred to live alone like Rose?"

Mihael stared back, at the high angel.

They remained silent.

Just staring.

Before eventually, Mihael washed his hands and just left.

"Probably not," Sarveisa mumbled, letting out a snicker.


Mihael, Rose and Sarveisa were carried to the Academy of Saint High High by carriage.

The lead maid and butler had come to see them off but the Marquis and his family had not, for obvious reasons.

"That uniform suits you," Rose said, pointing.

Black uniform with a white shirt underneath. Rose meanwhile wore a long skirt along with a black accented gown over her white shirt.

They were given two bag packs with things they'd need by the Marquis.

As for Sarveisa- well, she was dressed in aristocratic attire. Red dress with golden accents and some patterns near the edge. Not as fancy as most nobles but definitely useable. Though she didn't want to wear noble clothes, the Marquis insisted on it and hence she had to.

She herself had a bag, but it was more of a handbag.

All three angels could use Dimension wallet, so bags were kind of pointless though.


A little rumble-

The roads were fine but not quite smooth.


"We've arrived-" said the driver, quickly opening the door. Apparently, the academy was fairly close to the mansion?



And kids.

A massive door, two guards, and lots of kids going in.

Not just kids, teenagers and even adults- all across the place.

Just past the gate, green fields littered with roads and trees. And past them, buildings.

"Off you go-" Sarveisa picked Mihael up and gently helped him get down.

Mihael had the appearance of a thirteen-year-old but Sarveisa still babied him.

Which did evoke various feelings in whoever watched them…

Actually, almost all who glanced at them once, were now just staring nonstop.

The boys, the girls, even the teachers- just staring.

Ahem- one of the teachers offered a standing bow followed by the rest.

All were nobles with few exceptions.

"There's no need for bows. Please be at ease," Sarveisa said, smiling. "You may leave," she said, staring back.

And with that, all three headed in. While a maid and a butler carried some bags behind them.

"High Nobles?"

"Are they new transferees?"

"How pretty…"

"Huh, high nobles-"

All sorts of whispers.

Some harmless praise, others… not so much.

But for the most part, no hostility.


No matter where they went, all three were being watched… constantly.

"Your classrooms are on the second floor, room 202, by the central building. I'll go sort your dorm rooms. You're on Maid-C-109 and-" Sarveisa stared at Mihael- "You're with me. I'll come get you."

"This is not fair you know," Rose said, stopping.

"It is. You're his friend," She bent closer- "Not actual sister," A whisper.

"You're not his real-" Rose attempted but didn't finish. She couldn't.

This wasn't the time nor the place. And that's why she parsed her lips.



"Let's go," Mihael was over all this.

So, he almost floated to the central building.

He didn't take a single step and just… floated about a centimeter off the ground. To all around him it seemed like he was skating or something.

"Woah- advance ice user-"

"Damn the girl with him, so pretty!"

With Sarveisa gone, the comments were becoming more vocal.

"Wish, she'd step on me with those succulent-"

"Miss, are you single by any chance?" A handsome boy came over, shirt unbuttoned, hand going through his hair blonde. "Of course, you aren't. But, instead of spending time with guys like him why don't you-" He didn't finish as he caught on to Rose's smiling glare-

So, clearing his throat, the boy moved away.

Maybe he could sense death?

Regardless, a bunch of other guys still came and tried to talk to Rose as she walked by. She of course ignored them all.

"Sigh… this is already exhausting." She slouched a bit, walking side by side with Mihael… through the halls.

"Shall I turn them to dust?" Mihael said, casually.

"No thanks. My problem, I'll deal with it." A shrug. "Though It's kind of odd that the girls aren't fawning over you as usual." A hand on her chin, quite deep in thoughts.

If anything, most were just ignoring him altogether.

"Oh, it's because they don't see me…"

"Excuse me?"

"Yes, I've improved the barrier to the extent that most ordinary women wouldn't even see me anymore-" Before he could finish, he almost bumped into a girl coming in from the front-

"Sorry-" But the girl dodged, corrected her glasses, grabbed all papers that were about to drop and moved on.

"Well, she sure saw you…"

"It's not perfect…" Mihael mumbled, walking faster.

'That's kinda cute…' Rose snickered but sped up as well.

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