860 Chapter 860: Danger In The Plane

Both Yu Qi and Long Hui went to the airport after lunch. According to their plan before, they would leave after breakfast. However, since they already woke up late in the morning, they changed the plan. 

Yu Qi still could not look at Long Hui in the eye because she would remember the scene from last night. How bold was she to play like that?

They would not be boarding the normal plane but a private flight. No need to wait for others to board the flight. 

"You will not look at me?" Long Hui asked.

At that time, they were already in the sky. So, they were free to move around. 


"Well, what?"

"I am just feeling shy right now."

Long Hui smiled as he heard the answer from Yu Qi. 

"After all of that?" Long Hui teased.

"Stop." Yu Qi pouted.

"Okay... Okay... I will not tease you anymore. But can I hold your hand during this flight?" Long Hui requested.

"Okay." Yu Qi agreed.


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