880 Chapter 880: He Did Not Dare

Jue Xian Fei was shocked when his father knocked the table so loud. He almost choked on the cookies which he was eating. He immediately grabbed a drink and drunk it.

"What's wrong with you, dad?" Jue Xian Fei asked.

"Can you be more serious?" Jue Wang Que asked back.

"Dad, if you were around that time, you would be proud of me. Since I tried to enter the greenhouse by force." Jue Xian Fei showed a proud face.

Jue Wang Que sighed. "Then, what is her surname? Don't tell me that you forget." He looked at his son fiercely. 

"Don't look at me like that. How could my mum get together with you? Oh, by the way, her surname is Tang." Jue Xian Fei said.

Jue Wang Que ignored the previous statements of his son. He processed the last sentence. 

"Her surname is Tang... Tang... Tang... Who... Is... It?" Jue Wang Que tried to think about it.

Then after several minutes, Jue Wang Que's eyes became widened. "It could not be..."


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