921 Chapter 921: Copy Of My Sister.

All of Dian Family members gathered at the old mansion after getting a call from Grandpa Ray.  The current head of the Dian Family, Dian Kun Ze asked everyone to come to the old mansion leaving all the current work that they were doing.

"How could this be?" Dian Kun Ze asked Grandpa Ray.

"Head Master, Master has confirmed it himself about it." Grandpa Ray said.

Dian Kun Ze could not believe that his mighty father had been poisoned a long time ago. He was also being told that the poison made him endure so much pain. 

"How can Father endure such pain by himself?" Shu Wen, wife of Dian Kun Ze sighed in sadness.

"From what I have heard, it is a lost poison. No one knows about it. It is a coincidence that Miss Tang has noticed it when she has treated Old Master from getting a stroke." Grandpa Ray explained.


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