Reborn: The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu

"All I wanted was a perfect love story. But I forgot villains don't get happy endings." --- "You will be my wife one day." Declared Liu Jun - the handsome and wealthy young master to his beloved childhood friend. He vowed to marry her at all costs. But that vow made him a villain.  The woman he desired didn't return his love. Crazy and heartbroken, he crashed into her wedding, who was going to marry the love of her life, Liu Jin, unfortunately his own younger brother. Circumstances took a drastic turn, leaving him with only one choice to pay for his sins - His death. But fate gave him another chance. Liu Jun was reborn. In this new life, he chose to let go of his love and start anew. He discarded his villain's identity and closed his heart forever. But a new encounter and new troubles come knocking on his door with the secrets of his past life that even he doesn't know. Will the villainous Mr. Liu find his happy ending this time? *Excerpt* Ai said, "I forgot to clarify something. It seems you have a misunderstanding that I am interested in you because I stared at you." Jun blinked once. "Rest assured that's not the case. I won't look at you that way. You are not my type." *** Cover designed by @vatarison.art. Follow me on insta - enthu_reader7 Discord - https://discord.gg/CbhNys444r

enthu_reader · Urban
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904 Chs

Every revelation (7)

A bad foreboding arose in her heart, sensing the iciness in his voice as if Jinhai stood on a higher moral ground.

"Continuing from where I left, Ouyang Haitao wasn't painted in white. He wanted to earn quick cash and that desire usually leads to people making hasty and wrong decisions. He wasn't really trying to set up an honest business in the first place. Lots of shady things were a part of it. But it didn't hold water like any bad business wouldn't. The debt started piling on him."

"There is no way Dad would do anything wrong!" She tremblingly defended him with all the anger bubbling inside her.

"Acting blind to reality won't help you here."