10 Connections

Lesser Angels couldn't meditate and absorb the world energy.


"So, this only works for higher angels and gods?" Mikael said… pausing. "Interesting." Teeth showing.

"Well, at least he's interested now…" Sarveisa mumbled, biting into her nails…

She was sure the kid would absorb world energy fast and develop much quicker than he was already-

She was damn sure-

And that's why she spent so much money trying to negotiate and get a place here-

Close to the world tree-

Originally her plan was to use the God's residence but since that fell through this was the next best shot.

And yet-


"Beggars, can't be choosers I guess…" She cleared her throat. "What say we went over to the academy, get you admitted and see if there's anything you'd like to learn?"

"I suppose that doesn't sound as boring as this place is."

"Just so you know. I spent my life savings on this place-" She might or might not have been a little offended.

Now granted there wasn't much in here. Actually, apart from the beds, there was nothing.

But she was going to get a job and definitely buy them!

"Which does bring me back to my question. You seem to put too much faith in me. Any particular reason?"

The angel stared.

And after a brief pause. "I have my reasons. I need you to become one of the great gods and-"

"The greatest god-"

"It's nice to have high ambitions, but please don't say that to other people?"

"Why not?"

"You'll just make enemies."

"Don't worry. Nothing can pose a threat to me at this stage… though I suppose I wouldn't want to challenge the current head, just yet…"

Sarveisa rolled her eyes. "Anyway, I just need you to become one of the greats."


Had he challenged the current head?


Who even was the current head?

"Actually, why don't you first tell me who's the current head at the moment?"

"Heads. Four-" She blinked a couple of times. "You know magic, you know our deep history but you don't know current affairs?"

For the first time, Mihael showed his teeth. "Nope."

He wasn't necessarily all that interested up until now.

Exaggerated sigh… "Right now, Sir Cumsalot, Sir Fucksalot, Sir Excalathor, and Sir Skullmandathor have been leading us in the new age of godhood and dominance."

"Who came up with these names again?" He wondered.

"We uh… don't know…" The angel stared down, lifeless… glassy-eyed.

'What the hell happened to guys like Arahael, Balachael, Golagael, and all that?' Actually, why was he even remembering those like he'd killed them or something?

Oh wait- 'They all died….' A minor sigh… he didn't know why but he was sure she killed those gods…. 'Wait- I'm responsible for-' "let's just head to this academy you spoke up…"

Mihael also made a definite mental note of actually changing the whole naming system once he became the strongest god.


Godness Gracicus Academy was founded by one of the nine original gods- Endroma.

Instead of owning a realm, she owned the school that trained excellent angels and God candidates.

The term god candidate didn't really mean, just because someone was talented, they'd be chosen to be a god.

And yes- chosen, as in certified to be a god.

Unless certified, they wouldn't be a god, even with talent and prowess.

And not just one certificate, no.

One needed several. 

Two of which could be provided by the academy, and hence it was well sought after, making admission a difficult prospect.


"You sure I can get in? I am only two years old, I'll have you know."

"I'm aware, thank you very much. And yes. The headmistress owes me." 

As usual, Sarveisa carried Mihael through the cloud in her arms; together they flew up and up!

"Then why aren't you asking her to owe you back and get what you wanted from me-"

She rolled her eyes. "Cause I'll ask too much of you. Why, scared?"

Mihael shrugged. "Do I look scared to you?"

A minor sigh. "The fact that you aren't, worries me more. But regardless- this might take a while-" 

She said-

Together flying up and up- 

The clouds were getting whiter and actually hurting Mihael's eyes.

He didn't like bright spaces, no.

"Is that the world tree?" Mihael said, pointing at a massive wall, blocking all light in the west corner of his vision.

It looked like a wall of sorts, without any end to its height. 

The world tree.

Was big, to say the least.

"Yes. We're at the base."


"We all came from the fruits, you know-" Sarveisa said.

"Yes- and mon-" Mihael paused, was about to say something, but didn't.

He was still in the vicinity of the world tree.

Something he hated.

And thus-

He didn't bother voicing his thoughts. 

After all, he knew-

The world tree-

Wasn't just a life giver…


They reached the academy island at the top of the world-

A massive island. 

With virtually all sorts of things included; shops, malls, dorms, parks, forests, frozen lands, burning lands etc. 

But in the exact middle of the place- was the academy.

A round academy of sorts with one tall building, and various other not-so-tall buildings.

"We're landing on the tall one- that's the headmistress' place."

"So, we're meeting another god?"

"Not exactly. The goddess overseeing this place doesn't come down very often. The current headmistress is a high angel- Arnine… my grandmother…"

'Okay so, I'm getting in via personal connections?' He rolled his eyes but didn't bother saying anything. 

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