856 Chapter 856: Blacklist Her

"You have said that you are lost?" Liang Mo Han questioned Qin Min Ah back.

Qin Min Ah trembled. She could not find any words to retort back. It was clear that she was the wrong one. 

"Fifth Brother, you are saying that she is an artist, right?" Liang Mo Han asked Fang Mo Li.

"Yeah." Fang Mo Li nodded.

"Which company?" Liang Mo Han asked again.

"Qiaosu Entertainment." Fang Mo Li said.

'Hmm? That is my company.' Yu Qi thought. She did not care much about Qin Min Ah but since Qin Min Ah was from her company. She needed to teach Qin Min Ah some lessons. 

"I need to make a phone call. I will step out for a moment." Yu Qi whispered to Long Hui.

"I will accompany you." Long Hui said.

Yu Qi did not mind. She nodded and let Long Hui did what he wanted. They went out after telling the others.


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