890 Chapter 890: Settle The Problem

"By the way, it means that Wei Zhu Feng's team can not handle it anymore. He ended up contacting people outside. He must be afraid that his secrets would get exposed." Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

Han Baise gulped when he saw his boss who was making that face. It meant something would happen later. 

"I think it is time for Wei Zhu Feng to step down from his position. We have already played enough with him." Yu Qi displayed a cold smile.

"Yes, boss." Han Baise also agreed with Yu Qi.

"Then, release the evidence about his crimes to his arch-enemy." Yu Qi ordered.

They had already investigated everything about Wei Zhu Feng. He was working in the political world. Having enemies was nothing unusual. 

Wei Zhu Feng had a few enemies but the one who hated him the most was Zi Yang. They used to compete from the same position. Using some tricks, the position ended up in Wei Zhu Feng's hand making Zi Yang very angry.


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