Reborn: The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu

"All I wanted was a perfect love story. But I forgot villains don't get happy endings." --- "You will be my wife one day." Declared Liu Jun - the handsome and wealthy young master to his beloved childhood friend. He vowed to marry her at all costs. But that vow made him a villain.  The woman he desired didn't return his love. Crazy and heartbroken, he crashed into her wedding, who was going to marry the love of her life, Liu Jin, unfortunately his own younger brother. Circumstances took a drastic turn, leaving him with only one choice to pay for his sins - His death. But fate gave him another chance. Liu Jun was reborn. In this new life, he chose to let go of his love and start anew. He discarded his villain's identity and closed his heart forever. But a new encounter and new troubles come knocking on his door with the secrets of his past life that even he doesn't know. Will the villainous Mr. Liu find his happy ending this time? *Excerpt* Ai said, "I forgot to clarify something. It seems you have a misunderstanding that I am interested in you because I stared at you." Jun blinked once. "Rest assured that's not the case. I won't look at you that way. You are not my type." *** Cover designed by @vatarison.art. Follow me on insta - enthu_reader7 Discord - https://discord.gg/CbhNys444r

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It will be a lonely Christmas

The next morning at the library was quite busy. As Ai stepped in, she asked, Mrs. Quan Su, "Today is quite crowded?"

"Oh yes," she kindly smiled. "It's because Christmas is approaching and then it will be New Year. I keep the library closed for a week because I visit my daughter and son-in-law who live in another city. Of course, there are my cute grandchildren too. The patrons know about it, so those who want to borrow any books are coming in a rush to get them, haha. You should see Jun. He is so annoyed."

"Oh…" Ai was disappointed.

The place had become a haven for her, and where she wanted to be the most during Christmas.

She lowered her gaze, remembering how Yating had officially asked her out this same Christmas in her past life, and she had agreed to it too. Their relationship hurt Guiying the most.

This time, Ai decided not to be with Yating and thus would avoid his confession. She thought the library would be the best place to escape but unfortunately, it would be closed.

"Is there something wrong? Aw, are you going to miss coming here? Haha, it's only for a week. It would fly away in no time," she laughed.

Ai smiled and nodded.

On the third floor, she almost had a heart attack seeing the crowd. Especially women and young girls.

Her mouth twitched.

Somehow, I can guess why this is so…

She glanced at Jun's direction, who was clearly fanning out flames of anger and annoyance. There was a big queue in front of his desk. She felt sympathetic.

Ai walked towards her usual seat but paused in her steps.

Jun helped me a lot yesterday. Should I help him out today? She tilted her head.

She peeked at Jun and thinking about their accidental kiss, she hesitated. They still hadn't broken the ice between them after that incident. It was just an accident, but for some reason, they couldn't bridge that distance.

On the other side, Jun wished that the earth would just tear apart and gobble him down. The strong perfumes the women wore were making his head ache. Then their bashful smiles just gave him an urge to strangle them.

When will this be over?

He heard a cough and looked up to see Ai standing beside him.


He smelled the scent of her light perfume that brought him relief from all the heavy scents he had to bear until now.

"I see you have too much work to do. Should I help you out?" Ai asked.

Jun stared at her and suddenly came up with a great idea. "Sure."

He pointed towards the long table. "Sit over there and record who has borrowed books and until when. Just note it down. I will fill it in my laptop later," his gaze cunningly twinkled. "You handle the women. I will do it for men."

The women were displeased.

"B-But you are the assistant librarian!"

"Yeah, how can you let her do the job? What if she messes up? In the end, we will have to take responsibility if something happens…"

Jun sneered. "You don't have to worry about that. I know how to do my job, and I also know who I am giving it to. Somebody here is definitely more responsible than you all drenched in such heavy perfumes."


Ai's brow twitched.


"If you want to borrow, take it from her or leave the library. The door is over there," he icily remarked.

Some left in distaste while some who really needed the books had no choice but to take it from Ai.

Ai handed him the notes after the rush was over. Absent-mindedly, Jun held her wrist and squeezed it. He froze.

He slowly glanced up and saw their hands locked in a slightly more intimate position. The sensation of her delicate and tender skin reminded him of how he had held MissImperfectlyFine's hand in the cafe. The touch of her fingers and the softness was really similar to her.

Ai stared at him and waited patiently.

He stiffened and quickly retreated.

I need to check my brain. When there is MissImperfectlyFine, I think of Ai. When there is Ai, I think of her. What the hell is wrong with me?

Grabbing her notes, he asked, "What is this?"

Ai blinked. "The records of patrons borrowing books and when they would return them as you said."

Jun observed her neat, methodical and organized records that had no question of causing any confusion. It was almost too similar to his style of working which made him extremely pleased.

He smiled, impressed. "Good! You did it very nicely-" he coughed.

He realized he got too excited and toned down. "Of course, this level was expected from you."

Ai curiously raised her brow. "You are not honest at all."

He shot her a deadly stare.

"There is no harm in getting excited once in a while."

His gaze darkened.

"You should properly praise someone for their good work."

"Go away!"

"I helped you escape from the female patrons. It is not difficult to say a few certain words."

His brow twitched. "...Thank you."

She smiled, satisfied.

Unknowingly to them, the distance between them was lessening gradually. Ai felt the discomfort from her heart disappear as well.

In her past life, she had only ever kissed Yating when they were in a relationship. When the accidental kiss with Jun happened, she hadn't thought about Yating at all. Later, she felt momentarily guilty as if she had betrayed him. She had never thought of another man. She had no reason to.

But now, this was her second chance. She wasn't dating Yating, neither would she be doing so in the future. Yating wouldn't be a part of her life at all this time.

But it still hurts…

She was with Yating for five years. To her, it was five whole years of her love and commitment that were gone just like that.

And now suddenly, she didn't have Yating by her side. At times she felt alone, empty and lost without him just like now as she thought about Christmas Eve.

The corner of her eyes slightly stung.

It will be a lonely Christmas this year.

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